Top 10 Best Online Leadership Courses

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Do you want to improve your leadership abilities and skills? One of these online leadership courses and certificate programs will help you advance your leadership and management skills. Toplist has compiled a list of the best online leadership training, courses, classes, and certification programs.

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Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization by University of Illinois (Coursera)

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers this leadership certificate program as part of their iMBA degree program. It teaches effective organizational leadership strategies. Participants learn the fundamentals of business in order to effectively lead people and teams, manage organizations through organizational design, tools for analyzing business situations and competition, and formulating and implementing strategies both within a business and across a portfolio of businesses. The specialization includes seven courses that cover the strategic, human resource, and organizational foundations for creating and capturing value for long-term competitive advantage. The courses are:

  • Foundations of Everyday Leadership
  • Applications of Everyday Leadership
  • Designing the Organization
  • Managing the Organization
  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Leadership and Management Capstone

The capstone project is a strategic leadership and management plan where learners apply the foundations of leadership to an actual business situation faced by leaders.

Key Highlights

  • Get business and leadership training from world-class faculty at University of Illinois
  • Understand how organizations are designed and managed
  • Learn to lead people and teams, manage conflict and lead change in an organization
  • Learn the skills to negotiate effectively and influence others
  • Learn how to think like a CEO, entrepreneur, or general manager
  • Understand how corporations create and capture value as multi-business enterprises
  • Understand the role of corporate governance and stakeholder management in modern companies
  • Learn to coordinate different functional areas, resources, and systems inside a company and align them with the eternal environment to enhance overall performance

Duration : 8 months, 3 hours per week

Rating : 4.7/5.0

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MicroMasters in Business Leadership by University of Queensland (edX)

The University of Queensland's Business Leadership MicroMasters program bridges the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace. It is intended to prepare both emerging and experienced leaders to deal with the complexities and challenges of today's business environment. The program propels learners to the next level by assisting them in better understanding their own leadership capabilities and identifying areas for personal development, while also providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to act effectively as leaders.

The program consists of four courses followed by a capstone assessment in business leadership. These courses combine academic theories with knowledge from UQ's expert team, industry experts' accumulated wisdom, engaging activities, and practical tools for leadership development. Each of the four courses takes a different approach to leadership, developing a diverse but complementary set of skills. They focus on the following key competencies with the aim to help develop well-rounded future leaders:

  • Ability to lead teams
  • Direct the vision of the organisation
  • Navigate broader social and economic influences on the business
  • Engage in constructive self-reflection
  • Learners who successfully earn the MicroMasters program certificate in Business Leadership receive 8 credits towards UQ’s on-campus Masters of Business program.

Key Highlights

  • Learning directly from internationally renowned academics and researchers at The University of Queensland, one of the world’s premier teaching and research institutions
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of various leadership styles, and gain insight into your own leader tendencies
  • Learn how to motivate, engage and empower people to build effective and high performing teams
  • Be prepared to lead more effective change initiatives in your organization
  • Develop your decision-making skills
  • Series of in-depth assessments to apply the leadership skills learnt
  • No leadership experience is required to enrol for the program

Duration : 11 months, 8-10 hours per week

Rating : 4.7/5.0

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Leading People and Teams Specialization by University of Michigan (Coursera)

The experts at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business created this leadership development program. It teaches essential leadership skills like inspiring and motivating others, managing talent, influencing without authority, and leading teams. It is filled with real-life stories and interviews with industry leaders, so students learn leadership practices and techniques that they would not have learned otherwise. The specialization is organized into five comprehensive courses, each of which includes a series of practical leadership assignments that allow learners to apply their new leadership skills to real-life scenarios. The following are the courses:

  1. Inspiring and Motivating Individuals – Learn how to create a shared vision for your team and effectively communicate it to your teammates.
  2. Managing Talent – Learn the best practices for selecting, recruiting, and onboarding talent.
  3. Influencing People – Learn tactics and strategies that are proven to work for gaining power and influencing people.
  4. Leading Teams – Learn best practices for composing a team and aligning individual and team goals.
  5. Leading People and Teams Capstone – The Capstone project involves either working with senior-level executives to help them solve their most pressing leadership challenges or identifying your own leadership challenge and developing a coherent set of solutions for overcoming it.

Key Highlights

  • One of the most popular and highly-rated Coursera leadership program with more than 77,000 students enrolled
  • Gain insights into how to lead people and teams effectively and understand how to apply them to your own teams and leadership
  • Learn the Michigan Model of Leadership to define organizational goals
  • Learn to create a high-quality team charter that enhances team performance
  • Learn directly from Michigan faculty and several prolific industry leaders
  • No prerequisite to take the courses. Anybody interested in pursuing leadership and management training can enrol

Duration : 5 months, 3 hours per week

Rating : 4.7/5.0

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Leadership Courses, Certification & Training Online (Coursera)

Coursera provides a plethora of opportunities for developing leadership and management skills. Leadership courses, specializations, professional certificates, MasterTrack certificates, and degree programs are among them. Experts and renowned faculty from top universities and institutions around the world, including the University of California, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, and the University of Pennsylvania, create these programs.

These Coursera leadership courses and certificate programs are designed for both new and experienced leaders who want to improve their skills in areas such as employee engagement, team development, inspiring and influencing others, managing organizational change, and effectively influencing stakeholders across an organization. Here are some of the most popular leadership training courses and specializations on Coursera:

  • Leading People and Teams Specialization by University of Michigan: Rating 4.7
  • Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Rating 4.7
  • Inspired Leadership Specialization by Case Western Reserve University: Rating 4.7
  • Organizational Leadership Specialization by Northwestern University: Rating 4.6
  • Leading the Modern Day Business Specialization by University of Virginia: Rating 4.7
  • Project Management & Other Tools for Career Development Specialization by University of California: Rating 4.6
  • Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity by University of Colorado: Rating 4.9
  • International Leadership and Organizational Behavior by Bocconi: Rating 4.8
  • Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense Specialization by HEC Paris: Rating 4.6
  • Leadership in 21st Century Organizations by Copenhagen Business School: Rating 4.7
  • Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization by University of Washington: Rating 4.8
  • Building High-Performing Teams by University of Pennsylvania: Rating 4.7
  • Leadership Development for Engineers Specialization by Rice University: Rating 4.7
  • Improving Leadership & Governance in Nonprofit Organizations Specialization by University at Buffalo: Rating 4.4

Key Highlights

  • Prepare to become a more inclusive and self-confident leader, who can also effectively coach others
  • Learn practical leadership skills and strategies that make an immediate impact
  • Understand major challenges facing modern businesses and corporates, and how to address them with the disciplined use of design thinking
  • Understand how to leverage data analytics and customer analytics to drive effective design of products and services
  • Learn about frameworks to adjust team behaviors and get the best performance out of your people
  • Learn to cultivate an open leadership based on trust and sense
  • Audit the course material for free, pay to earn a university backed certificate
  • Take the courses at your own schedule without committing full-time

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.6

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Free Online Leadership Courses & Certificate Programs (edX)

Enroll hereedX offers a variety of free online leadership courses and management courses. These are an excellent option for professionals looking to develop the skills necessary to be an effective and successful leader in their organizations. Leadership training and certification programs are offered by globally recognized business schools at top universities such as Harvard, the University of Queensland, RIT, the University of Washington, and the University of Maryland, among others. They cover topics such as inclusive leadership, communication, and management, assisting students in developing skills such as goal setting, negotiation, decision making, problem solving, team building, inspiring and motivating others, coaching others, and change management.

Individuals seeking new leadership roles and positions, as well as those who are already in leadership roles and want to improve their skills, can enroll in these programs. Most programs do not require prior leadership experience and are completely free to enroll in. However, the free course option excludes access to graded assignments and a completion certificate. You must pay for the program if you want these. There are four MicroMasters programs in leadership that you may take:

  • Business Leadership by University of Queensland
  • Digital Leadership by Boston University
  • Leadership in Global Development by University of Queensland
  • Global Business Leadership and Management by Arizona State University
  • Following Professional Certificate programs in leadership are also good choices:
  • Inclusive Leadership by CatalystX
  • Leadership Essentials by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Here are a few other popular edX leadership courses:

  • Agile Leadership Principles and Practices by University of Maryland
  • Innovation Leadership by Georgia Tech
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Toolbox by Babson College
  • Strategic Leadership in Healthcare by Doane University

Key Highlights

  • edX Leadership training programs and courses are especially designed to help you take your career to the next level
  • Develop skills in leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, conflict management, and other critical group dynamics
  • Opportunity to learn directly from industry experts and world-class instructors
  • University backed programs with verified certificates that are industry recognized
  • Learn Inclusive leadership skills that enable work-life effectiveness
  • Learn the est practices for performing a strategic analysis of a problem in the workplace
  • Learn through case studies, assessments, and discussion with a global group of learners

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.6

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Online Courses and Training in Leadership (Udemy)

On its platform, Udemy offers hundreds of leadership courses and classes. These assist learners in developing the skills required to be effective and influential leaders. Management skills, business communication, emotional intelligence, project management, teamwork, influence skills, coaching, decision making, change management, agile, team building, employee engagement, time management, business strategy, entrepreneurship fundamentals, and many other topics are covered in these courses. All of these essential skills contribute to the development of well-rounded leadership traits in students.

Udemy courses are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. They include video content that is available on demand, as well as assignments, case studies, articles, and other downloadable resources. These are generally very affordable; additionally, Udemy offers a 30-day refund guarantee on all of its courses, allowing you to try them risk-free. Toplist has listed below some of the most popular Udemy leadership courses and trainings:

  • Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills: Rating 4.6
  • Management Skills – Team Leadership Skills Masterclass 2021: Rating 4.5
  • The Science of Leadership: Rating 4.4
  • Lean Leadership Skills, Lean Culture & Lean Management: Rating 4.5
  • Leadership: Growth Mindset for Leadership and Organizations: Rating 4.4
  • Management Skills: New Manager Training in Essential Skills: Rating 4.5
  • Leadership Masterclass: Rating 4.5
  • Resilience Leadership: Rating 4.5
  • Leadership Essentials Certification [Globally Accredited]: Rating 4.9

Key Highlights

  • Learn skills to become an authentic, impactful leader that inspires progression, change and growth
  • Courses created by top instructors and industry experts around the globe
  • Understand academic theories surrounding leadership styles and techniques
  • Build a vast array of practical tools to be a successful and effective leader
  • Courses include video lectures, downloadable resources, assignments and articles
  • Lifetime access to courses along with access to future updates
  • Flexible learning at your own pace and timeline
  • 30-day money back guarantee offered by Udemy for all course purchases

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.5/5.0

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Leadership & Management Online Courses (FutureLearn)

The FutureLearn platform provides courses and training programs on a wide range of topics. These are provided in collaboration with top universities and educators around the world. Short courses, ExpertTracks (series of specialist courses), Microcredentials, and Online Degrees are all options.

They offer a variety of management and leadership courses that cover a wide range of skills needed by leaders in a variety of organizations and industries. These range from people just starting out in management to seasoned leaders looking for specific guidance or to hone their skills. These programs are ideal for students at any stage of their careers.Some of the Leadership training options available on FutureLearn are:

  • International Leadership Skills for the Workplace by Coventry University – Develop expert leadership skills by studying leadership theories and cultural management in an international context.
  • Business Strategy and Decision Making Skills by Coventry University – Gain a sound working knowledge of business strategy, decision-making, business models and the pros and cons of strategic choices.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work by University of Leeds – Improve your communication skills at work and learn how to navigate positive collaboration in the modern workplace.
  • Leading Strategic Innovation: How to Lead with Purpose by Coventry University – Discover the importance of strategic thinking, innovation, and purposeful leadership when dealing with change.
  • What is Leadership? by Deakin University – Learn what being a leader means and how you can practice leadership.
  • Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World by University of Groningen – This course will teach you the first principles of complexity, uncertainty and how to make decisions in a complex world.
  • Introduction to Management and Leadership in Health Services by University of Glasgow – Develop your understanding of management and leadership theory to meet the demands of a career in health services management.
  • International Leadership: Politics and Philosophy in Leadership by Coventry University – Evaluate leadership philosophies and identify and distinguish these characteristics in various political leaders and scenarios.

Key Highlights

  • Learn the principles of leadership and improve your effectiveness as a leader
  • Learn 100% online with educators from world class universities
  • Courses include videos, articles, quizzes and discussions
  • Flexible monthly subscription and a 7-day free trial
  • Receive shareable certificates validated by the educating university or organisation

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.5/5.0

Enroll here:
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Free Leadership Classes & Training (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning has a massive catalog of leadership and management courses and classes. With over a thousand resources on leadership skills, there is something useful for everyone, regardless of experience or current skill levels. Whether you are a manager advancing to a new leadership position or a seasoned leader looking to add to your leadership skill set, you can use the LinkedIn Learning platform to find and benefit from the best leadership course for you.

The courses are short (from less than an hour to a couple of hours), crisp, and packed with useful, practical information that can help you advance your skills. They assist learners in preparing for the difficult leadership responsibilities of developing and executing a strategic vision, executing against that vision, and leveraging the most powerful competitive advantage, people. Some of the top leadership training classes available on LinkedIn Learning platform are:

  • Leadership FoundationsBy: Dr. Shirley DavisDuration: 40m
  • Leadership: Practical SkillsBy: Chris CroftDuration: 2h 30m
  • Strategic ThinkingBy: Dorie ClarkDuration: 36m
  • Developing Your Emotional IntelligenceBy: Gemma Leigh RobertsDuration: 1h 8m
  • Communicating with ConfidenceBy: Jeff AnsellDuration: 1h 16m
  • Critical ThinkingBy: Mike FigliuoloDuration: 59m
  • Communicating with EmpathyBy: Sharon SteedDuration: 37m
  • Communicating in Times of ChangeBy: Brenda Bailey-HughesDuration: 51m
  • Make the Move from Individual Contributor to ManagerBy: Carolyn GoernerDuration: 40m
  • Management TipsBy: Todd DewettDuration: 7h 50m
  • Teamwork FoundationsBy: Chris CroftDuration: 1h 25m
  • Leading Productive MeetingsBy: Dave CrenshawDuration: 1h 4m

Key Highlights

  • Learn the mindset, perspective, and skills required to move from management to a formal leadership role
  • Courses developed by leadership trainers and experts
  • Hands-on courses with quizzes, assignments and case studies
  • All courses available for free during 30-day trial period
  • Earn completion certificates on completing the course and assignments
  • Option to download the courses and watch them on the go without internet connection

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.4/5.0

Enroll here:
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Leadership Training Classes (MasterClass)

MasterClass is a streaming platform that offers hundreds of classes in areas such as business and leadership, cooking, arts, writing, and photography, among others. These video classes are taught by the world's best in their respective fields and are free to watch or listen to. Each class contains approximately 20 video lessons (each about 10 minutes long on average) and an extensive workbook. Let's take a look at the best Leadership classes on MasterClass right now. These leadership tutorials are available to both advanced students and those with little to no prior leadership experience.

In the first part of this course, they will focus on becoming more self-aware. You will learn how to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. You will learn about emotional intelligence, empathy and conduct a professional EQ test that you can take at any given time. In the second part of this course, you will then learn about other people. You will analyse their behaviour, feelings, ideology, and much more! You will become an expert in behavioural psychology and learn how to influence other people. In the third part of this course, you will then learn about more than 30 leadership strategies ranging from automated feedback loops to organisational structuring.

  • Business Leadership by Howard Schultz
    • Howard Schultz is Former Starbucks CEO who revolutionized the way the world drinks coffee. He grew a 13-store chain into a global brand with more than 250,000 employees. In his 90-minute video series, Howard shares what he’s learned about business leadership and being an entrepreneur.
  • Business Strategy and Leadership by Bob Iger
    • Bog Iger is former Disney CEO who led Walt Disney to the peak of success. He also helped Disney in acquiring Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm making it the biggest entertainment and media corporate. In this class Bob uses case studies and lessons from his 45 years in media, to teach you how to evolve your business and career. He focuses on strategies for expanding a brand, leading with integrity, and making big moves—from risk management to the art of negotiation.
  • Creativity and Leadership by Anna Wintour
    • Anna Wintour is a fashion and media icon. She’s the Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Artistic Director of Condé Nast. In this class, Anna teaches how to lead with impact, nurture talent, make bold decisions, and evolve a brand.

Key Highlights

  • Learn from the masters in the field of business and leadership
  • Get PDF workbooks for every class
  • Option of audio-only lessons, so you can hear them on the go
  • Access to a dynamic community of members around the world
  • Option to download the video tutorials and watch them offline

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.4/5.0

Enroll here:
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Harvard Leadership Courses Online

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning is the trusted source of the most important and inspiring ideas influencing businesses today. Drawing from subject-matter expertise of prominent thought leaders—including Harvard and Harvard Business School faculty, as well authors and experts from Harvard Business Review and industry—they work with you to create transformative leadership development programs designed for impact, speed, and scale. All tailored to your learners’ specific needs.

Another excellent option for developing leadership skills is to enroll in Harvard University's online leadership courses through their Harvard Business School or Harvard Extension School websites. There are numerous management and leadership courses available to assist emerging leaders and mid-level managers in taking on significant leadership roles in their organizations. Among the most popular Harvard leadership courses are:

  • Become a More Resilient Leader in Turbulent Times – This is a free 35-minute online lesson to help develop the skills to lead with courage and conviction through challenging times.
  • Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders – This is a 3-months program that is designed to help new managers master core business concepts and build key skills in six subject areas, including leadership, strategy, marketing, communication, and negotiation.
  • Women in Leadership: Online Program for Emerging Leaders – This interactive program helps to foster leadership, professional growth, and gender equity in the workplace.
  • Becoming a Leader: Developing Your Style and Making Sound Decisions – This program equips learners with tools and strategies to expand their ability to become more confident leader and decision makers.
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership – This is a 2-day intensive online program that expands your leadership capacity and helps you to create an environment that fosters emotional intelligence.
  • Leading Change and Organizational Renewal – This week long program imparts learners athe ability to drive the changes their organization needs to thrive.
  • Leadership Principles – This program helps new and aspiring leaders unleash the potential in themselves and others, and cultivate high-performing teams.
  • Managing Yourself and Leading Others – This 2-day program delves into the fundamentals of managing yourself, leading teams, and motivating others.

Key Highlights

  • Gain leadership insights that you can apply to your work
  • Build organizational, team management, collaboration and networking skills
  • Prepare to be a leader who can connect and communicate with clarity, conviction, and compassion
  • Leverage group discussions, reflective exercises, activities, and assessments to cement your learning
  • Prepare for expanded management responsibilities
  • Get a Certificate on completing the coursework and graded assignments

Duration : Self-Paced

Rating : 4.5/5.0

Enroll here:

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