Top 10 Best Universities In The Netherlands

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The Netherlands, which has some of the world's oldest universities and was one of the first countries in continental Europe to introduce English-taught ... read more...

  1. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is one of the best universities in the Netherlands with a long history that offers a high-quality education inspiring surroundings. The University is a world-class research and teaching institution dedicated to assisting students in thinking in an original, independent, and academic manner. The UvA, with over 30,000 students and 5,000 employees, is one of Europe's largest comprehensive research universities, with seven faculties, including Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Humanities, Law, Science, Medicine and Dentistry, and so on. Students from over 100 different countries study at the University of Amsterdam, contributing to the university's open, international environment, which fosters unique discussions.

    Students interested in economics and business, media, literature, science, and law attend the prestigious UvA. And, because of its central location in Amsterdam, which is home to many international businesses and organizations, as well as strong partnerships with other research universities and institutions, the UvA provides graduates with a significant employment advantage. With a teaching staff that encourages autonomous learning throughout the three-year Bachelor programs and one or two-year Master's programs, UvA provides students with the opportunity to further their development of independent thinking.

    • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 20 525 9111
    • Website:
    • Rankings: 55th in the world by the QS world university rankings, 14th in Europe and 1st in Netherlands

  2. Utrecht University, founded in 1636 and located in the heart of the Netherlands, is one of the best universities in the Netherlands and Europe's top research universities, renowned for its high-quality, innovative research and teaching. With a total student body of over 30,000 students and 12 Nobel prize winners, studying at Utrecht University is studying at one of the top universities in the world.

    Over 90 graduate programs (MSc, MA) and 12 undergraduate programs are available at Utrecht University (BSc, BA, LLM). Natural Sciences, Law, Governance, Life Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Earth Sciences are among the academic topics covered by all programs, which are taught entirely in English.

    Utrecht University has signed the Dutch Code of Conduct (pdf), which ensures proper foreign student recruiting, selection, and coaching. Because of its great quality of life and education, possibilities to work while studying, and a guaranteed one-year work visa with avenues to permanent employment, the Netherlands is becoming a more attractive destination for international students.

    • Location: Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 30 253 3550
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 13th in Europe and 49th in the world.
  3. The University of Groningen is one of the best universities in the Netherlands, having been founded in 1614. It is one of the Netherlands' most prominent and traditional schools. There are 11 faculties, 9 graduate schools, 27 research centers and institutes, and over 175-degree programs at this university. It also has Nobel Laureates, Spinoza Prize winners, and Stevin Prize winners among its alumni, as well as members of the Royal Dutch family, mayors, the first president of the European Central Bank, and NATO Secretary-General.

    Groningen university consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and have one of the largest international student communities in the Netherlands. Groningen University has nearly 34,000 students, including 4,350 Ph.D. students, as well as a large number of staff members. In fact, of the university's students, over 9,000 are international, coming from 127 different countries. Its campuses in Groningen and Leeuwarden are located in popular student cities and situated in the north of the Netherlands.

    • Location: Groningen, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 50 363 9111
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 3rd in Netherlands, 25th in Europe and 77th in the world.
  4. Erasmus University Rotterdam is a public university that was founded in 1913. The university's main campus is in Rotterdam, one of the Netherlands' largest cities. Campus Woudestein, the main location, and Erasmus University College, a residential liberal arts school, are two of the four campuses. With the exception of Swiss and Surinamese students, tuition is greater for students from non-European Union and non-European Economic Area nations. Student housing is accessible through non-university-affiliated organizations.

    Economics, law, social sciences, medicine, philosophy, history, culture, and communication, and management are the university's seven academic divisions. There are also three academic institutes – the Institute of Health Policy and Management, the International Institute of Social Studies and the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies. Bachelor's degrees are taught primarily in Dutch, however some English-taught undergraduate programs are available. A few of the university's graduate programs, including a master's program in strategic entrepreneurship and an international MBA program, are also taught in English. The university's education and research efforts are primarily centered on four key areas of study: health, wealth (economics and business), governance, and culture.

    • Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 10 408 1111
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 69th in the world in 2017 by Times Higher Education, 17th in Business and Economics, 42nd in clinical health, etc.
  5. Leiden University is a public research university in the Netherlands, founded and established on the 8th February 1575 by William Prince of Orange. It is one of the most diverse universities in the Netherlands, with about 50 bachelor's and over 70 master's degree programs. Leiden University, the Netherlands' oldest university, has a long and illustrious international reputation. A master's degree from Leiden equips you with a solid foundation for joining the job market both domestically and globally. It was awarded to Leiden as a prize for defending the city from Spanish attacks during the Eighty Years' War.

    William Prince of Orange founded and created Leiden Institution, a public research university in the Netherlands, on February 8, 1575. It has over 50 bachelor's and over 70 master's degree programs, making it one of the most diversified universities in the Netherlands. The Netherlands' oldest university, Leiden University, has a long and famous international reputation. A Leiden master's degree provides you with a strong basis for entering the job market both domestically and internationally. During the Eighty Years' War, it was given to Leiden as a reward for defending the city against Spanish attacks.

    • Location: Leiden and The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 71 527 2727
    • Website:
    • Ranking: top 50 worldwide in 13 fields of study. Etc.
  6. Another public research institution in the Netherlands is Maastricht University. It was started on January 9, 1976, on the 9th day of the year 1976. It is the second-youngest university in the Netherlands, in addition to being one of the top 15 universities in the country. It has over 21,085 students, with 55 percent of them being international. Furthermore, approximately half of the Bachelor's programs are taught in English, with the remainder taught partially or entirely in Dutch.

    This university has an average of 4,000 staff members, both administrative and academic, in addition to the number of students. This university frequently appears at the top of lists of Europe's best universities. Five main rating tables place it among the top 300 universities in the world. Maastricht was the second Dutch university to get the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders' Distinctive Quality Feature for Internationalization in 2013 (NVAO).

    • Location: Maastricht, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 43 388 2222
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 88th place in the Times Higher Education World Ranking in 2016 and 4th among young universities Etc.
  7. Radboud University is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. Furthermore, two Radboud University professors were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. According to the Dutch university information book - Keuzegids Universiteiten 2020, Radboud is the best traditional, general university in the Netherlands, and has received this title eight times in nine years. International students from 100 countries attend the university, which offers 14 bachelor's and 35 master's degree programs. Teachers and researchers from more than 50 nations study all areas of science across the university's seven faculties.

    Radboud strives for excellence not only in education but also in its services. Its support services extend beyond the classroom, allowing students to participate in sports or enjoy a delicious meal. In addition, each international student is entitled to a free Dutch course at the university.

    • Location: Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 24 361 6161
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 105th in 2020 by the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.
  8. This is a public university with a focus on technical and engineering sciences. Nevertheless, Wageningen University also focuses on life sciences and agricultural research. Wageningen University was founded in 1876 as an agricultural college and became a public university in 1918.

    This university has over 12,000 students from more than 100 different countries. It is also a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) university network, and it is well-known for its agricultural, forestry, and environmental studies programs. WUR has been ranked among the top 150 universities in the world by four major ranking systems. For fifteen years, it was voted the best university in the Netherlands.

    Wageningen University & Research is the best university in the Netherlands and one of the world's leading research institutions in the fields of healthy food and living environments. The university offers six bachelor's degrees, thirty master's degrees, and three online master's degrees. These programs allow you to concentrate on current and future global issues that are becoming increasingly important to both industry and government.

    • Location: Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 317 480 100
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 59th in the world by the Times Higher Education Ranking, worlds best in agriculture and forestry by the QS World University Rankings. Etc.
  9. Eindhoven University of Technology, located in the heart of the Netherlands' high-tech industrial heartland, has played a significant role in driving the Dutch knowledge economy over the last six decades. The university, known as TUE, was founded in 1956 to provide highly skilled graduates for Philips' famous laboratories, which went on to create the first audio and video cassettes, CD and laserdisc players.

    TUE's connections to other businesses in the so-called 'Brainport' area – the Dutch equivalent of Silicon Valley – are arguably just as important in the twenty-first century. The region is the corporate home of ASML, NXP, DAF Trucks, and DSM, as well as several Dutch R&D institutes, and it has the most patents in Europe. The Intelligent Lighting Institute, the Data Science Center Eindhoven, the Institute for Complex Molecular Systems, and the Materials Technology group are among the TUE research groups with significant links to industry.

    Its key research areas include automotive systems, broadband telecommunication technologies, information and communication systems, nano-engineering, plasmas, and polymers, with energy, health, and smart mobility identified as key research areas. TUE's continued success in the RoboCup, in which soccer robots built by universities around the world compete for global glory, demonstrates its expertise in robotics. TUE won its third world championship in July 2019, after reaching its ninth final in a row.

    • Location: Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 40 247 9111
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 99th in the world by QS World University Ranking in 2019, 34th in Europe, 3rd in Netherlands. Etc.
  10. Vrije University was founded in 1880 and has consistently been ranked as one of the best universities in the Netherlands. VU is one of Amsterdam's large, publicly funded research universities. This university is a 'Free' institution. This refers to the university's independence from both the state and the Dutch Reformed Church, which gave rise to its name.

    VU Amsterdam consistently ranks among the top universities in the world, and it is ranked 115th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022. Teaching that is interactive and research-based will assist you in expressing your ideas and broadening your perspectives. You will develop the independence required for success by having the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-life challenges.

    Although it was founded as a private university, it has received government funding on an as-needed basis, just like public universities, since 1970. It has 29,796 students and 3000 employees. The university has ten faculties, which offer 50 bachelor's programs, 160 master's programs, and a number of PhD programs. However, the majority of bachelor courses are taught in Dutch.

    • Location: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.
    • Phone: +31 20 598 9898
    • Website:
    • Ranking: 146th in the CWUR World University Ranking in 2019-2020, 171st in the QS World University Ranking in 2014. Etc.

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