Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Mauritius

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Welcome to Mauritius, one of the most beautiful, unspoiled places on earth. You can find beautiful local flora and fauna, as well as beaches with long stretches of sand. To help you, Toplist has compiled an exhaustive list of beaches that are sure to capture your heart!

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Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac is located on Mauritius' west coast, a little further south than Grand Baie. It has become the second most popular destination for local tourists over the years, owing to its slightly stalled development and original, unspoiled charm. Flic en Flac was once a sleepy fishing village, but it has since been transformed into a luxury vacation destination. Every year, thousands of tourists from nearby and further afield visit Flic en Flac. The magnificent beaches, of course, add to the beauty of this spectacular location. If you're looking for soft, cloud-like sand and crystal clear waters in an enchanted landscape, this is the place to be. Leave your towel on the beach and prepare to explore eight kilometers of coastline, as well as water sports, long walks, and some excellent sunbathing spots.

Enjoy the pristine beauty of Mauritius' pearly white beaches. Flic en Flac also has everything you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, including excellent bars, restaurants, shops, street food vendors, and water sports equipment. If you want to try your hand at jet skiing, snorkeling in the coral reef, swimming, SUP, kayaking, or even diving, we recommend stopping by. While out and about, you might see a few dolphins. Local businesses are well aware of their habits and can provide you with all of the equipment you'll need to spot them for a small fee.

Location: Rivière Noire, Mauritius

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Come to Pereybere, one of Mauritius' most beautiful and popular coastlines, for a day of complete relaxation. Pereybere, surrounded by incredible, sandy beaches, is exactly what you might imagine when picturing this picture-perfect island. Pack your belongings for a long day of sun and sea and head to Pereybere. This beach is located between Grande Baie and Malheureux and is easily accessible due to its abundance of hotels, villas, restaurants, and shops. If possible, arrive early in the morning to find the best spot on the beach and to see the sunrise. Despite its small size, Pereybere is well-known for its calm, clear waters. Its seabed is clean and sandy, making it ideal for walking without fear of stumbling over glass or coral. There are three sections to the beach. Small boats can be docked on the left side, a swimming area is in the center, and an area designated for all types of water sports, including kayaking, is on the right.

The area is surrounded by excellent facilities and restaurants serving local fare, making your stay on this small piece of paradise even more special. Pereybere is one of Mauritius' most popular destinations, so it can get quite crowded around midday. Arrive early to secure the best spot! This is a great beach for the entire family because it has a variety of activities and attractions.

Location: Pereybere Beach district, Mauritius

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Source: Travel Triangle
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Grand Baie

This stretch of shoreline, known as Grand Baie or Grand Bay, gets its name from a local settlement in the Rivière du Rempart district of northern Mauritius. This part of the island was under Dutch control in the seventeenth century and was known as De Bogt Zonder Eyndt, or The Endless Bay. And you'll understand why as you go along Grand Baie Beach. Once you arrive, it's easy to see why it's home to Mauritius' largest resort.

Grand Baie's fame stems from its stunningly clear waters and vibrant surrounding villages. It also has a plethora of water sports facilities, such as sailing, swimming, windsurfing, water skiing, and much more. Grand Baie is ideal for the entire family, with excellent amenities for people of all ages and abilities. As you wander along the beach towards one of the many bars or restaurants, take in the never-ending white, sandy coastline. If you go a little deeper into town, you'll find amazing clothes, jewelry, and textile stores that will meet all of your shopping demands.

Location: Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius

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Source: Agoda
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Source: World Beach Guide
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Deer Island Beaches

Welcome to Deer Island, also known as Île aux Cerfs. This magnificent island is located just off the east coast of Mauritius and has more than 100 hectares of land. Unsurprisingly, this island is famed for its deer, but you're more likely to see them on Mauritius proper these days. Deer Island has preserved its name, and its stunning beaches set among unspoilt environment make it a must-see during your stay.

Deer Island is wonderful for the whole family and is great for a sun-filled day out in nature, thanks to its white, sandy beaches, calm lagoon, and water sports facilities. The neighborhood is well-equipped with pubs and restaurants, so you may spend the entire day here without leaving in search of food.The lovely beaches of Deer Island can only be reached by boat, which may be rented on the island. Despite its popularity, you'll be able to dodge the big crowds that congregate in locations like Grand Baie. Instead, you may spend the day relaxing in the sun and water in a rather calm setting. It is also one of the most gorgeous sites to shoot in Mauritius, so bring your camera!

Location: Flacq district, Mauritius

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Belle Mare

The pristine beaches of Belle Mare make it appear to be a paradise on Earth. Assume you've just arrived in Mauritius and want to locate a beach to yourself. Belle Mare is a stretch of white sand that spans from Palmar to Trou d'Eau Douce and up to Mahebourg, making it the ideal spot to spread out your towel and take in Mauritius' natural beauty. The majority of visitors to Belle Mare are locals who come here on weekends to enjoy the sun and water. As a result, it's a terrific destination to come if you want to spend a beach day steeped in local culture.

Adventurers who wish to go away from Belle Mare's beautiful beaches can put on their walking boots and trek up Lion Mountain. The half-day trip takes around half a day and is pretty difficult for unskilled climbers, but the spectacular view from the summit makes it all worthwhile. Belle Mare's ten kilometers of shoreline make it ideal for long romantic walks, a run, or a quiet day immersed in nature. If peace and quiet aren't enough for you, you may go fifteen minutes up the road to Central Flacq for some retail therapy.

Location: Quatre Cocos, Flacq, Mauritius

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Source: Visa Luxury Hotel Collection
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Source: World Beach Guide
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Blue Bay

Blue Bay is a hidden gem in southeast Mauritius. This lovely location is protected by municipal legislation and has been designated as a natural park since 1997. If you're visiting Mauritius but don't have much time, Blue Bay is the place to be. Come here if you're seeking for serenity and tranquility in the midst of a pristine, protected environment. Blue Bay, located just 10 minutes from the lovely hamlet of Mahbourg, is home to some of the greatest snorkeling areas on the island. The beach provides several possibilities to admire the seabed and appreciate this tropical paradise that has yet to be penetrated by mass tourist amenities.

Blue Bay does not have as many restaurants and bars as other beaches, so it is worth a visit if you want some peace, quiet, and solitude. This is also an excellent location for boat tours to the surrounding islands, as well as exploration of the wildlife, such as the local turtle population.

Location: Mahebourg, Mauritius

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Source: Sunspot Tours
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Source: TripAdvisor
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Le Morne

Le Morne Beach, in southwest Mauritius, provides tourists with an outstanding view of the surrounding coastline and Morne Brabant peak. Le Morne is not as easily accessible as other beaches, but it is well worth the effort. In truth, this beach is quite uncrowded in comparison to the rest of Mauritius' beaches. So bring a towel and enjoy the tropical, untouched environment without having to compete for space.

Le Morne's high winds and ocean currents make it a perfect location for kitesurfing or parasailing. However, there aren't many restaurants or pubs nearby, so if you do decide to come, carry a packed lunch. A number of boat cruises pass by Le Morne, and if you want to go dolphin watching, you've come to the ideal area. Expeditions depart from the seaside and are an excellent opportunity to create lasting experiences.

Location: Le Morne, Mauritius

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Source: TripAdvisor
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Source: World Beach Guide
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Gris Gris

If you want to get away from it all, go to Gris Gris, which is surrounded by dark, rocky landscape. Because of the lack of a coral reef, Gris Gris is a unique site with an unusual scenery. Gris Gris, near the town of Souillac on the island's southern coast, gets its bristly, jagged scenery from the strong hammering winds. Indeed, the area is famed for its tremendous natural forces, which affect the terrain on a daily basis, and it's a must-see for those who wish to explore even more of the stunning Mauritius.

When you enter the region, you'll notice a sign commemorating its history. Along with numerous fascinating facts, you'll learn about a tale behind its name. Gris Gris was named after the beloved dog of French geographer Abbott de la Caille, who surveyed the island in the seventeenth century.

Don't forget to bring your camera if you plan to visit Gris Gris. Also, bear in mind that swimming is not permitted here. The currents are extremely strong, so it is preferable to stay onshore and enjoy the scenery, perhaps even setting up a magnificent picnic among the surrounding environment.

Location: Souillac, Mauritius

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Source: by Getty Images
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Trou aux Biches

Trou-aux-Biches is a tiny village with a public beach on Mauritius' northern coast, in the Pamplemousses department. The beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, according to the World Travel organization. At the World Travel Awards in 2011, it was named the World's Leading Beach Destination. Many tourist resorts and boutique hotels, such as the Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa, are located near the shore. The M2 motorway leads to it from Port Louis, with Trou-aux-Biches around 1.5 kilometers (1 km) west of the M2's terminus. A public bus connects the airport to the town.

You've come to the correct location if you're searching for a fantastic beach in a lovely Mauritius environment. Trou Aux Biches is known for its beautiful white beaches as well as a variety of sports. Trou aux Biches is one of the greatest places to go diving and see the seabed, turtles, and a variety of other water creatures. If you want to snorkel in an area that is also ideal for the whole family, here is the place to go. There are also several eateries nearby, so you can set up camp for the day and get the advantages of mass tourist.

Location: Pamplemousses, Mauritius

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Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy is without a doubt Grand Baie's most distinguished address, a picturesque setting with a rich history that is inextricably linked to that of Mauritius. Mont Choisy is home to some of the island's most famous events, such as the first jet landing on Mont Choisy beach in 1933 and the first horse racing event in 1891. Mont Choisy is located in the northwestern part of Mauritius and is popular with both visitors and locals. Mont Choisy has a lot to offer in terms of activities, restaurants, and hotels to explore. However, it is most well-known for the lovely beach that can be found there.

Mont Choisy Beach, located in the north-west of Mauritius, is one of the island's most popular beaches. It has a great balance of sparkling water and white sand. The beach at Mont Choisy, which is dotted with Casuarina trees, draws both Mauritians and visitors. It is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, but it is also the longest, providing comfort to everybody. Family picnics are a great idea because the park is large and has shaded spaces under the Casuarina trees. It is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and diving because to its clean and warm water.

Location: Au nord ouest de l'île Maurice, Mont Choisy, Mauritius

Source:  World Beach Guide
Source: World Beach Guide

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