Top 11 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Mauritius

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The beautiful blue lagoons or casuarina tree-lined powder-white beaches are perhaps the first things that spring to mind when you think about Mauritius. While ... read more...

  1. If you have a chance to visit one spot in Mauritius that every nature and animal enthusiast should see, it should be Tamarind Falls. Tamarind Falls, located in the southwest of Mauritius, is one of the most picturesque valleys on the island, frequented by hundreds of visitors each month. It is an absolutely tranquil area to spend time, surrounded by a wealth of natural beauty. The views of the west coast and Le Morne Mountain from here are stunning, and one of its attractions.

    You will be able to enjoy anything here, whether it is a walk in the forest, a calm swim in the river, or a natural massage standing beneath the waterfall. Furthermore, the full day experience of climbing to Tamarind Falls is exhilarating and adventurous, giving you a sight of nature at its best. Also, the many plant and bird species will keep you company here. This full-day hike to Tamarind Falls is one of the most popular hikes. It is modest, enjoyable, and accessible to everybody. There are two hiking choices available, both of which will allow you to explore the magnificent environment of the Tamarind Nature Reserve, as well as witness the famed gorgeous Tamarind falls up close and experience the excitement of canyoning with Mauritius' best certified guides. To cool off, take a leisurely dip in the lagoon-style basin at the bottom of the fifth waterfall.

    Location: Les Gorges Road, Great Black River, Black River, Mauritius

  2. If you enjoy waterfalls as much as most people do, this is a "must-see"! Alexandra Falls is situated in the thick forest of the Black River Gorges National Park and seems like it came straight out of a movie! You'll have trouble believing you're on Earth as you stroll through this fantastically unique scene! Alexandra Falls may be the reason you get up at 6 a.m. in Mauritius in order to obtain a serene and cheerful mood. The attractiveness of falling water, surrounded by beautiful foliage, to the sounds of local bird species and other wildlife, are wonderful continuous motions that urge us as humans to psychologically rest when we see Alexandra Falls.

    The waterfalls' surrounds are reminiscent of a scene from a jungle novel, promising tranquillity and quiet while you experience one of the greatest spots to visit in Mauritius. Alexandra Falls may be reached on your way to Plaine Champagne (excellent for fruit harvesting) and Grand Bassin. It's a great way to round up your day excursion to those two destinations and other natural treasures along Chamarel. The waterfall may be reached by traveling to Plaine Champagne and then to Grand Bassin. Along the route, look for a sign that says Alexandra Falls Viewpoint. If you follow the sign, you'll find plenty of parking and beverages for sale. Everyone should experience the incredible calm of the vista for themselves, and once they do, they will never forget it.

    Location: Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius
  3. The Eureka Falls, as the name suggests, are located near the famed colonial estate, Eureka Mansion, which can be found in Moka. A tour of the home itself is likely to be a spectacular experience, with historic colonial treasures strewn throughout the stunning structure, which is complemented by a magnificent and exotic garden.

    The Eureka Waterfalls are a short distance from the mansion, and a trek down to them is well worth the effort for those who are physically capable. At the end of the journey, there are four waterfalls nestled among mango trees, palms, and an assortment of other magnificent tropical flora'. The river banks are natural homes for water lilies, often known as 'jacinte d'eau' or 'bredes songes'. Under the water's surface, an intensive marine life exists for the'scampi, madame Céré' (name derived from the governor's wife Céré), tilapias, carp, and eels, all of which may be found in considerable numbers.

    The first two waterfalls are accessible by walking up the steep hillsides. The third waterfall, Bassin Diable, takes a short but arduous route to get it, but once there, you will be rewarded with a tranquil view of the flowing waters. The splendor and tranquility of these waterfalls are well worth the trip.

    Location: Moka, Mauritius
  4. Grand River South East waterfall, located on Mauritius's southeastern shore, is one of the most popular waterfalls on the island. It's a wonderful sight, and you should not pass up the opportunity to swim in this waterfall; you'll feel rejuvenated and have an amazing experience. Despite its proximity to the sea, the area surrounding the waterfall is vibrant and lush, with a plethora of massive basalt rocks. The wild flora surrounding the magnificent waterfall is incredible, and it is colonized by monkeys jumping and playing on the trees just beside the waterfalls because they are accustomed to human presence.

    Local species can be seen, such as bats, white-tailed tropicbirds, and herons hunting for fish between rocks. Wild monkeys, bats and endemic birds can be found in the forests surrounding this area. Given its location, many visitors combine a visit to Grand River Southeast with a visit to the famed Ile aux Cerfs, another must-see attraction in Mauritius. To see this waterfall, you may choose from a variety of choices, including a private speed boat or a Catamaran excursion in the southeast.

    Location: Grand River South East, Beau Champ, Mauritius
  5. Cascade de 500 pieds, often known as Cascade des Galets, is a Mauritius hidden treasure. Cascade 500 Pieds, which drops 500 feet (152 meters), is without a doubt one of Mauritius' top waterfalls. The waterfall is located in the Black River Gorges National Park and features its own natural infinity pool. It is one of the most serene and lovely spots in Mauritius, with a spectacular view of the south coast and its own infinity pool! To get to this waterfall, climb from the Alexandra Falls viewpoint; the route is well-paved and offers spectacular views. The route is easy to follow and does not require much physical effort, lasting around 30 to 45 minutes.

    During this trip, you will get the opportunity to appreciate the panoramic view from the top of the waterfall, the beautiful Bel Ombre forest, and Mauritius' west coast. You'll arrive at the waterfall after a rewarding journey down the paths and across the rivers. This magnificent waterfall cascades from a height of 500 feet and captivates tourists with its majestic and green valley, cool misty environment, natural infinity pool, and beautiful views.

    Location: Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius
  6. On the edges of the spectacular Combo Forest, on the island's most southern tip, visitors will discover a true Garden of Eden - a calm sanctuary characterized by vibrant green colors and thick, untamed flora. The canyon contains a reasonable quantity of water every year that surges during the monsoons. Exil Waterfall is an excellent location for water-based adventure sports. It's a nature lover's delight, with an abundance of indigenous flora and wildlife.

    There are two waterfalls in this canyon: Leon Waterfall, which has a 20-meter drop into a 25-meter-wide pool, and Cascade Cecile, which has a 45-meter plunge with plenty of rock pools in between. The cascading streams here have the ability to cure tired minds, and the region is an excellent spot to unwind. Those who like to be active can go swimming, leaping over the rock pools, or even try their hand at abseiling. It's beautiful canyon, tropical forest environs, and various flora and fauna provide a stunning environment, while its high-water level during the monsoon season transforms this location into an aquatic adventure center. There are two mini waterfalls nearby named Leon and Cascade, which elevate the appeal of the place

    Location: Rivière des Anguilles, Mauritius
  7. The Chamarel Waterfalls, named after their location, are among Mauritius' main attractions. Captain Antoine Régis Chazal de Chamarel, who arrived with his brother Tristan in 1786, was the first settler in the region. They later sold it, but the name stayed, and the village was renamed Chamarel. Chamarel is an interesting south-western historical community with enormous geological value, featuring stunning landscapes and natural attractions such as the Seven Colored Earths, Black River Gorges National Park, and the majestic Chamarel Waterfalls.

    The Chamarel Waterfalls, known as Mauritius' largest waterfalls, have a height of around 100 meters (nearly the same height as the Statue of Liberty) and cascade down against a picturesque backdrop of lush woods and mountains that is just stunning. There are exposed volcanic rocks going back 8-10 million years, indicating some of Mauritius' oldest lava rocks. The waterfall is generated by three independent streams of water that originate in the River Saint Denis near the villages of Cachette, Chamarel, and La Crete. You may view the waterfalls from the top deck of the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth reserve, or you can descend the walk to enjoy shallow water swimming at the Chamarel falls' base. To see this waterfall, you may either choose one of the viewing tour packages or choose for the Chamarel Waterfall Hike.

    Location: Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel, Chamarel, Rivière Noire District, Mauritius
  8. All hikers, as well as environment enthusiasts and bird watchers, should visit the Black River Gorges. The vistas and waterfalls are two reasons why visiting this park is a must. It is Mauritius' biggest national park. The gorge is famous for its waterfalls, panoramas, and trekking and is located in the middle highlands, which keeps it cooler than the rest of the island. Swimming at waterfalls and hiking through the bush will add a new dimension to your Mauritius vacation.

    You've probably seen many of its images on postcards or in commercials promoting the beauty of Mauritius. It is, certainly, one of the island's most iconic and popular attractions. It is famous not only for its spectacular beauty, but also for providing tourists with a one-of-a-kind encounter with nature. You will learn about the inhabitants, the vegetation, and the rare and unusual bird life during the journey. The views you will see on this hike are breathtaking: A beautiful, wide gorge (canyon) that curves dramatically down between a series of mountains. Beautiful waterfall cascading down the hillside, with mountains in the background.

    Location: Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius

  9. The famous Rochester Falls are located in Mauritius' Savanne area, around 2.5 kilometers from Souillac (South of Mauritius). It is also renowned as Mauritius's widest waterfall. One intriguing detail regarding the Rochester Falls' name is that it was inspired by Charlotte Bronte's work 'Jane Eyre,' which was released in 1847. The Domain where these falls are now located was given the name 'Rochester' during the colonial period. This magnificent waterfall is located in a remote, wild, and lush green location with distinctive and spectacular cliff faces that have been converted into jagged rectangular blocks by the force of tremendous water over hundreds of years. The falling waters of the Savanne River generate a thick froth as they descend from a height of 10 meters into the stony beds.

    As captivating as it appears, this stunning location is great for a quick refreshing dip or a short picnic lunch. The stunning environment, flowing waterfalls, clear water pools, and lush greenery that surrounds the region make it a wonderful sight to witness and a calming experience. You may also encounter some courageous and adventurous natives eager to leap from far above the cliffs to a pool of water, which is incredibly risky and strongly discouraged.

    Location: Savanne, Mauritius
  10. Mare aux Joncs waterfall, located in the Black River Gorges National Park, can be reached from either the Black River entrance (west side) or the Petrin Information Center. The Mare aux Joncs waterfall viewing area is ideal for nature treks. It offers many pathways with varying levels of difficulty, making it suitable for everyone. It starts at the Black River Gorges National Park's Riviere Noire entrance. The track is well-shaded, simple to follow, and the terrain is not very difficult. There are a few river crossings that will undoubtedly get your feet wet!

    The only waterfall in the Black River Gorges that can be seen from the front is this one. It's a lovely waterfall to rest, replenish, and eat lunch before returning. Swimming is possible; however it is not encouraged because to the rough terrain. You will be able to relax in the surrounding virgin green valley, which is home to several rare avian species and vegetation. If you start at Petrin, follow the purple Macchabee Forest Loop Trail signs until you reach a fork in the trail. Continue straight ahead on a level area until the trail begins to descend. You'll ultimately reach the top of the waterfalls after roughly an hour.

    Location: Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius
  11. A intriguing illusion may be seen at the southwestern edge of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It is created by sand tracks on the sea bottom being carried away by water passing through the openings in the reefs (La Passe). When viewed from above, the discharge of sand and silt deposits gives the incredible sight of a "underwater waterfall". Satellite images reveal an underwater vortex that appears to emerge off the shore of this tropical paradise.

    Le Morne Brabant, a basaltic monolith 556 m (1,824 ft) above sea level, towers high above. The peak is located on the Le Morne Brabant peninsula and encompasses an area of more than 12 hectares (30 acres). UNESCO has designated the region (Le Morne Cultural Landscape) as a World Heritage Site. Though this falls under the category of Mauritius waterfalls, it is actually an amazing optical illusion. The sand and silt on the ocean floor stream down in such a way that the water appears to be pouring down into an underwater waterfall. This spectacular visual effect is created by the passage of underwater currents. Because this is only seen from above, helicopters are specifically hired for underwater waterfall Mauritius tours.

    Location: Le Morne, Mauritius

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