Top 7 Most Prestigious Universities in Greece

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Do you want to study in Greece, the origin of academia (or Akadma in Ancient Greek)? Many of the linguistic, philosophical, cultural, legal, social, and ... read more...

  1. Greece's highest-ranked university, the National Technical University of Athens, is placed joint 477th in the world in 2021. The National Technical University of Athens (or NTUA) is one of Greece's oldest universities and among the Most Prestigious Universities in Greece, having been founded in 1837. It now has about 23,900 students, the majority of them are enrolled in five-year programs leading to a diploma comparable to a Master of Engineering or Science.

    The university is structured into nine academic schools, eight of which are dedicated to engineering disciplines, including architecture, and one dedicated to applied sciences (mathematics and physics). Undergraduate studies take five years to complete. Admission at NTUA is extremely competitive, and it is only possible to gain admission by doing exceptionally well on the yearly Panhellenic Exams. It is widely believed that the vast majority of top Panhellenic Exams students interested in science and technology choose to attend NTUA each year. Around 700 academics, 140 scientific assistants, and 260 administrative and technical employees work at the university. There are around 8,500 undergraduates and 1,500 postgraduate students at the university.

    The university's nine academic schools (faculties) encompass a wide range of engineering disciplines, as well as architecture, applied mathematics, and physics. Although classes are taught in Greek, students participating in the Erasmus exchange program do projects in English. NTUA offers numerous campuses throughout Athens, Greece's vibrant and ancient city.

    Established: December 31, 1836

    Location:Athens, Greece


  2. Thessaloniki's Aristotle University is Greece's largest university and one of the largest in Southeast Europe. The university's main campus is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city and a famous tourist destination. The university, which was founded in 1925 and is also known as Aristotle University, the University of Thessaloniki, or AUTH, is named after the famous philosopher Aristotle, who was born close to the city.

    As of 2014, the institution has a student body of roughly 40,000 active students (31,000 undergraduates and 9,000 postgraduate students, including 3,952 Doctoral students) and 2,366 faculty members. A total of 248 members of the Special Laboratory Teaching Personnel and 213 members of the Special Technical Laboratory Personnel make up the Special Laboratory Teaching Personnel. The administrative staff is made up of 400 full-time employees and 528 part-time employees hired through the institution. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a wide range of areas, with the majority of courses taught in Greek. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is placed 571-580 in the globe in the QS World University Rankings 2021 and among the Most Prestigious Universities in Greece.

    Established: 1925
    Location: Thessaloniki, Serres
  3. The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is also among the top 700 universities in the world. The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, commonly referred to as "the University of Athens," was founded in 1837, making it Greece's oldest university and the first contemporary university in both the Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean.

    The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is an important part of Greece's modern intellectual and academic tradition. It has over 125,000 students enrolled and offers programs in law, languages, health sciences, philosophy, political science, and natural sciences, among other areas. The institution is divided into four main campuses, each located in a distinct part of Athens.

    Established: May 3, 1837
    Location: Athens, Greece
  4. The University of Crete is a multidisciplinary, research-oriented institution in Crete, Greece, with campuses in Rethymno (official seat) and Heraklion. It is one of the country's most prestigious academic institutions.

    There are 16 major undergraduate degree programs that correspond to the University's Departments, as well as over 30 master's degree programs. There are 16.000 registered students and 2.500 registered postgraduates, as well as more than 500 faculty members and around 420 administrative employees, as of 2017.

    The University of Crete, despite its youth, has already demonstrated its commitment to the ongoing process of European integration by functioning as an important member of the European Research and Education Areas. Through international programs, it is currently coordinating and participating in European Union programs and activities such as ERASMUS, LINGUA, TEMPUS, and has important links and cooperations with other Mediterranean and Eastern European countries, as well as many American universities and colleges.

    University of Crete
    was rated 62nd on The Times Higher Education's (THE) 2018 list of top universities for students aged 50 and under.

    Established: 1973
    Location:Rethymno, Crete, Greece
  5. The University of Patras is a Greek public university located in Patras. In terms of student body size, staff size, and number of departments, it is Greece's third-largest university.

    The University of Patras
    is regarded as one of Greece's best universities, having been ranked among the top 200 in academic areas. In 2019, there were more than 33,000 students enrolled (29.901 at the undergraduate level and 3,931 at the postgraduate level). It consists of 7 Schools and 35 Departments, with 715 professor members, 226 scientific staff members, and 454 administrative professionals.

    The University of Patras engages in research in fields such as the environment, health, biotechnology, mechanics, electronics, informatics, and basic science in addition to education. On the basis of international assessment, a number of departments, laboratories, and clinics have been designated as Centres of Excellence.

    Established: 11 November 1964
    Location:Patras, Greece
  6. Under the name Athens School of Commercial Studies, the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) was founded in 1920. It was renamed the Athens School of Economics and Business in 1926, and it remained that name until 1989, when it became the Athens University of Economics and Business.

    It is Greece's oldest university in the subjects of Economics and Business, with roots dating back to the founding of a Merchant Academy in Athens. Prior to 1955, the school only provided one degree in general economics and business. In 1955, the School's study period was extended from three to four years, with two cycles of study with two distinct degrees: one in economics and the other in business administration.

    The university expanded to six departments in 1989. Since 1999, the university has grown even further, and it now has eight academic departments that provide eight undergraduate degrees, 28 master's degrees, and an equal number of doctoral programs.

    Athens School of Commercial Studies
    has three schools and eight academic departments make up the Athens University of Economics and Business nowadays.

    Established: 1920
    Location: Athens, Greece
  7. In 1875, the American College of Greece was formed as a girls' school in Smyrna, Asia Minor. Following the surrender of Asia Minor to the Turks, it was transported to Hellenikon, Athens, at the invitation of then-Prime Minister of Greece Eleftherios Venizelos. Its premises were used as a hospital under German command during the Axis occupation of Greece. The College reopened after the war at Hellenikon, where it remained until it relocated to its current site in the Athens suburb of Agia Paraskevi.

    Pierce is a member of the International Schools Theater Association and was awarded the British Council International School Award for the academic years 2015-2018 by the British Council in Greece.

    Pierce has been an accredited IB World School since January 2016, and has been teaching the IB Diploma Program since September 2016. It has 5.774 students registered in all three categories as of 2020.

    Established: 1875
    Location: Agia Paraskevi, North Athens, Attica, Greece

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