Top 3 Best Universities in Benin

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There have been rumors about the accreditation of universities in the Benin Republic. Some institutions are well-known and well-regarded for specific courses, ... read more...

  1. The Benin Republic's Leadpreneur Academy was formed to assist you in gaining mastery skills. Because of the model and style of its educational system, this prominent private university in Benin republic ranks first on the list of the Best Universities in Benin. The purpose of Leadpreneur Academy is to educate and teach its pupils how to achieve their educational goals and aspirations.

    In contrast to other private institutions in Benin, Leadpreneur Academy Benin focuses on the intellectual development of its students, rather than simply awarding credentials, because its diplomas are guaranteed by over 13 reputable universities in Benin. This means that a student at Leadpreneur Academy Benin has a variety of certification options. Students can choose to study at approved universities in Benin or at universities in the United States, Dubai, India, and Cameroon.

    As a result, Leadpreneur Academy is the only private institution in Benin that follows this concept.

    Address: Leadpreneur Academy,Tunde Motors CarrefourJNP Filling Station, 4th Street by the Right, Cite Cotonou, Republic of Beni


  2. The Republic of Benin's Decree No. 127/MESFP/CAB/CD/SGM/DPP/ DESUP/ SP/ 2006 authorizes this private university to confer diplomas, degrees, and other titles and distinctions, as well as to bestow prizes. It further states that the Vice-Chancellor, Chairman of the University's Board of Governing Council, will preside over all congregational meetings. Private University has an ongoing scholarship program.

    The university's mission is to educate intellectually and ethically responsible students who are capable of addressing African problems in practical ways through entrepreneurship ventures, as well as to generate highly skilled, resourceful graduates with high moral standards. Some of the courses available include:

    1. Political Science
    2. Banking and Finance
    3. Business Administration
    4. Computer science
    5. Mass Communication
    6. International Relations

    Founded: 2006

    Location: 06 PO. Box 2524 Akpakpa

  3. Poma International Business University (PIBU), formerly Poma International Business Academy (PIBA), began in 2007 as a small private institution known as the International Entrepreneurship and Management Academy (IEMA), which offered entrepreneurship and management courses relevant to the Republic of Benin and the international business environment. Poma International Business University (PIBU) is the Best Universities in Benin.

    They have six classrooms, administrative offices, a library, ICT LAB, Engineering Workshop, Law chamber, and other amenities.


    1. Civil engineering
    2. Mechanical Engineering
    3. Computer Engineering
    4. Electronic/Electrical engineering
    5. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

    Founded; 2007

    Location: No 11, Ifelaja Road, Dalemo, Alakuko, Lagos


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