Top 6 Universities in Somalia

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During the two decades of civil conflict in Somalia, higher education institutions have mushroomed. There are more than 50,000 students enrolled in 50 ... read more...

  1. Somali National Institution is a public university located in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital. The university's campus was four kilometers from Mogadishu International Airport (Aden Adde International Airport). It was founded in 1971, but it was "officially" established in 1954. It was decommissioned in 1990. The university reopened in August 2014 after being closed for several years. In primary and secondary schools, Somali became the language of instruction.

    Notable alumni of the Somali National University include: Former president of the Somali national university professor ibraahim Mahmoud ebyan

    The Somali National University formerly had 14 departments:

    1. Department of Sharia Law
    2. Department of Linguistics (Somali, Arabic, English, German, Italian)
    3. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry[9]
    4. College of Education (Teaching College at Lafoole; 20 km west of Mogadishu)
    5. Department of Agriculture
    6. Department of Geology and Mining
    7. Department of Medicine (College of Medicine; near Digfeer Hospital)
    8. Department of Chemical/Industrial Engineering
    9. Faculty of Economics
    10. Faculty of Law
    11. Department of Engineering
    12. Faculty of Political science and Journalism
    13. Technical and Commercial Teachers' College (formerly called Technica Teachers' College), Known as "Polytechnic College" located at KM 4, Mogadishu.
    14. Institute of Development Administration & Management

    • #1 in Somalia

    • #415 in Africa

    • #9623 in the World

    Established: 1954
    Location: Mogadishu , Benadir

  2. Mogadishu University is a non-governmental institution based in Mogadishu, Somalia. Dr. Abdurahman Moalim Abdullahi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Abdullahi Farah Asseyr, MD, Adviser to the President and Head of the Faculty of Health Sciences Affairs at MU, traveled to Norway for a 10-day visit and inked a partnership agreement with the University of Troms.

    Students who have completed secondary school or have GCE equivalent certifications are accepted at the university. In order to enroll in their program of study, students must first pass a qualifying examination (oral and written).

    There are nine faculties in the university that provide BA and B.Sc degrees. The following are the faculties at the university:

    1. Faculty of Sharia and Law
    2. Faculty of Education
    3. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
    4. Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences
    5. Faculty of Health Sciences
    6. Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology
    7. Faculty of Political Sciences & Public Administration.
    8. Faculty of Engineering
    9. Faculty of Medicine
    10. Faculty of Agriculture
    11. Faculty of Veterinary
    • #2 in Somalia
    • #502 in Africa

    • #10485 in the World

      Established: 1997
      Location: Via Lenin, Mogadishu
    • The Institution of Hargeisa is a public university in Somaliland's capital, Hargeisa. In 1998, the institution was established. It is the country's largest and most prestigious higher education institution, offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a variety of subjects. Dr. Mohamud Yousuf Muse, the University's current president, earned a Ph.D. in Education from Malaysia's International Islamic University. Professor Hussein A. Bulhan, a Harvard University graduate, was the university's previous president.

      Over 7,000 students study on a four to six years system. The university consists of 14 different colleges, schools and institutes, which offer different undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

      • #3 in Somalia

      • #532 in Africa

      • #10779 in the World

      Established: September 27, 2000
      Location: Hargeisa, Maroodi Jeex
    • SIMAD University is a Mogadishu-based private university. It is one of Somalia's Top Universities in Somali. SIMAD UNIVERSITY, in its efforts to improve the quality of higher education in Somalia, offers a varied selection of undergraduate courses in a variety of subjects that meet international standards. SIMAD was founded in 1999 as a higher education institution to promote academic excellence.

      On January 20, 2011, the Board of Trustees promoted the institute to a full-fledged university after 11 years of steady performance and achievements. The University will continue to fulfill its societal responsibilities by fostering a welcoming environment and providing opportunities for our stakeholders' personal and professional development.

      • #4 in Somalia

      • #580 in Africa

      • #11206 in the World

      Established: November 6, 1999
      Location: Jidka Wadnaha
    • Mogadishu, Somalia's University of Somalia is a private uuniversity and among the Top Universities in Somali . A group of independent intellectuals formed the institute in 2005. Its headquarters are in Mogadishu's downtown area, and it also has a branch in El-sha Biyaha.

      The university has a student body of 6,000 students as of 2014. It is a co-educational college. Six colleges make up the University of Somalia. University of Somalia has six colleges, including,

      1. College of Health Science
      2. College of Business administration
      3. College of Engineering and Computer
      4. College of Education and Social Science
      5. College of Sharea and Law
      6. College of agroveterinary science

      • #5 in Somalia

      • #650 in Africa

      • #11888 in the World

      Established: 2005
      Location: Mogadishu
    • Amoud University is a comprehensive public university in the Somaliland city of Borama.

      The university began in 1998 with 66 students and three instructors in two colleges (education and business administration). There are 5,111 students registered in 14 faculties/schools, with 238 teaching staff.

      The first class of medical graduates graduated in June 2007, and their final exams were overseen by King's College London, which offers the Amoud University College of Health Sciences with curriculum and instructional help.

      Amoud University has a student population of 5,111 as of 2020/2021, with students from all Somali-speaking regions. There are 238 professors on the university's teaching staff.

      • #6 in Somalia

      • #714 in Africa

      • #12343 in the World

      Established: 1998
      Location: Borama
      Website: Amoud University

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