Top 8 Best Universities in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is a country in which is ideal for global students to study and gain a diploma. Here are some of the Best Universities in Azerbaijan.... read more...

  1. Baku State University is an Azerbaijani state university based in Baku and among the Best Universities in Azerbaijan. The University of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was founded in 1919 by the Parliament of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, with an initial enrollment of 1094 students in the faculties of history and philology, physics and mathematics, and law and medicine. V.I.Razumovsky, a former professor of surgery at Kazan University, was the first rector of BSU.

    The University has 13 faculties at its 40th anniversary in 1959. Both the Azerbaijan Medical University and the Azerbaijan State Economic University arose from BSU's founding faculties.

    Two previous presidents of Azerbaijan, Abulfaz Elchibey and Heydar Aliyev, were among the BSU alumni. The former attended the Faculty of Arabic Language and Literature, while the latter attended the Faculty of History and dominated Azerbaijan's political life for nearly 30 years. Between 1922 and 1924, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Lev Landau attended BSU.

    is the first university in the Republic of Azerbaijan that has been ranked by worldwide ranking bodies such as University Ranking by Academic Performance, where it presently ranks 1872.

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    • #1341 in Asia

    • #4017 in the World

    Established: 1919

    Location: Baku , Azerbaijan


  2. Azerbaijan's Khazar University is a private university in Baku. Khazar University has four campuses in Baku and two campuses in Azerbaijan's regions. Khazar University in Azerbaijan offers Western-style education at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate.

    Khazar University participates in international exchange programs for students. It also has a research facility. Hamlet Isakhanli founded Khazar University in March 1991, and it was one of the first private universities in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, as well as the first in Azerbaijan, to offer Western-style, research-oriented higher education. Khazar was founded by Isakhanli in the hopes of modernizing the Soviet-era higher education system.

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    • #1833 in Asia

    • #5242 in the World

    Founded: 1991
    Location: Baku , Azerbaija
  3. Azerbaijan State Economic Institution is a public university in Baku, Azerbaijan. UNEC is one of the largest educational institutions in the South Caucasus, having been established in 1930. UNEC has 14 faculties and offers master's programs in 57 specialties, with over 1000 faculty members, including 62 professors and 344 docents, including active members of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences, as well as state award winners, honored teachers, and scientists.

    UNEC is a full member of the European University Association, the Federation of Islamic Universities, the University Council of the Organization for Economic Cooperation in the Black Sea, and the Eurasian Association of Universities. Approximately 650 foreign students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses at UNEC, out of a total student enrollment of 18,400.

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    • #2142 in Asia

    • #6013 in the World

    Founded: June 19, 1930
    Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  4. The formal name of the public medical school in Baku, Azerbaijan, is Azerbaijan Medical University. Due to language barriers, the school is also known as Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan State Medical University, Azerbaijan State Medical Institute, or simply Medical University, with any of the above names incorporating the phrase "named after N. Narimanov" or the full "Nariman Narimanov." The school is named after Nariman Narimanov, a well-known Azeri figure in Soviet politics who served as the party chairman of the Soviet Union's Central Executive Committee.

    The school comprises 8000 students in 74 academic departments and a faculty of little over 1000 scientists, physicians, and lecturers. Within the university, there are four clinics: educational-dental, oncologic, educational-therapeutic, and educational-surgical.

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    • #2333 in Asia

    • #6514 in the World

    Founded: 9 May 1930
    Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  5. In Baku, Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University is a tertiary education institution and one of the Best Universities in Azerbaijan. Geology and Exploration Faculty, Gas, Petroleum and Mining Faculty, Chemical Technologies Faculty, Petro-mechanics Faculty, Energetics Faculty, Automatization of Production Processes Faculty, Engineering Economics, International Economic Relations and Management Faculty, and the Institute for Specialization and Re-education of Workforce for Industrial Organizations are the eight faculties that make up the Academy.

    ASOA trains students in more than 50 fields: geological engineering, computer sciences, metallurgical engineering, hydrogeology engineering, geophysics engineering, mountain-mining engineering, petroleum and gas constructions engineering, heating energetics engineering, equipment production engineering, technology machinery and apparatus engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, communication and radiotechnics engineering, mechatronics and robotechnology engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology and systems engineering, re-manufacturing and repair engineering, metrology, standardization and certification engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum and gas engineering, automatization engineering, management, engineering economics, marketing and so on.

    • #5 in Azerbaijan

    • #2431 in Asia

    • #6750 in the World

    Founded: 1920
    Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  6. Azerbaijan Technical University is a state university in Baku, Azerbaijan, that specializes in engineering. There are 9 schools and 54 departments at the university, with 884 faculty members and around 6500 students. Agriculture, civil engineering, electromechanics, economics, and oil were among the industries where engineers were trained.


    1. Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering
    2. Transport
    3. Technological Machines
    4. Special equipment and technologies
    5. Radio engineering and communication
    6. Metallurgy
    7. Machine-building
    8. Engineering Business and Management
    9. Dean's Office for International Students
    10. Automation and Computer Technology

    • #6 in Azerbaijan

    • #2496 in Asia

    • #6920 in the World

    Founded: 1950
    Address: 25 Hussein Javid prospekti, Baku 370073, Azerbaijan
  7. Hafiz Pashayev established ADA University under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in March 2006. In 2014, ADA was turned into a university by President's proclamation. The Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy was established with the primary goal of training specialists for a diplomatic career in Azerbaijani foreign affairs, but its curricula grew and the name was changed to ADA University.

    Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev, Azerbaijan's Deputy Foreign Minister and former ambassador to the United States, is the school's founding rector. Its current campus, which is dedicated to it, opened in September 2012.Since 2006, ADA has expanded the number of programs it offers and became a full-fledged university with four schools, including,

    1. School of Public and International Affairs (BA in International Relations; BA in Public Affairs; MA in Diplomacy and International Affairs; Master in Public Administration; Law)
    2. School of Business (BA in Business Administration; BS in Economics; Master of Business Administration)
    3. School of Education (MA in Educational Management; EAPP)
    4. School of Information Technologies and Engineering (BS in Computer Science; BS in Computer Engineering; BS in Information Technologies; MS in Computer Science and Data Analytics)

    • #7 in Azerbaijan

    • #2620 in Asia

    • #7213 in the World

    Founded: 2006
    Location: Ahmadbey Agaoglu 11
  8. Azerbaijan Institution of Architecture and Construction is a state university specialized in civil engineering and architecture in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute was founded in 1975 as a spin-off from the Azerbaijan Technical University. Engineer specialists are trained by a faculty of 700 academics and teachers. There are 100 Doctors of Sciences among the 700, with more than 400 candidates of sciences, senior lecturers, and head instructors. Leading experts from the State Building Complex are also involved in the training process. There are 42 departments at the university.

    Year after year, the university's financial and technical foundation strengthens. The majority of departments have contemporary facilities, computers, and laboratories. In their spare time, students have the opportunity to spend quality time. Chess clubs, a sports stadium, a concert hall, and cafes are all available. The university publishes a newspaper that chronicles campus life. The university also features a contemporary library with two halls for renting books, three reading halls, an architecture cabinet, and a cabinet for international students. A library that uses 3m technology.

    • #8 in Azerbaijan

    • #3216 in Asia

    • #8503 in the World

    Founded: 1975
    Location: 5 Ayna Sultanova St., Baku AZ1073

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