Top 10 Universities in Rwanda

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The caliber of tertiary education in Rwanda has significantly increased in recent years. As a result, universities where people can pursue undergraduate and ... read more...

  1. The University of Rwanda aspires to be one of the top universities in the world, producing entrepreneurial graduates committed to a sustainable society and is among top 10 universities in Rwanda.

    Every course at this university includes a requirement for practical work-based projects. The University of Rwanda demonstrates its dedication to excellent academic standards by emphasizing knowledge discovery and advancement. This is Rwanda's largest institution of higher learning. The National University of Rwanda was the largest of the previously independent public higher education institutions that merged to establish the University of Rwanda in 2013. Alexandre Lyambabaje is the UR's vice-chancellor. Kigali is home to the university's headquarters.

    The institution had 30,445 students in January 2015, with 28,875 undergraduates and 1,570 postgraduates. Rwandan natives account up 99.4% of UR students. It has 1,450 academics on staff, as well as 816 support and administrative personnel.

    is involved in a variety of foreign partnerships. The University of Rwanda and Michigan State University established a joint MSc degree program in agribusiness in February 2015, with financing from the US Agency for International Development. The program intends to assist Rwandan women in establishing themselves in the agricultural sector. The university is receiving funds from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency to help strengthen Rwanda's research capabilities.

    Founded: 2013

    Location: Kigali


  2. Kibogora Polytechnic is Rwanda's first university-level institution, located on the banks of scenic Lake Kivu in the Western Province. Their status is that of a Higher Learning Institution owned by the Free Methodist Church of Rwanda (Ministerial Order 07/2015 of Official Gazette 03/15), however they welcome students of all religions and none. Vice Chancellor Dariya MUKAMUSONI, Ph.D.

    On September 17, 2012, Kibogora Polytechnic welcomed its first students. It is currently located across from the Free Methodist Church in the Nyamasheke District in Rwanda's Western Province.
    The Free Methodist Church of Rwanda owns this institution, and its programming are based on Christian values.

    Kibogora Polytechnic educates people to improve their socioeconomic and spiritual lives, so that they can improve their communities. To ensure that their graduates are highly employable, all of the professors are qualified and have practical experience. Most Honours Degrees can be finished in three years, or at a slower pace if you like. Please review the information on the website, complete an application form, or contact us for more information.

    Founded: 2010s
    Location: western Rwanda
  3. INES - Ruhengeri was created in 2003 with the goal of bringing science to the challenges that the general public faces on a daily basis and finding answers.

    This school focuses on teaching expertise in the applied fundamental and social sciences.
    INES is located in Ruhengeri, Rwanda, on Musanze Street. This institution is a Rwandan private research university. It has an admittance rate of roughly 80-90 percent, making it one of Rwanda's most welcoming colleges.

    It can be found in the town of Ruhengeri. In 2019, the university and Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences began a five-year collaboration to explore and improve farming techniques in the area. The Faculty of Applied Fundamental Sciences has the following departments:

    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Water Engineering
    • Department of Architecture
    • Department of Biotechnologies
    • Department of Biomedical laboratory Sciences
    • Department of Land Survey
    • Department of Computer Science
    • Department of Land Administration & Management
    • Department of Statistics Applied to Economy

    Founded: 2003

    Location: Ruhengeri, Musanze, Northern Province, Rwanda

  4. Kigali Independent University is currently one of Rwanda's top ten universities. It was established with campuses in Kigali and Gisenyi.

    This institution offers ethically based training to students, allowing them to become active participants in Rwanda's growth. ULK stands out as an African institution of excellence thanks to its highly qualified people and staff.

    Kigali Independent University ULK was formed in 1996, after the genocide in Rwanda which took place in 1994. Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda is the University's founder and owner. The St Paul buildings were where ULK began its operations. Following the St. Paul buildings, ULK established its first campus in Kacyiru, which now houses the secondary school.

    Founded: 1996
    Location: Kigali, 2280, Rwanda
  5. UNILAK aspires to be one of Africa's most prestigious institutions, renowned for Christian-based education and among top 10 universities in Rwanda. There are three campuses that make up this university: Campuses are located in Kigali, Rwamagana, and Nyanza. Integrity, sustainable development, partnership, academic excellence, commitment, stewardship, and discipleship are among the basic values instilled in graduates of this university.

    The Federation of Adventist Parents Associations for the Development of Education in Rwanda established the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK) (FAPADER).

    The Government of the Republic of Rwanda and FAPADER signed Convention No. 001 on the 3rd of February 1997, which established UNILAK. The Institute was granted legal status as a nonprofit organization under Rwandan law by Ministerial Decree No. 89/11 of July 2, 2004, and was fully accredited by the Rwandan government by Ministerial Order No. 002/09 of April 9, 2009.

    The University's headquarters are in the Remera Sector in Kigali's Gasabo District. UNILAK has also increased its activities in the Southern (Nyanza) and Eastern (Rwamagana) provinces, with the two institutions sharing a campus with a competitive modern boarding facilities.

    Founded: 1997

    Location: Street KK 503 ST, P.O Box 6392 Kgali, Rwanda

  6. The Adventist University of Central Africa, also known as the Universite Adventiste d'Afrique Central in French, aspires to be a recognized center of excellence in Rwanda's undergraduate and graduate programs.

    This university is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education that educates students for today's and tomorrow's challenges. Gishushu Campus and Masoro Campus are the two campuses of Adventist University of Central Africa.

    The Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) is a Seventh-day Adventist university in Rwanda with two campuses. It's part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, which is the world's second-largest Christian school system.

    is the largest Adventist university in Africa that serves the French-speaking regions. It has roughly 4,000 pupils in 2015 annd among top 10 universities in Rwanda.

    Founded: 1978

    Location:Kigali, Rwanda

  7. The Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences promotes cutting-edge research, development, and knowledge for today's society. Individuals are trained to be solution-oriented and committed, and they are given ethical principles and intellectual tools to help them satisfy the specific demands of the society in which they live. PIASS has two campuses, one in Karongi and the other in Huye.

    The Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences, or PIASS, is a Rwandan university. The Student Portal, also known as the MIS Web, Student Login, or Student Information System, or SIS, is a web-based platform that enables schools and institutions to take data online for better management and clarity. The student portal can be used for things like course registration, fee payment, exam results, admission online application, application status, acceptance fees payment, transcript, schedule, academic calendar, extra credit hours, deferment of admission, and much more.

    Founded: 2009

    Location: Huye Po Box 619

  8. Since its inception in October 2013, the University of Kigali has ranked among Rwanda's top ten universities. This university is primarily concerned with research, teaching, and community service.
    UOK is located at Kacyiru, about 3 kilometers from Kigali City Center. This institution will provide you with high-quality innovative programs that will suit both labor market demands and Rwanda's overall development needs.

    The University of Kigali (UoK) currently has two campuses: the Kigali Campus, which is the major campus, and the Musanze Campus, which is located in the upcountry. There are around 8,000 students enrolled in total, with approximately 6,500 undergraduates and 1,500 postgraduates.

    Nigeria, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, China, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ethiopia, Turkey, Central African Republic, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Senegal, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are among the university's overseas students.

    Founded: 2013

    Location: KG 541 Street, Kigali, Rwanda

  9. ICK first opened its doors in 2002 with 311 pupils. It's in Rwanda's Southern Province, in the Nyamabuye Sector of Muhanga District. This university aspires to be recognized as a Catholic institution that excels at imparting professional and academic knowledge.

    ICK offers a high-quality education founded on Christian principles. ICK's mission is to be a catholic institution of higher education that strives for academic and professional excellence. Its aim is to provide high-quality education based on Christian values, to conduct research, and to begin community services in order to contribute to society's change and to assist in the population's long-term development.

    Founded: 2003

    Location: Muhanga District, Southern Province, Rwanda

  10. The ILPD is located in the Nyanza District of Rwanda's Southern Province. It offers two major postgraduate certificates: the Diploma of Legislative Drafting (DLD) and the Diploma of Legal Practice (DLP) (DLP). The Kigali campus is located in Kiyovu, Nyarugenge, Kigali for only evening and weekend programs. The Nyanza (Main Campus) is located 95 kilometers from Kigali City (The Capital of the Republic of Rwanda); the Kigali campus is located in Kiyovu, Nyarugenge, Kigali for only evening and weekend programs.

    Kigali city and Nyanza, where the major university is located, are currently connected by two separate travel firms. At Nyabugogo Taxi Park, students reporting to the Main Campus (Nyanza) can catch Volcano Express and Horizon Express buses (kigali).

    This school aspires to be a practical school for legal professionals who want to cultivate a culture of quality, community service, and independence.

    Founded: 2013

    Location: Kiyovu, Nyarugenge, Kigali


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