Houston Buddhist Vihara

The Houston Buddhist Vihara (HBV), established in June 1988, is a religious corporation committed to upholding Theravada Buddhist principles. Operating under the Religious Corporation Law in the USA, HBV strikes to serve society through various means.

Firstly, it aims to propagate Theravada Buddhist education and practices among its members and those interested. To achieve this goal, the temple organizes meditation classes, Dhamma discussions, Abhidhamma studies, and monthly Sila programs catered to adults.

The Houston Buddhist Vihara also seeks to foster unity and collaboration among various Buddhist and non-Buddhist denominations, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation among diverse religious communities. Furthermore, HBV dedicates itself to preserving and nurturing traditional and cultural values, conducting classes for children in subjects like Dhamma, Sinhala, music, and dance. There are also grand celebrations for significant Sri Lankan events such as the New Year, Independence Day, and more.

In recent years, the Vihara has also been actively collaborating with other religious denominations to spread the teachings of Buddha among their respective followers. Through its diverse programs and educational endeavors, the Houston Buddhist Vihara embodies its mission of imparting Buddhist teachings and preserving cultural heritage, which fosters a sense of unity within the Dallas Buddist community.

Time: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Address: 8727 Radio Road, Houston, TX 77075

Website: https://www.hbvihara.org/

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