Wat Buddharangsey

Wat Buddharangsey represents the Buddhist Cambodian community in Houston, Texas. The origins of this temple trace back to the harrowing era of the Khmer Rouge regime; its establishment was a response to the influx of Cambodian refugees who sought sanctuary in the United States, with many finding themselves in Houston, Texas, after escaping the horrific genocide in their homeland.

From here, the community embarked on a long journey to reestablish themselves in a completely foreign land. Led by the vision of Abbot Lokta Sous Gou (the most revered Buddhist monk in Texas), and in collaboration with community leaders, the Texas Cambodian Buddhist Society was formed. This organization helped newcomers in adapting to their new lives by offering housing, job assistance, education, and other social services.

Later on, the temple was relocated to Sellers Road, Houston. With this new, expansive 23.5-acre property, Wat Buddharangsey took the opportunity to build key facilities to support its community. Cases in point are the Kod building, residential spaces for Buddhist monks, and a vast parking lot capable of accommodating 200 vehicles.

Today, Wat Buddharangsey stands as a beacon of spirituality and cultural heritage for the Buddhist Cambodians, continuing to serve as a pivotal space for religious ceremonies and communal gatherings in Houston.

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Address: 15211 Sellers Rd Houston, TX 77060

Website: https://www.watbuddharangsey.org/

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