Vien Thong Buddhist Temple

Vien Thong Temple was founded in Houston, Texas, in 2002 by Venerable Thich Nu Thanh Luong. Four years later, it was reconstructed on a large scale on a 2-hectare land, boasting a grandeur design that harmoniously blends traditional Eastern and modern Western styles. The temple now encompasses several significant structures such as An Lac Hall, Ancestor Hall, Clear Heart Hall, an auditorium, a lotus pond, and more - the result of 7 years of hard work of both the monks and devotees!

Starting from 2013, Vien Thong Temple has celebrated the grand ceremony of Buddha's enlightenment every year and opened its doors to welcome Buddhists and visitors from various continents for veneration. You can participate in numerous activities and programs here, such as weekly/monthly spiritual practices, summer and winter retreats, Vietnamese language classes, martial arts classes, and Tâm Pháp kung fu for children.

Festivals like Tet Nguyen Dan, Vesak Day, Vu Lan Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival are also organized with meticulous preparation, attracting a large number of practitioners and compatriots to participate.

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Address: 17355 Groeschke Rd Houston, TX 77084


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