Linh Son Temple

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Wrapping up our list is the Linh Son Temple, a hidden gem on Houston's Northwest Side. This area seems like one of those neighborhoods that time forgot, boasting houses much older than the more modern houses you often see in Houston!

Though a bit worn, the temple grounds possess an ancient type of unique charm. The weeds amidst the pathways do not bother visitors, either. Rather, the overall atmosphere exudes benign neglect, not hinting at decay but rather offering a sense of comfort and timeless peace.

The main shrine is definitely the best highlight of Chua Linh Son Temple, littered with beautiful statues of lion guards. Stepping further into the grounds reveals deep, crystal-water ponds with diverse, colorful types of turtles and fish. You can also take stunning photos next to the statue of Laughing Buddha, surrounded by five children whose vibrant colors represent good fortune and happiness in the family.

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Address: 13506 Ann Louise Rd, Houston, TX 77086


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