Teo Chew Temple

The Teo Chew Temple, one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Houston, is an outstanding testament to Vietnamese Buddhist culture and spirituality.

Its ornate rooftops and awe-inspiring architecture capture the eye immediately. Visitors are greeted by a spacious free parking lot and a stunning circular fountain adorned with intricately carved marble zodiac animals, symbolizing the months of the year. Beyond the central figure of Quan Am - a bodhisattva revered for guiding individuals through hardship - lie bright red picnic tables, stone lions, and an exquisitely carved wall.

Due to its blending of Vietnamese and Chinese influences, the Teo Chew Temple embraces ancestral worship and reverence for diverse gods, including those representing wealth, nobility, virtues, and war. Incense permeates the air as devotees kneel and offer prayers to the gods, accompanied by gifts of food laid reverently before each deity figure. During their visits, visitors maintain a quiet, meditative demeanor, only occasionally interrupted by the resonant gong welcoming entrants. An interpreter graciously explains the significance of the statues while allowing photographs and sharing written descriptions.

On another note, the temple extends its homage to the deceased in a separate building with names, dates, and images of those who have passed. Here, urns holding the ashes of the departed rest alongside food offerings and flowers.

Time: 8 AM to 5 PM

Address: 10599 Turtlewood Ct, Houston, TX 77072

Website: https://www.teochewtemplehouston.com/

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Source: Google Map
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