Lien Hoa Temple

The Chua Lien Hoa Temple was established in 2009, located on the outskirts of Houston City. Since its foundation, Lien Hoa Temple has become a place of spiritual reverence for many.

Its temple grounds comprise both outdoor and indoor facilities. Specifically, the outdoor space boasts ample parking room (accommodating over eighty cars) and features wooden houses where guests, monks, or visitors from other states find lodging. Furthermore, the temple also cultivates vegetables, fruits, and lotus plants integral to their prayers.

Regarding indoor designs, one notable highlight is the magnificent Buddha statue located prominently in front of the temple. This mesmerizing figure is a focal point for prayers, adorned with scents and offerings in a scent bowl at its feet.

The temple's schedule mostly caters to family-oriented events, integrating activities involving children alongside spiritual gatherings. Surprisingly, the temple also hosts martial arts classes three times a week in the main hall! And for those seeking tranquility, feel free to engage with the thought-provoking quotes translated into English adorning the walls.

During Lien Hoa Temple's main operating hours (except for special events), guests can explore a souvenir/gift shop within the indoor area. This shop offers various items to bring home to your loved ones, such as handmade bracelets with inspirational quotes and scents.

Time: 8 AM to 8 PM

Address: 6709 Howell Sugar Land Rd Houston, TX 77083


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