Kulumbimbi is a historical site that has been around for about 500 years. Angels, according to mythology, built the Kulumbimbi (Cathedral of San Salvador) overnight. As a result, Kulumbimbi is the very first church built in Angola. On October 30, 1957, the ruins were designated as historical-cultural heritage and became part of the historic center of Mbanza Kongo, which was designated as a world heritage site by the UNESCO World Heritage Commission in 2017. The monument was constructed in 1419 in Mbanza Kongo, the capital of Zaire's province. Its history illustrates Angola's religious principles, as well as a little mystery surrounding its creation, as many people believe it was created by spirits. Visiting this destination, however, is fantastic, and the best part is that you can take pictures of one of Angola's most important cultural monuments.

It is the most visible symbol of Mbanza Kongo, as the capital of the Kingdom of Kongo, and its hybrid nature, with a church and cemetery that appears to have a different meaning of the word Kulumbimbi, gives it the kingdom's identity status because the entire community of the Kingdom of Kongo is recognized regardless of the religion practiced.

Location: Unnamed Road, M'banza-Kongo, Angola
Entrance fee: N/A
Best time to visit: between June and September (best time to visit Angola)
Hours: N/A


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