Viewpoint of the Moon (Miradouro da Lua)

The Miradouro da Lua is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Angola, and is ideal for those who want to contemplate the beauty of a peaceful and tranquil setting, complete with a lunar-like landscape created by wind and rain erosion. The location provides a one-of-a-kind perspective and an ideal setting for taking breathtaking images. If you visit Angola, particularly Luana, be sure to stop by here.

The Viewpoint of the Moon is a set of cliffs in Angola's province of Samba, 40 kilometers south of Luanda. The kind of lunar-martian terrain we see today was developed over time by erosion driven by wind and rain. This was the setting for Jorge António's film "The Moon Lookout" the first Portuguese-Angolan film co-production, which was shot in 1993 and won the special prize at the Gramado Festival in Brazil.

This is Africa's lone cliff with this geological formation of breathtaking, almost Martian splendor. The excursion will begin at Kissama National Park, where you can eat lunch at Pousada Cuanza after touring the park (not included). After that, you should stop at the Viewpoint of the Moon, where you can witness the sunset reflected in such a stunning natural work of art.

Address: Q3HQ+HXH, Belas, Luanda, Angola
Entrance fee: N/A
Best time to visit: 1 pm - 2 pm (Most popular time to visit)
Hours: Mondays - Sundays: 24 hours

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