Top 15 Best Online Stock Courses

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Stock trading is no longer the exclusive realm of investing professionals, thanks to the internet. Anyone with access to a computer or mobile device can now ... read more...

  1. On Udemy, this course has the highest ranking for stock trading. You will learn stock market trading in this course. The training is intended for market participants who are Complete Beginners and Intermediates.

    Basic ideas are first covered in this course before moving on to more complex topics. You will fully comprehend how the stock market operates by the end of this course. You will comprehend the meaning of a stock, the requirement for a broker, and the nature of exchanges.

    You will discover how stock market orders to purchase and sell affect stock prices. You will also receive a list of suggested resources. The next section of this course deals with technical analysis, which includes charts and candlesticks, trends, supports and resistances, chart patterns, volume, etc.

    Technical indicators including Bollinger Bands, the Relative Strength Index, and the Average True Range are also covered in this course. Next, one of the most crucial elements of trading is covered in this course: risk management and money management. This course goes in-depth on how to safeguard your account from significant losses. Another significant topic that is sometimes overlooked in many courses is trading psychology, which is covered in this course's continuation. how to manage your feelings when making financial decisions.

    What you will learn

    • Fully comprehend the operation of the stock market.
    • Understand the steps a business must take to become a publicly traded firm.
    • Understand the evolution of the stock market and its history.
    • Master Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Volume, and Technical Indicators for Technical Analysis.
    • Remove the distractions and learn about the tools and approaches that our traders employ. Obtain knowledge from a seasoned trader's perspective.
    • Many order types and how to send orders.
    • NASDAQ, AMEX, and other other Exchanges.
    • Risk management: how to control total portfolio risk and cut losses.
    • Money Management: where to take a loss, how many shares to acquire, and how to control risk on each investment.
    • How to short sell in order to profit if the market declines.

    Who this course is for

    • Novices want to accelerate their learning curve.
    • New traders and intermediate-level traders traders interested in learning more.
    • Anyone interested in trading stocks.
    • Individuals who wish to learn the key ideas required for trading.
    • Traders who wish to time their entries and exits more effectively.


    • An Open Mind & Willingness to Learn

    Instructor: Mohsen Hassan

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (44,296 ratings)

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  2. This course contains in-depth, cutting-edge material that can help traders trade effectively and with confidence. You will gain a thorough understanding of what makes a successful trading strategy as well as how to test and refine your own. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    Information at the intermediate and advanced levels is covered in this course. You're going to leave with a new way of looking at data analysis that isn't just theoretical. You will thoroughly comprehend how the Micro-Structure of the Stock Market functions at the end of this course (even ECNs and Dark Pools).

    You will be aware of the application of a technical indicator like the VWAP. Additionally, we go through crucial Fundamental Analysis subjects so that you may understand Fundamental Ratios with ease (Earnings, Earnings Per Share, Price To Earnings, Price To Book, and much much more). Indexes, ETFs, the economic cycle, monetary and fiscal policy, and various economic indicators and reports will all be completely understood by you.

    In-depth coverage of 2 Trading Strategies is also included in this course. Including the rationale behind the techniques, the instruments to use with them, and instructions on how to put them to the test. Here, you put everything into practice and learn how to construct tactics.

    What you will learn

    • For various Trading Strategies, track, examine, and pinpoint trading chances.
    • Fully comprehend ECNs, Dark Pools, and the micro-structure of the market.
    • Consider how to make the most of various financial figures by evaluating them.
    • Recognize the underlying principles of many transactions.
    • Discover two distinct trading approaches.
    • Make up your own trading strategies and implement them.
    • Use several valuation techniques with various strategies.
    • Analyze and comprehend the fundamental ratios and data of the company.
    • Create your own trading strategy to support confident trading.
    • Interpret the application of technical analysis, charts, and indicators in various situations.

    Who this course is for

    • Intermediate traders looking to strengthen their performance and establish a solid foundation for trading strategy.
    • People who desire to gain a deeper understanding of the financial markets by learning advanced concepts.
    • traders at the beginner/intermediate level seeking more tools and methods.


    • Basic Stock Market or Trading Knowledge
    • This is a follow up course to the course "Foundation Stock Trading Course"

    Instructor: Mohsen Hassan

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (12,185 ratings)

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  3. This course might be ideal for you if you're someone who wants to enter the stock market rapidly. Beginners can get all the necessary knowledge in this course because it is specifically made for them. You may view the most recent updates to this course below. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    The father of value investing is largely regarded as being Benjamin Graham. You can also discover the key points of Benjamin Graham's stock selection recommendations and his quantitative stock selection criteria in a new section that has been introduced to this course.

    This comprehensive package of stock trading and investment courses has been created especially for investors and amateurs fresh to the stock market.

    For novices wishing to start stock trading or investing, the first three sections of this course provide solutions to many of these queries. Understanding and analyzing financial accounts of any organization are topics covered in the following 4 sections. The titles "Balance Sheet," "Cash Flow Statement," and "Statement of Income" no longer need to terrify you. To help you read financial statements like any other book, everything is described using an actual financial statement.

    Additionally, you learn how to conduct financial ratio analysis and common size analysis of companies, which will improve your comprehension of a stock's performance & underlying business. Before you consider trading or investing in stocks, you must have this information!

    Once you've decided which business you want to invest in, you need to know when to do it in order to profit the most from a stock's price increase. This course will offer you a significant boost in knowledge and confidence to really launch your investment journey toward achieving financial freedom if you are new to stock market investing or stock trading.

    What you will learn

    • Find out the answers to the stock trading and investing-related questions that beginners ask most frequently!
    • Start stock market trading or investment.
    • Recognize the financial statements of the companies you want to invest in.
    • Ratio analysis and common size analysis are used to analyze financial statements.
    • Learn about liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, financial ratios, and activity ratios.
    • Discover the value investing approach of Benjamin Graham.
    • Discover discounted stocks by understanding Graham's Number.
    • Utilize technical analysis when trading stocks.
    • Gain from a trade strategy that works for all time frames and asset classes and can be utilized to trade stocks.
    • Learn the Candlesticks Pattern, which may be used for stock trading and other types of financial trading.
    • Discover Gap Trading
    • Learn about concepts in technical analysis include support and resistance, trend lines, and trend channels.
    • Recognize common technical indicators
    • Learn how to manage your finances

    Who this course is for

    • Anyone who wants to immediately start trading or investing in the stock market should take this course.
    • If you hold a CFA, FRM, or CMT certification, this course is probably not for you.


    • No specific software requirements.

    Instructor: Indian Insight

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (4,630 ratings)

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  4. There is no theory in this course. A brokerage account is opened. financing it How to get live quotations in your account and how to understand margin. To provide you the most accurate practice environment possible, this course also covers how to add live quotes to your demo account. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    This course - Live Stock Trading Course: Beginner to Pro - covers Interactive Brokers' trading platform TWS (Trader Workstation) (you can use any trading platform you want, though). Order books, time of sales, an economic calendar, a watchlist for your portfolio, headlines, charts, and much more are covered in this course on how to set up your trading environment. Everyone is still alive.

    The course will then examine how to carry out orders. In a live account! Commissions are covered in this course, along with how to place standard limit orders and market orders. Advanced order types such directed market orders, concealed orders, and iceberg orders are then covered in this course. In this course, you will discover how to accurately read the order book and make orders based on the stock you are trading. This course uses real-world examples of both liquid and illiquid equities to demonstrate this.

    Finally, this course uses real money to trade the pair trading approach. Being able to execute pair trading, one of the most comprehensive methods, will allow you to execute any other strategy as well.

    What you will learn

    • How to open and fund a brokerage account
    • How to use TWS (Trader Workstation) in depth
    • How to send orders LIVE
    • How to send directed and hidden orders
    • How to read the orderbook and time of sales
    • Market making and scalping
    • How to swing trade pairs LIVE
    • How to day trade pairs LIVE

    Who this course is for

    • Individuals who want to improve on their trading skills


    • The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course (on Udemy)
    • The Advanced Stock Trading Course + Strategies (on Udemy)
    • Day Trading and Swing Trading Strategies for Stocks (on Udemy)

    Instructor: Mohsen Hassan

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (1,624 ratings)

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  5. In this stock trading course, Chris Capre, a seasoned multi-asset trader with a career as a Wall Street broker and trader/instructor for hedge funds, will teach you the fundamentals of stock trading. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    You'll gain a solid foundation for trading stocks using price action, technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology from any location in the world using only a laptop and an internet connection.

    This stock trading course is appropriate for new and experienced traders who wish to gradually learn how to become profitable stock traders who can adapt to constantly shifting market conditions.

    You will have a strong foundation and a set of abilities to trade the stock market on any time frame after completing this course, and you will be able to locate successful high probability trading setups in any situation.

    Warning: Trading has risk. Only instructional and informational purposes are served by the information in this course.

    What you will learn

    • Tips For Trading Stocks
    • How to Interpret Any Chart's Price Action
    • How The Stock Market Operates and Stock Trading Fundamentals
    • How to Invest in Stocks and Make Money
    • Hours of Stock Market Trading
    • What Effects Market Cap Has Technical Analysis of Stock Behavior Using Stock Trading Indicators Using Stock
    • Scanners Using Price Action
    • Money and Risk Management
    • Trading psychology and mindset

    Who this course is for

    • Beginner stock market traders want to learn the basics
    • Traders that are intermediate and wish to use price action tactics
    • Traders who desire to acquire the mental faculties necessary to succeed in trading


    • Suitable for beginners and intermediate traders
    • A computer/laptop
    • No prior trading knowledge needed

    Instructor: Chris Capre

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (126 ratings)

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  6. 28 multiple-choice tests, a number of useful market tools, and a free stock trading booklet download with added in-depth trading techniques, advice, and instruction are all included in the Stock Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Investing 3-Course Bundle access as well.

    This package is made to help novice traders and investors understand step-by-step how to enter the stock market successfully. You'll discover the distinctions between day trading, swing trading, and investing as well as their advantages and disadvantages, enabling you to select the trading strategy that is most suitable for you. Then, you'll learn practical trading and investing methods that pros use to make money in any market environment.

    Day Trading 101: A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Stocks, The Beginner's Guide to Swing Trading Stocks Part-Time, and Investing 101: Beginner's Stock Market Investing Masterclass are the three courses that make up this bundle. Students have given all three of these courses ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars!

    You'll be taking lessons from a full-time trader and investor who is self-taught and on a mission to prevent other traders from making the same mistakes he did at the beginning of his profession. The tactics that were taught in this course are the same ones that the instructor employs daily in his personal trading, allowing him to devote all of his time to the market.

    This course is the perfect place to start if you're interested in understanding the ins and outs of the stock market as well as how to trade and invest profitably in any market condition.

    What you will learn

    • Day trading, swing trading, and investing: distinctions, benefits, and drawbacks
    • How to begin stock trading and investing without any prior expertise
    • How to conduct effective trading and investing using both technical and fundamental analysis
    • How to control risk in any market environment to safeguard your capital
    • Learn the tactics employed by seasoned traders and investors step-by-step.

    Who this course is for

    • Anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of the stock market
    • Anyone looking for detailed guidance on investments from a full-time trader/investor
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to trade stocks safely should read this.


    • Ability to use Thinkorswim, Etrade Pro, or any similar trading platform.
    • A motivated mindset & excitement to learn!

    Instructor: Travis Rose

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (117 ratings)

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  7. You will learn value investing, long-term investment, swing trading, when to invest in an initial public offering (IPO), how to use stock options, and how to short stocks in this course. Learn more about how to value a company and determine whether it is a wise long-term investment by becoming familiar with various terminologies, theories, and tools. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    You will learn about the stock market in this course. You can use this course as a guide to learn more about the stock market and make informed decisions. This course should not be considered a suggestion to purchase any security or a fast way to gain money.

    All trades, patterns, charts, systems, and other topics covered in this course and product materials are just meant to serve as examples and should not be interpreted as particular advice. The author alone is responsible for all of the concepts and information offered. There has never been a method or system created that can ensure profits or prevent losses. The use of this methodology or system is not being implied or represented to guarantee profits or protect against losses. The success stories and case studies presented here are exceptional outcomes that don't apply to the majority of members, and they aren't meant to represent or assure anybody else that they'll have the same or comparable outcomes. Success for any person depends on their history, commitment, desire, and motivation.

    What you will learn

    • 60 talks over 5+ hours, plus 14 papers
    • With the aid of this course, begin as a beginner and progress to an advanced level.
    • Before investing money, understand how to open paper currency to have a feel for the process.
    • Discover how to profit from the stock market by buying stocks.
    • Discover the many stock market stock valuation methods.
    • Betting again stocks with put options: How to Short Sell Stocks
    • Learn stock trading, investing, and stock shorting.
    • Option trading utilizing calls and puts
    • What NOT to do when trading stocks

    Who this course is for

    • Whoever is interested in learning more about the stock market
    • Those who want to invest in stocks rather than trade should take this course.
    • This course is NOT intended to replace the services of a financial advisor who works in the stock market, but rather to provide you with further information and education about stocks in general.
    • This course was not designed for advanced students; rather, it is primarily intended for people who are new to the topic. The concepts covered range from beginner to intermediate level.


    • Open a paper trading account recommended not required

    Instructor: Sergey Kasimov

    Udemy rate: 4.6/5.0 (53 ratings)

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  8. Welcome to Guide to Stock Trading with Candlestick and Technical Analysis.

    In this course, you will learn how to interpret chart patterns, start establishing trading confidence, and accurately timing your trades entry and exit. You will also discover how to successfully trade and invest in the stock market. When price movements go against your projections, protect your investment. During and after making decisions to enter and leave transactions, keep your emotions under control.

    With the use of technical analysis, volume analysis, risk and money management, as well as the time-tested method known as Japanese candlesticks, this course will teach you technical trading abilities to help you boost your trading success.

    The training is not just intended for students at the beginner and intermediate levels. The knowledge in this course might also be useful to seasoned and experienced traders.

    The course focuses mostly on swing trading, position trading, and investing. Whether you trade stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, options, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs), this course will show you how technical analysis and Japanese candlesticks may offer you a competitive edge.

    What you will learn

    • Mastering technical patterns, Japanese candlesticks, and chart reading
    • For trading stocks, FX, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, establish a strong foundation in candlestick and technical analysis.
    • To correctly and successfully time your entrance and departure plan, learn to leverage a variety of time frames.
    • Recognize entry and exit points by learning to sketch lines of support and resistance.
    • Recognize how emotions affect trading and how they can either favorably or negatively influence your trading strategy.
    • Recognize the market's motivating factors.
    • Discover the fundamentals of market tactics (bullish, bearish and sideways)
    • Recognize and use bullish candlestick patterns.
    • Bearish candlestick patterns to spot and trade
    • Utilize support and resistance levels to manage trades effectively.
    • Recognize the proper risk-to-reward ratio, position size, stop losses, and objectives.

    Who this course is for

    • Anyone who desires to invest
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to read trading charts
    • Anyone who wants to get into stock trading Anyone who wants to get into forex trading
    • Anyone who wants to go into cryptocurrency trading
    • Anyone who wants to brush up on their trading knowledge
    • Anyone interested in learning how feelings affect price action


    • Everyone is welcome
    • Desire to learn
    • A computer or tablet to watch the videos
    • Pen and paper for taking notes
    • Nothing else is needed, everything you need to learn to how to trade in the stock market is included in the course

    Instructor: Luca Moschini

    Udemy rate: 4.5/5.0 (2,973 ratings)

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  9. The ability to trade the financial markets is available to anyone, wherever in the globe, and is by far one of the simplest ways to amass significant riches. You may immediately profit from the enormous rewards that the financial markets make accessible to you every day when you learn to trade them. You will be in charge of your financial future after completing this course, giving you the chance to build wealth and financial freedom in your life.

    Whether you have experience trading the financial markets or not, this course is appropriate for students of all skill levels. The goal of this course is to teach you all you need to know to create those big profits, starting from nothing. There are several practical exercises and tasks you can complete throughout the course, allowing you to continuously put your newly acquired skills into practice right away. Each session concludes with a summary of what was learned.

    This course - Learn How To Trade Stocks, Forex & Crypto: In 5 Simple Steps - will go over the essential elements that every great trader possesses, starting with the very fundamentals. The five steps you should follow to get from where you are to where you need to be and stay there will be covered in this course. This will help you lay a solid foundation and give you the best start possible for long-term trading success.

    Once these fundamentals are learned and in place, we will start to break down each of the five steps to successful trading, one at a time. You can study, comprehend, and put all you need to know to succeed and create money into practice by mastering each of the five processes.

    This course includes all the resources and trading tools you require to develop into a profitable trader. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    What you will learn

    • 5 easy steps to make money trading stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies
    • How to locate trade setups and when to enter and quit those trades precisely
    • Learn trading psychology and adopt a successful trader's mentality.
    • Fully comprehend the workings of the financial markets
    • Creating a trading account and choosing a broker
    • Creating your price charts and understanding how to use them
    • What types of financial instruments are available for trading?
    • You can trade with just 1% of your trading portfolio at risk and still make significant gains.
    • Trade the market both up and down, long and short, and master the four essential trading principles.
    • What drives market volatility and how can you profit from it?

    Who this course is for

    • This course is for students who are passionate about wealth creation and financial freedom
    • Course content is suitable for students of all levels; whether you have or haven't traded the Financial Markets before


    • To properly complete and comprehend this course, students do not need any prior knowledge of financial markets or trading.
    • Students of all levels may understand and implement what they have learned in this course because it has been developed in a very visual and understandable manner.

    Instructor: Vincent Merven

    Udemy rate: 4.5/5.0 (838 ratings)

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  10. Since this book will immediately focus on the key strategy element, it is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of the stock market. Despite the fact that the course's focus is on equities on the Indian stock market, this method works very well on any script on any exchange that has enough liquidity.

    The only methodology used in this swing trading course is a very potent Price Action methodology, along with the required position management strategies. Your time and energy won't be wasted on this course as you salivate over stock market theory. The practical elements of swing trading are the main focus of this course.

    Without spending the entire day at a trading terminal, this stock trading strategy is simple to use. The course offers a thorough description of the stock selection approach, freely usable tools, and a free scanner that can help you find the proper stocks. This is one of the best online Stock courses.

    What you will learn

    • Swing trading on the stock market.
    • Clear explanation of the strategy and many of examples.
    • Without harming your profession, get proficient in the consistently reliable short-term trading method.
    • To find the stocks that are about to rally, use the free scanner in the resources area.
    • Technique for managing trades and positions effectively.
    • Learn to spot and ride the rally at the reversal point's early stage.

    Who this course is for

    • Anyone who has basic knowledge of trading in stock market.
    • Those interested in learning effective strategies for Swing/Positional/Short term trading.


    • Learners are required to have basic knowledge of Stock Markets concepts like Target, SL, Candlestick etc.

    Instructor: Ashutosh Gadgil

    Udemy rate: 4.5/5.0 (138 ratings)

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  11. You will learn how to implement the Deep Dip Buy Stock Trading Strategy to your trading in this course, step-by-step. The Low Risk/High Reward Deep Dip Buy Stock Trading Strategy can be applied to either swing trading or day trading.

    As its name suggests, the Deep Dips Buy Stock Trading Strategy presents opportunities when specific Stocks or Stock Indices have had a substantial downward trend near the 200 SMA, 250 SMA, or the 30 RSI level. The 200 SMA, the 250 SMA, and the 30 RSI level are three of the levels that big financial institutions, seasoned traders, and investors pay close attention to.

    Due to the excellent risk-to-reward ratio offered by these levels, large financial institutions are interested in them. They promptly exit for a little loss if the stock closes below certain levels. They might potentially win a lot of money if they are correct and the price increases.

    Risk to Reward is the most crucial factor in trading, regardless of strategy. Where you know that customers will be arriving, define robust, legitimate assistance levels at all times. Get out fast for a minimal loss if you are incorrect and the price level drops, and you could make a significant profit if you are correct and the price level holds.

    What you will learn

    • This course teaches you how to swing trade or day trade using the Deep Dip Buy Stock Trading Strategy step-by-step.
    • You will discover the settings I use for my charts and indicators.
    • You will discover what constitutes a "Deep Dip Buy Set Up."
    • When to enter a deep dip buy set up trade will be taught to you.
    • You will discover the benefits of a deep dip buy setup convergence.
    • You will discover which Deep Dip Buy Set Up Trades to avoid entering into and how to effectively size positions while accounting for current volatility.
    • How to calculate and establish emergency stops will be taught to you
    • How to set End of Days Stops will be covered.

    Who this course is for

    • All level of stock traders from beginning to advanced


    • A desire to trade profitably using a comprehensive step by step stock trading strategy
    • Access to basic charting software

    Instructor: Gregory W. Gossett

    Udemy rate: 4.5/5.0 (62 ratings)

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  12. Col. (Dr.) Shabbar Shahid provides a clear and concise explanation of the gambit of stock market investment and trading in this course offered by PRUDENCE Engineering and Financial Consultants. The instructor holds a doctorate in management, a postgraduate engineering degree, an MBA in finance, is a chartered engineer and a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India). Consequently, qualified to teach the subject. According to the teacher, people who invest and trade without sufficient information end up losing money. They hesitate to study because they believe the subject to be too complex and dangerous. The three portions of this course are intended to allay the worry.

    The first section, titled "Know the Stock Market as a Playfield," describes various aspects of the stock market, including the definitions of the terms "share," "shareholding," and "capital structure," "IPOs," "FPOs," and "their pricing," as well as the terms "profit," "dividend," and "growth." It also describes the terms "primary market," "secondary market," "depository," "depository participant," and "clearing house".

    The student becomes familiar with the many market actors, such as arbitrators, hedge funds, institutional investors, FIIs, DIIs, HNIs, business news channels, analysts, panelists, and speculators in addition to investors and traders, in Section 2, "Know the Market Players and How They Play." Students gain a strong understanding of these players' goals and agendas as well as how they affect the stock price.

    Knowing the game's parameters and rules is the focus of Section 3, which is titled "Know the Parameters and Rules of the Game." It covers a wide range of investment and trading nuances, including fundamental analysis, financial statements, ratios and other stock parameters, candlestick patterns, technical indicators, technical analysis, the definition of derivatives, and more.

    After completing this course, students will have a thorough understanding of the stock market on which to base their future trading and investing endeavors. With enough practice and experience, they will eventually be able to become professional traders and investors. It is suggested that students read the Disclaimer, which states that this is simply an instructional course. Students should take caution and risk management before engaging in investment or trading because doing so involves financial risk.

    The only goal of this course is education. Financial risk is included in stock market trading and investment. Before making any investments or trading in the stock market, students enrolled in this course are recommended to take caution. Any loss incurred by anyone as a result of this course will not be the responsibility of the teacher or any other entity associated with it or its material.

    What you will learn

    • A thorough knowledge of stock market investing and trading
    • Shareholder, capital, and capital structure of a corporation concepts
    • A working knowledge of IPO, FPO, and their price. A share's face value, book value, and market price
    • The idea of revenue, dividends, and growth
    • Secondary market, primary market, and the trading process
    • Depository, Depository Participant, and Clearing House requirements
    • Stock price volatility and the many market participants
    • Differences between the participants Arbitrator, Hedger, and Investor
    • Broad idea of ratios, financial statements, fundamental analysis, and other stock factors
    • Detailed explanation of technical indicators, candlestick charts, and technical analysis
    • The ideas of Hedging and Derivatives, such as Futures and Options

    Who this course is for

    • Those who want to begin trading or investing in stocks
    • Those who have already started investing or trading yet are losing money because they lack understanding
    • College and university freshmen for their knowledge of the stock market
    • Young professionals who need to make prudent financial decisions
    • For a better knowledge of the academic subject, students of commerce, finance, and management
    • For a deeper grasp of the subject, students take professional finance courses like CFA, CA, MBA, etc.


    • Have an interest in Stock market Investment or Trading

    Instructor: Shabbar Shahid

    Udemy rate: 4.4/5.0 (80 ratings)

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  13. This course is primarily designed for those who are new to trading or investing and have no prior experience.

    Therefore, this is set up so that you can succeed as a trader or investor with little risk and a respectable return. It is also beneficial for those looking to advance their careers in the financial markets and move on to the next phase of their professional lives.

    You will have complete confidence in your ability to invest after completing this course since you will be knowledgeable about finances. The objective is to instill confidence in you so that you may begin trading or investing and to jumpstart your investment journey so that you can reach your financial objectives.

    How therefore is the course organized? The course's first section covers an overview of the stock market, demat, and settlement trading. Understanding mutual funds, the derivatives market, and the commodity market is covered in part two. Understanding the company's financial statement is covered in the next section. The final section discusses the best times to purchase and sell stocks using technical analysis.

    What you will learn

    • Gain confidence when investing in the stock market and fully comprehend how it operates.
    • What is the primary & secondary market?
    • Introduction to the commodity market and the mutual fund derivative market
    • Financial ratios are used in the fundamental analysis of the company.
    • Technical Analysis: Relative Strength Index, Volume & Indicators, Multiple Charts, Candlestick Chart (RSI).
    • Management of Risk How to place orders and what kinds of orders are there? How should the portfolio be managed?
    • How many shares should you buy? How can shares be sold short?
    • How to use technical analysis to filter stocks?

    Who this course is for

    • Anybody who wants to gain knowledge of Stock Market

    Instructor: Avinash Holihosur

    Udemy rate: 4.4/5.0 (45 ratings)

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  14. You will receive a comprehensive, step-by-step stock trading system from the Stock Trading Bootcamp. You will learn the fundamentals of technical analysis in this course, laying the groundwork for weekly earnings trading stocks from home.

    In this course, you'll learn how to use candlesticks and chart patterns along with the most accurate technical indicators on the planet to predict the direction of the market with ease. Additionally, you'll discover insider tips on how to trade with Fibonacci tools, use complex support & resistance methods, and much more.

    You will have limitless access to this course for the rest of your life! The course will frequently update with more recent educational materials. Get devoted assistance whenever you need from the course instructors and the learning community! Don't be reluctant to offer yourself an opportunity to learn new things by simply enrolling in this course now since you will also receive a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

    What you will learn

    • Develop Your Portfolio With Ease Using All Advanced Stock Trading Tactics and Proven Hacks, With Real World Examples Included!
    • Dedicated Support from the Learning Community and the Course Instructors. Every question is answered in full within 24 hours!
    • How to Create a Strong Foundation for Technical Analysis in Stock Trading
    • How To Effectively Use Technical Indicators For Stock Trading
    • Horizontal Support & Resistance Level Trading
    • Fibonacci Trading and Fibonacci Extensions
    • Trading Exponential Moving Averages: A Guide (EMA)
    • Using Moving Average Convergence and Divergence to Trade (MACD)
    • Bollinger Bands Trading: A Guide (BB)
    • Trading Parabolic Stop and Reverse (Parabolic SAR)
    • How to Trade Candlestick Patterns and Technical Indicators Effectively
    • Trading Engulfing Candlesticks: A Guide
    • Trading Harami Candlesticks: A Guide

    Who this course is for

    • This course is for you if you're serious about trading in the stock market to make money online!
    • You've found the best spot to Create a New Source of Passive Income!
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    • No Fundamental or Technical Knowledge required to take this course!
    • Everyone can Learn to Become Successful in the Stock Market!

    Instructor: Wealthy Education

    Udemy rate: 4.2/5.0 (108 ratings)

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  15. Over 37 lectures worth of instructive material make up this entire course. The ultimate investment technique and how the instructors designed it to produce significant returns for individuals who apply it properly will be covered in the first lesson of this course. This course continues by outlining how adopting a conventional financial strategy—earning the average return and paying the average fee—could end up losing you as much as 78% of the value of your investment account. You'll realize the full value of 12 percent plus returns for your investment and retirement funds, as well as for your retirement lifestyle and income.

    By concentrating on a practical example of one of the most straightforward firms imaginable, the course will continue with a straightforward explanation of the fundamental premise of successful investing. Following that, this course will briefly go over the importance of compound interest and the various investment options you have when determining where and how to invest your hard-earned money. The second half of this course is concluded with a thorough introduction to the primary predictor of future returns and the circumstances that are most advantageous for purchasing and selling stocks.

    The second key to successful investing is revealed in section three, along with the process that was used to develop the final investment strategy you are learning. You will discover why purchasing stocks is similar to purchasing businesses in the following part, as well as some practical applications of this information. The remainder of the course will include a thorough explanation of the usual annual movement in stock prices (probably more than you think). After that, you'll understand why stock values fluctuate and what affects their high and low points. In section five, you will discover the three key investment terms as well as how almost anything else may be done incorrectly and still result in a profit. The second concept of successful investment will be applied in the final section of this course, and you will be able to identify just those companies that pass the test.

    This course - Ultimate Stock Market Investing: Learn How to Value Stocks - will enable investors of all skill levels to work alongside your instructors every step of the way by participating in the discussion boards for the class and drawing on the knowledge and experience with the markets. It is complete with examples, stock charts, full explanations, and various scenarios.

    What you will learn

    • The two essential principles underlying the most effective investing technique your two professors have seen, and how to use them to your advantage
    • Knowledge of the best stocks to buy, the best times to buy them, and the best circumstances to sell them
    • The ability to reliably identify overvalued and undervalued equities on the open market, ensuring that you never overpay knowledge of how to profit from differences between stock prices and stock values in the marketplaces
    • Understanding the reasons why the conventional financial route cheats investors out of up to 78% of their future account worth
    • Information about the primary factor affecting your future returns
    • Ability to generate considerably larger account sizes and take more money for living expenses and retirement income

    Who this course is for

    • Anyone who desires to control all or a portion of their investment accounts and outcomes
    • Someone who is ready to learn and driven to increase their investment returns
    • Any investor who is dissatisfied with their investment performance and searching for better options
    • Students wishing to master a fundamentally simple investment strategy who have little to no prior investing experience
    • Students searching for a fresh or different approach who have experience investing
    • Not just individuals looking for particular investment advice should take this course. Based on your expertise, risk tolerance, and financial status, YOU are the one who makes all investing decisions. The lecturers won't offer personalized investment advice.


    • You can begin this course with any level of investing knowledge and get right into learning the finest stock investment technique we are aware of that produces outstanding rates of return for customers and students and is based on our 40+ years of experience.
    • Regardless of your financial circumstances, you can optimize and fine-tune your stock investing strategy using our step-by-step technique even if you have little to no experience in the field of investments.
    • If you are new to investing or an experienced investor, you may start this course right away to start buying stocks for higher profits.

    Instructor: Margin of Safety Investing

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