Top 8 Best Universities In Senegal

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Universities in Senegal are globally recognized to have learning standards based on top universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China and ... read more...

  1. The University of Dakar, also known as Université Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), is a public university in Dakar, Senegal. Its name was changed in 1987 to honor Senegalese philosopher and anthropologist Cheikh Anta Diop. With over 60,000 students studying science and technology, medicine and pharmacy, languages and human sciences, education and training, and law and political sciences, it is one of the most prestigious and best universities in Senegal. The university confers the following degrees: B.A., B.S., Ph.D., and D.M.A. UCAD has a diverse student body from a variety of countries and has produced notable alumni over the years.

    The education system follows the French model, with final exams administered orally and/or in writing at the end of the year. Except for those in language departments other than French, all courses at the university are taught in French. UCAD, like a number of other African universities, has experienced student strikes in the past to protest government or university policies, the most notable of which occurred during the 1993 presidential election. With over 60,000 students and only 5,000 dormitory rooms, most students from outside Dakar must seek alternative housing. Many students live in the Cité Aline Sitoe Diatta, which is located near the university campus, and those who cannot afford Dakar's often exorbitant rents often share rooms.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 78 494 62 15
    • Location: Dakar 10700, Senegal
    • Rankings: #1 in Senegal - #27 in Africa - #1753 in the World

  2. Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis is second best university in Senegal. It is 13 kilometers from Saint Louis in the Senegal River basin, near the Mauritanian border. The University has a major mission of research and interdisciplinary training, and it has set the goal of providing high level and quality education by putting excellence at the heart of its program.

    GBU has also taken an experiential and interdisciplinary learning approach, combining classroom theory with field research and practice. The university maintains a 240-hectare farm, including a 30-hectare experimental farm, in the Valley, which has similar environmental and agronomic conditions to those faced by SRV farm households. In 2010, GBU established the Agronomy, Aquaculture, and Food Technology Unit as part of the university's efforts to participate in the regional development of the Senegal River valley through agriculture and sustainable development. The unit focuses on risk reduction to support increased food security in Senegal and West Africa.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 76 812 96 87
    • Location: Université Gaston berger, Dakar, Senegal
    • Rankings: #2 in Senegal - #130 in Africa - #4833 in the World
  3. MIT University Dakar was founded in 2004 and is located in Dakar, Senegal. It is one of the country's most modern and influential universities, both in Senegal and throughout Africa. The university is a full-time privately funded and managed university dedicated to training students in various fields to be competent and morally sound. Students are exposed to both classroom knowledge from quality education resources as well as modern and effective teaching methods to provide them with an optimal learning experience during their academic stay at the university. The university is a coeducational institution with no religious or cultural affiliations in the country, resulting in a highly competitive admissions process.

    MIT University Dakar accepts both domestic and international students from all over the continent and the world. The university follows a semester-by-semester academic calendar and has a good student-to-staff ratio. MIT University Dakar offers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degree programs in a variety of faculties, the majority of which are in the arts and social sciences. The university has a well-developed campus with a variety of good facilities such as classrooms, labs, a good road network, and others. Tuition at the university is quite reasonable; it varies depending on the various programs, both on campus and through distance learning.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 33 869 09 99
    • Location: Avenue Birago Diop x Rue de Thiès, Point E, Près de la mosquée, Dakar 10700, Senegal
    • Rankings: #3 in Senegal - #320 in Africa - #8413 in the World
  4. The École Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar (Graduate School of Business of Dakar), one of the best universities in Senegal, is a private higher education institution in Dakar, Senegal. It provides courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in a variety of fields of study. SUPDECO also provides students with a variety of academic and non-academic facilities and services, such as online courses and distance learning opportunities, as well as administrative services.

    The École Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar aims to support the evolution of African societies: new economic, political, but also cultural paradigms rule the world and it is necessary to master them in order not to remain stranded. SUPDECO, having recognized this for a long time, has relied on a proven educational program, a high-quality teaching staff, and an international perspective to meet the constantly changing needs of African businesses. As a result, it has established a reputation and influence that extends far beyond Senegal's borders. This is why it has welcomed people from over 25 different countries. The mission of the École Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar is to provide strategic visionary executives to African public and private institutions.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 33 849 69 19
    • Location: 7 Av. Faidherbe, Dakar 21354, Senegal
    • Rankings: #4 in Senegal - #362 in Africa - #9005 in the World
  5. Senegal's Université de Thiès is a public higher education institution. The University of Texas began operations in 2007. The main building of the university is located in Thies. It is one of Senegal's top ten universities, attracting the best students and professors the country has to offer. The University of Thiès, which was formed by the merger of several schools and institutes of higher education, contributes to the diversification of higher education in Senegal, the sub-region, and Africa. The University of Thiès is a higher education institution with the mission of:

    • Propose more efficient training opportunities that are rooted in local realities, thereby promoting gateways for orientation, professionalization, and international openness.
    • Provide qualified human resources to businesses by tailoring training to the needs of the professional environment.
    • Organize teaching and research activities that promote continuous improvement, adaptation, and participation in scientific and technological advancement.
    • Perform expertise for the benefit of public and private organizations, as well as local governments.
    • The uniqueness of the University of Thiès lies in its diverse student body. In fact, it is a federation of existing training and research structures as well as newly created structures.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 33 939 76 00
    • Location: Q2VP+CQV, Thies, Senegal
    • Rankings: #5 in Senegal - #410 in Africa - #9562 in the World
  6. The Graduate School of Business of Dakar is a for-profit educational institution in Dakar, Senegal. Since its inception, the university has grown to become one of the nation's leading educational institutions. Committed to providing quality education to students in their various fields of study, the university employs innovative teaching methods that ensure optimal learning for its students. The Graduate School of Business uses a career-focused approach to education, which means that it not only exposes students to classroom knowledge but also helps them see how this can be applied to real-world problems in their immediate society and around the world. The university is a full-time coeducational institution that accepts both domestic and international students from all over the country and the world.

    In addition, the university makes good use of digital learning and eLearning approaches in its student training. Because of the university's competitive admissions process, the student body is reasonably large and diverse. The Graduate School of Business of Dakar has several campus facilities located in various parts of the country, all of which are equipped with good facilities, including sports and recreation facilities, good college buildings, labs, libraries, and so on, all of which are available to ensure the students have the best learning experience during their stay at the university.

    • Phone: +221 33 951 1003
    • Location: Dakar, Senegal
    • Rankings: #6 in Senegal - #427 in Africa - #9705 in the World
  7. Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow (Amadou Mahtar Mbow University), founded in 2012, is a public higher education institution in Dakar, Senegal. Students from all over the world come to Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow to study in Senegal. Courses at Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow typically range from bachelor's degree courses to undergraduate studies. However, because academic courses are regularly updated, Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow also offers postgraduate studies ranging from certificates, diplomas, degrees, and many other levels.

    This university is one of the best universities in Senegal, and a large number of graduate alumnus are proud to have graduated from it. Students who wish to be admitted to Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow should apply online through the University's official website. Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow has made strides in the field of technology. As technology advances in Senegal, Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow has digital libraries that allow students to search for various academic content online. Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow also has infrastructure that can accommodate students with disabilities.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 76 087 58 88
    • Location: PG7H+3VC, Dakar, Senegal
    • Rankings: #7 in Senegal - #814 in Africa - #12930 in the World
  8. Université Dakar Bourguiba, one of the best universities in Senegal, is a well-known academic institution in Senegal. Founded in 1995, it is a private higher education institution located in the large city of Dakar. The University has a welcoming environment that encourages students from all over the world and Africa to join it for their future success. Université Dakar Bourguiba provides a variety of programs ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate Bachelor Degrees, Masters, and more. Courses are subject to change based on the needs of the people and their desired courses.

    Students interested in studying at Université Dakar Bourguiba in Senegal should apply online or physically visit the university to seek admission or obtain an application form. Banking, Business Administration, Finance, Law, Maritime Law, Modern Languages, Software Engineering, Taxation, and Telecommunications Engineering are among the programs available at the university.

    • Website:
    • Phone: +221 33 825 36 11
    • Location: PG9X+FX5, Dakar, Senegal
    • Rankings: #8 in Senegal - #851 in Africa - #13114 in the World

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