Top 7 Best Universities In Bahrain

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Dubbed as the "two seas", Bahrain has the oldest public education system in the Arabian Peninsula. Even though it is a small country, Bahrain has its share of ... read more...

  1. As the national university of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the University of Bahrain has the mandate to lead the nation in terms of human capital development, leading innovation, contributing to economic development, and leading society. Technology and the rapidly changing external environment, which is transforming teaching and research, are challenging the traditional view of the university. Students and wider society require year-round access to high-quality courses and flexible modes of delivery. The economic context of the GCC and challenges that we currently face in growing the private sector are also challenges that the University of Bahrain must respond to by focusing on producing high quality and skilled workforce and the next generation of leaders.

    The vision of the university is to become a world-class university that is recognized as a teaching, research, and entrepreneurial institute. The mission of the university is to contribute directly to the economic growth and development of Bahrain, supported by leading-edge teaching, technology, and research with regional impact.


    Address: PO Box 32038, Sakhir, Southern Governorate, Bahrain

    Rank: #2964 in the world (According to UniRank)

  2. The Arabian Gulf University was established in 1979 in the Kingdom of Bahrain to support the human development needs of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and address the socio-economic challenges facing the region. It was built on the belief that university and higher education is crucial in equipping the GCC society with the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in the global economy.

    In light of this, the Arabian Gulf University has devoted itself to offering modern and innovative academic and research programs, while remaining faithful to its Arab identity and sensitive to the cultural norms and Islamic values of the region. It distinguishes itself from other national institutions by offering exclusive programs and courses to satisfy the needs of the GCC countries and help develop their future leaders and experts in a variety of occupational fields.


    Address: Building 293, Road 2904, Complex 329, Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain

    Rank: #5893 in the world (According to UniRank)
  3. Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance (BIBF) is among the best universities in Bahrain and plays a vital role in the training and development of human capital in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The university serves as a partner to numerous world-class institutions; delivering thought leadership, research and advisory, assessment, and training in the areas of Accounting and Finance, Academic Studies, Executive Development, Banking, Leadership and Management, Insurance, Islamic Finance, and Information Technology; resulting in a complete business solution.

    covers a wide spectrum of subject matter, with over 400 different courses offered to the financial and corporate market; tailor-made training solutions based on organizational requirements; specialized programmes taught by leading market specialists; and professional qualifications and degree programmes in partnership with major international organizations. BIBF continues to exceed global benchmarks for many of the qualifications it offers with its affiliates.

    Since its inception in 1981, BIBF has grown from training 450 applicants a year primarily within the banking industry, to 16,000 drawing participants from all sectors of the economy, and is proud to have qualified over 200,000 learners in the last 3 decades. The faculty comprises market practitioners, academics, and qualified senior industry professionals. Their diverse backgrounds ensure an enriched participant experience, striking the perfect balance between theory and practice. BIBF has made its mark internationally with clients in Asia, Africa, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East, well on its way to becoming the global institute of choice.


    Address: Building 1306, 346 Rd 4625, Manama, Bahrain

    Rank: #6941 in the world (According to UniRank)

  4. Ahlia University offers students throughout the Gulf and internationally, the opportunity to join a truly productive and challenging University to receive a technologically sophisticated and highly distinctive liberal arts education. All the programs are taught by leading faculty who possess outstanding academic credentials and have all the relevant practical and professional experience to ensure our students receive a first-class education.

    Ahlia University
    is one of the best universities in Bahrain because whether you’re venturing into a new area of study or looking to build upon your experience and knowledge in a particular field, Ahlia University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and programs, diplomas, and non-award programs. Ahlia University considers research the prime mover for knowledge acquisition and dissemination, and always recognizes and supports the research conducted by its faculty.


    Address: GOSI Complex, 1st Floor, Exhibitions Road, PO Box 10878Manama, Capital Governorate, Bahrain

    Rank: #7098 in the world (According to UniRank)
  5. Established in 2002, Kingdom University is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Bahrain. Kingdom University, one of the first private educational institutes in Bahrain, provides outstanding educational experiences that prepare students for the challenges of productive citizenship. With the experience of more than 15 years, Kingdom University offers Bachelor's programs, a number of which boast continued accreditation by the ACCA. Kingdom University strives for excellence, innovation, and inclusiveness.

    Kingdom University
    is a coeducational Bahraini higher education institution (with an enrollment range of 500-999 students). Bahraini higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students' past academic records and grades. The admission rate range is 50-60% making this Bahraini higher education organization an averagely selective institution. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment. KU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, sports facilities, as well as administrative services.


    Address: Building 296, Road 3903, Block 939, 5th floor, Riffa, 40434 Southern Governorate, Bahrain

    Rank: #7197 in the world (According to UniRank)

    Facebook: Kingdom Uni
    Facebook: Kingdom Uni
  6. The Royal University for Women (RUW) - one of the best universities in Bahrain - is the first private, purpose-built, international University in the Kingdom of Bahrain dedicated solely to educating women. The Royal University for Women provides a comfortable environment in which to create leaders and develop vibrant personalities, dynamic decision-makers, independent thinkers, and community-conscious individuals. The main focus of the university is on academic excellence and personal development.

    The Royal University for Women will become the regional leader in academic excellence for women. RUW's initial degree programs were designed in collaboration with two reputed universities, McGill University in Canada and Middlesex University in the UK. Therefore, programs and practices that meet international standards will prepare the graduates to become leaders who are engaged members of their society, demonstrating initiative and life-long habits of learning and individual development. The RUW graduate will be creative, confident, and forward-thinking.


    Address: PO Box 37400West Riffa, Southern Governorate, Bahrain

    Rank: #8130 in the world (According to UniRank)
  7. Established in 2001, Gulf University is one of the best universities in Bahrain with places the student at the heart of the learning process. The University fosters an atmosphere of close cooperation between faculty and students, merging an atmosphere of excellence across all of its faculties to encourage lifelong learning, critical thinking, and research and discovery. The characteristics of sincerity, friendliness, and support make Gulf University an extraordinarily welcoming community for students and faculty.

    Gulf University
    has been founded based on a strong vision to ensure that it will offer high-quality education and provide graduates with strong intellectual and social foundations, thus helping the graduates to live as full contributors and compassionate members of a global society. Gulf University aims to establish itself as a distinguished higher education provider that will appeal to international, Bahraini, and GCC students who prefer to be educated in a cultural environment, which is acceptable to parents and students alike.


    Address: 1964 Road 4463 Block 743 1299 Sanad, Bahrain

    Rank: #8635 in the world (According to UniRank)

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