Top 8 Best Universities in Turkmenistan

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One of the best decisions you will ever make is to enroll in a university to pursue a degree program. In fact, these colleges will provide you with a solid ... read more...

  1. Turkmen State Medical University named after Myrat Garryev is a Turkmen medical university. It is Turkmenistan's only medical university, with over 3,000 students, and was founded in 1931. It is one of the best universities in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan's Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education is in charge of the university. Nargozel Myratnazarova is the current rector.

    On December 29, 1931, Turkmen State Medical Institute was established. Turkmen Medical Institute was renamed Turkmen State Medical University in 2010. A new building of the State Medical University was inaugurated on September 1, 2010, near the "Palace of ice"

    The Turkmen State Medical University was named after a political and public figure, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Elders of Turkmenistan Myrat Orazgulyevich Garryyev, by a resolution of the Turkmen Mejlis in March 2019. Military medical students that attend the Military Medical Faculty have hands-on experience in the field of military medicine. Graduates work as doctors and nurses in Turkmenistan's Armed Forces.

    Phone: +993 12 92-71-09

    Address: V9H8+9M8, Arçabil şaýoly, Aşgabat, Turkmenistan


    World rank: 10977 (UniRank)

  2. Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan is situated in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The University was established in 2016. The fundamental purpose of Turkmenistan's Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology is to develop the country's innovation system, provide high-level specialists, and combine education, science, industry, innovation, and business together.

    Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan was founded as a major step towards developing the Turkmen–Japan relationship in science and education. It is Turkmenistan's 19th civil higher education institution. It partially utilizes the International Turkmen-Turkish University's facilities in Ashgabat's Koshi region Project street.

    From the research of physico-chemical properties of materials through the design of plants that manufacture them, the institution educates highly educated individuals. The institution currently educates professionals in chemical technology, chemical engineering, material science and innovative material technologies, and nanomaterials. Moreover, bachelor's degrees in cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, genetics and bioengineering, biotechnology, ecology, and nature usage are now being offered at the university.

    Phone: +993 12 39-16-73

    Address: Oguzhan adyndaky uniwersitet, Taslama köçesi, Aşgabat, Turkmenistan


    World rank: 12123 (UniRank)
  3. International Oil and Gas University is the Turkmenistan oil and gas community's premier university, based in Ashgabat. The Turkmen State Institute of Oil and Gas was established on May 25, 2012. The institution became an international university on August 10, 2013. Balkanabat has a branch of the University.

    Geology, exploration and mining, chemical engineering, computer technology, construction, architecture, manufacturing machinery and equipment, energy, economics and management in industry, and management are among the twenty specializations established by the institute.

    There are seven faculties and 27 departments at the institute. 250 teachers, including 6 doctors, 5 professors, and 33 candidates for sciences, including 14 professors, taught the course. Assembly and conference rooms, a museum, an archive, a library (with 250 seats) with multimedia equipment reading rooms, a Center for Information Technology, a cafe, a clinic, a grocery store, and a department store are all located in the institute. Classrooms and laboratories using cutting-edge technology.

    The university features a museum, where an archive was established to explain Turkmenistan's oil and gas production, development, and national economy. The building was named the finest building in the CIS by the International Union of Architects Association of the CIS in 2012.

    Phone: +993 12 39-13-74

    Address: V9GR+435, Ашхабад, Ахал, Arçabil şaýoly, Aşgabat, Turkmenistan


    World rank: 12457 (UniRank)
  4. The Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management, located in Ashgabat, is one of the best universities in Turkmenistan. The institution, which was previously known as the Turkmen Institute of National Economy (1980-2009), is the largest Turkmen economic institute of higher education.

    The current rector is Annaamanov Makhammetgeldi, a university graduate. The new building was inaugurated on September 27, 2012, with President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in attendance. Three thousand students can be accommodated in the structure. The institute has advanced technology classrooms, a 660-seat conference hall, a showroom, an electronic library with 430-seat reading rooms, and language laboratories for foreign language studies. Interactive whiteboards are available in the lecture halls.

    The university offers many departments such as Economics, Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit Statistics, Economics and Law, Finance, Banking, Public Science, Economic Informatics, Management, Information Systems, Foreign languages, Marketing, Labor Economics, Advanced Mathematics, Physical Education.

    Phone: +993 12 49-63-05
    Address: Str. yil Abadanchylyk 10Ashgabat744027 Ashgabat Turkmenistan
    World rank: 12665 (UniRank)
  5. The Turkmen National Conservatory is a music school in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. The President of Turkmenistan issued Decree No. 1403 on June 2, 1993, transforming Ashgabat State Conservatory into Turkmen National Conservatory (TNC). TNC is now one of the most prestigious higher education institutions and ranks fifth among the best universities in Turkmenistan. Turkmen National Conservatory is supported directly by Turkmenistan's Ministry of Culture and Broadcasting.

    The Turkmen State Institute of Pedagogical Art was founded in Ashkhabad, Turkmen SSR, in 1972. The institute comprised art, music teacher, cultural education, history of music faculties, theory, and composition, special and general piano, singing alone, general vocal and conducting, orchestra, and folk musical instruments during those years. Social science departments were operational. The Ashgabat State Conservatory is now part of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Music, according to this decision.

    The administrative office, academic office, concert office, human resources section, maintenance section, financial office, ethnic music research lab, acoustic lab, computer lab, restoration of national music instruments lab, library, and manuscripts archive are all part of the Conservatory. Turkmen National Conservatory offers a 5-year program. TNC alumni receive a Diploma of Higher Education, which is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in the United States.

    Phone: 993 12 92-28-56

    Address: Pushkina str., 22Ashgabat 744000 Ashgabat Turkmenistan


    World rank: 12748 (UniRank)

    Turkmen National Conservatory - Halk Sazy Zybagozel (Turkmen Dutar)
  6. As Ashgabat Pedagogical Institute, Magtymguly Turkmen State University was established in 1931. The Institute was renamed the Turkmen State University in 1950. It is now named after the great Turkmen poet and thinker Magtymguly.

    The university is given materials and technical support that meet modern world standards. Six educational buildings house modern classrooms, research spaces, Internet classrooms, numerous laboratories, and libraries. Students' residences, sports centers, cafeterias, and canteens are also available. Magtymguly Turkmen State University has maintained scientific, educational, and cultural relations with international institutions of higher learning.

    Turkmen State University currently has about 7325 students enrolled. There are 12 faculties (Mathematics, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Turkmen Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Roman-German and Oriental Languages, History, Law, Professional Development), 37 departments, and students can earn bachelor's and master's degrees in a variety of fields.

    The curriculum and educational programs at Magtymguly Turkmen State University are constantly being improved in accordance with the "Concept of developing digital knowledge in Turkmenistan," "Concept of developing the digital economy in Turkmenistan in 2019-2025," "Concept of improving the teaching of foreign languages in Turkmenistan," and "Concept of improving the teaching of subjects relating to natural sciences and exact sciences in Turkmenistan," as approved by the resolutions of the Turkmen National Assembly.

    Phone: 993 12 94-67-30

    Address: W9MQ+7CF, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


    World rank: 13212 (UniRank)
  7. Niyazov Turkmen Agricultural University is a higher education institution that educates specialists in the country's agricultural and textile industries. Since its inception in the year 1930, the University has educated tens of thousands of highly skilled agronomists, veterinarians, agricultural mechanization engineers, economists, accountants, agricultural processors, textile engineers, and engineers.

    Experienced professors and teachers work creatively in university departments with the main purpose of producing current specialists. A number of Turkmen Master Teachers, physicians and candidates of sciences, experienced professors, associate professors, and senior teachers are among them. Students will study how to manage current high-performance and high-performance agricultural machinery at the university's training centers for John Deere and Caterpillar in the United States and Claas in the Federal Republic of Germany. Secrets are imparted.

    The University's Educational and Practical Faculty has provided the necessary conditions for scientists, instructors, and students to collaborate on research and experiments. The Botanical Garden, the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Research Center, and the Research and Production Experimental Center at Magtymguly Etrap all have jurisdiction over the university. Theoretical study and research with student youth are substantially integrated with industry at these institutions.

    The university has cutting-edge computer facilities, dorms with complete living amenities, a central canteen, a student bathroom, social service stations, well-equipped indoor and outdoor sports facilities, large and small meeting rooms, and other amenities. Students can use the library, which has scientific and fictitious books, a large reading room, an electronic reading room, historical and animal museums, and a health center. Students participate in the Altyn Asyr Cultural Center's different sports, creative competitions, and art activities in their spare time.

    Phone: +993 12 34-26-52

    Address: X82R+XXG, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


    World rank: 13216 (UniRank)

  8. Dovletmammet Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages is now one of our country's most advanced higher educational institutes. The institute's staff and students are working hard to put President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's new reforms in the fields of education and science into action. Our Honorable President's lectures on language, literature, education, science, society, and global experience are extremely beneficial in the development of highly educated, virtuous, and high-spirited professionals. The institute's major goal is to educate highly competent linguists and philologists, as well as foreign language teachers and translators, in order to benefit our country's national economy. The institute educates 14 language experts. The institute has five faculties and 17 departments.

    Young people can learn about the Institute's study structure, the translation process, the professional languages taught at the Institute, cultural and social events, the requirements for young people who want to study, the students' living conditions, and their rights and responsibilities during those days.

    Phone: +993 (12) 34 54 71

    Address: X924+837, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


    World rank: 13326

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