Top 8 Most Delicious Foods in Kenya

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Kenya is an East African country. It is well-known for its wildlife safaris, stunning scenery, and, of course, delectable cuisine. Kenyan cuisine is diverse ... read more...

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    Ugali is also known as sima, is a stiff maize flour porridge popular in Africa. Vuswa, bogobe, fufu, gauli, gima, isitshwala, kimnyet, kuon, mieliepap, ngima, nshima, obokima, ovuchima, oshifima, oruhere, pap, phutu, posho, sadza, ubugali, and umutsima are some of the other names Sima is made from a variety of flours, including millet and sorghum flours, and is sometimes combined with cassava flour.

    It is cooked until it reaches a stiff or firm dough-like consistency in boiling water or milk. The dish was one of a few foods added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017.

    Ugali is unquestionably Kenya's national dish. It's similar to polenta (raw Italian cornmeal) and can be found on almost every Kenyan menu. It would be like visiting Paris for the first time and not taking a photo of the Eiffel Tower if you didn't eat ugali.

    While on an official visit to Kenya as President of the United States, Barack Obama reminisced about eating ugali with his sister. Keep an eye on this.

    is made by continuously mixing maize flour or cornmeal with hot water over high heat until a dough-like consistency is achieved. The most common flour used is maize flour, but you can also use millet flour, cassava flour, or sorghum flour.

    People in Kenyan villages prefer a heavier flour made by grinding maize without removing any nutrients in a mill. In my opinion, the denser the ugali, the more filling and nutritious it is.

    Source: Shutterstock
    Source: Shutterstock
    Photo by Meaduva on Flickr
    Photo by Meaduva on Flickr

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    Pilau is prepared in Kenya for special occasions like weddings and for visitors. It is served with kachumbari and is considered a celebratory meal.

    Pilau is a popular dish among Kenyans, and it is absolutely delicious. Kenyan pilau, a rice-based specialty popular along the Swahili coast, is made with beef, chicken, goat, or no meat at all.

    The dish is made up of rice that has been flavored with a variety of spices and cooked in a meat or fish broth. Ginger, garlic, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and fried onions are all common spices. Goat meat is used in the majority of Kenyan Pilau meals. Pilau is a Kenyan word that means "coastal people." It's a specialty rice dish made with aromatic spices and chicken or beef.

    Photo credit:
    Photo credit:
    Spicy Chicken Pilau. Photo by: Alpha on Flickr
    Spicy Chicken Pilau. Photo by: Alpha on Flickr
  3. Chapati is another popular Kenyan dish that is influenced by Indian cuisine. It's a type of unleavened flatbread popular in Kenya and other East African countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Burundi. Chapatis, like pilau, are made for special occasions or when visitors are expected.

    They're round flatbreads made from rolled out dough that are soft and fluffy. The rolled dough is fried until brownish, crispy, and soft on the inside in a cooking pan over medium heat. Chapatis go well with a cup of tea in the morning or a beef or chicken stew in the evening.

    Kenyans' favorite bread for most meals is chapati. Chapati is a simple dish to prepare. White flour, salt, and oil are used to make it. Kenyans eat Chapati for breakfast with kachumbari or a tasty stew. A truly delectable dish!
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    Mukimo is a popular Kenyan dish. Potatoes, peas, corn, and onions are used to make this traditional dish. It's served at all of Kenya's major events. Exceptionally tasty! Mukimo is a dish that you must try if you visit Nairobi. Mukimo is a must-have for any occasion. It is said to have originated with the Kikuyu people.

    Mukimo is a mashed potato dish with flavor and nutrition-boosting ingredients like corn, peas, and spinach. It goes well with any meaty stew as a side dish. Mukimo is an absolute must-try.

    The dish's name comes from the Japanese word kima, which means "to mash." It is traditionally served as is or as an accompaniment to chicken or beef stews at Kenyan celebrations, particularly funerals and weddings.
    Mukimo - Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun
    Mukimo - Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun
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    Matoke is one of Kenya's most popular dishes. Matoke is a type of green banana that comes in a variety of colors. The meal is made with bananas that have been cooked and mashed. It comes with a flavorful sauce. Extremely delectable and enticing! If you enjoy bananas, this is the dish to order when visiting Kenya.

    Matoke is a traditional Kenyan dish made with the finest East African highland bananas. It goes well with beef stew or as a complete meal on its own. Matoke is a type of matoke that is fried with onions and tomatoes and served with a sauce of your choosing. Many people suggest matoke as a dinner option.
  6. Swahili for grilled goat or beef is nyama choma. Kenyans are fierce meat eaters, and open grills can be found all over the country. Choma is also popular with fish and chicken. Nyama choma is best served with ugali and kachumbari and is slowly grilled over an open fire or with charcoal. You will remember a nyama choma experience for the rest of your life. It leaves a lasting impression on people.

    In Kenya, major decisions like political and business deals have been made at nyama choma joints. It's meat that you'll enjoy eating, especially with a cold beer or a glass of your favorite wine. It's entirely up to you to decide on a pairing.

    Nyama Choma is a dish that Kenyans adore. Nyama Choma is a grilled meat that is usually served with Kachumbari and is cooked over an open fire. Totally delectable!
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    Irio is a hearty Kenyan dish that originated with the Kikuyu tribe. Although there are many variations, it usually consists of boiled and mashed potatoes, peas, and corn. Irio is a simple, healthy, and comforting side dish that is especially popular when paired with grilled steak in a dish called nyama na irio.

    Irio is truly a tasty local dish made from potatoes, peas, and green vegetables. Corn is occasionally used as an ingredient. Irio is frequently served with grilled steak – Nyama choma – and the dish is known as Nyama na Irio.

    Source: Shutterstock
    Source: Shutterstock
    Irio, Lamb stew & Kachumbari. Photo by Kilagat on Flickr
    Irio, Lamb stew & Kachumbari. Photo by Kilagat on Flickr
  8. Githeri is a traditional Kenyan dish made primarily of maize and kidney beans. Typically, maize and kidney beans are boiled and stewed. Githeri is a nutrient-dense, mouth-watering dish.

    Githeri normally made with beans and maize, onions, tomatoes, and occasionally potatoes or meat chunks. Cumin, turmeric, and chili powder are frequently used to flavor the stew. It is traditionally served on its own, but it can also be accompanied by rice or crusty bread.

    Githeri is a simple, filling dish popular among Kenya's Kikuyu people. It even goes well with chapatis as a side dish. Avocado is a popular ingredient in Kenya.
    Photo Source: Photo credit: CIMMYT.
    Photo Source: Photo credit: CIMMYT.

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