Top 7 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Kenya

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Kenya is one of Africa's most attractive countries, with a limitless assortment of gorgeous sites and magnificent sights that provide unrivaled entertainment. ... read more...

  1. Nyahururu Falls is a 74-metre-high waterfall on the Ewaso Ng'iro River in Kenya's Central Rift Valley, a few kilometers from Lake Ol Bolossat, which flows from the Aberdare Range. The picturesque falls are one of the tallest in Kenya, spanning 74 meters at an elevation of 2,360 meters. It is located two kilometers from the town of Nyahururu in Central Kenya. It is located on the Ewaso Nyiro River, which originates in the Aberdare Mountain Range. In 1883 Joseph Thomson was the first European to reach Thomson Falls and named them for his father. Enjoy the amazing show from several vantage points around the gorge's rim. One of Kenya's highest hippo pools is located upstream from the falls.

    Thomson Falls has an oceanic climate in general. It gets rain practically every month of the year. The falls are a significant economic resource for the nearby town of Nyahururu. The majority of the money comes from tourists, both foreign and domestic, who pay a fee at the entrance. This is an aerial photograph of Thompson Falls in Nyahururu, Kenya. The falls were featured in the television film The Man in the Brown Suit (1988). The falls are stunning, especially while visiting Kenya, where water is rare.

    Location: Nyahururu, Kenya

  2. Which is Kenya's tallest waterfall? The answer is Karuru Falls in Aberdares National Park. This breathtaking waterfall is located within one of Kenya's most magnificent National Parks. The National Park of Aberdare. When Princes Elizabeth's father, King George VI, died, she realized she was destined to be Queen. Treetops Lodge was where she was staying. The distance between Nairobi and Karuru waterfalls is 172 kilometers, which takes around 3 hours to travel depending on the type of car and driver. Karuru waterfall is one of those "Eye Watering" and breathtaking sceneries that will leave you speechless and drooling if you're not cautious.

    The three-tiered waterfall, which plunges 273 meters below the viewing point, is a breathtaking sight. Water drops at 116 meters for the first leap, 25 meters for the second, and 130 meters for the final. The falls are surrounded by towering green indigenous trees at an elevation of 2,971 m, making it one of the most distinctive in the country for providing a fantastic safari. Karuru Waterfalls To say the least, the views of water flowing down the amazing 273 meters are perplexing and mesmerizing. The breathtaking waterfall is surrounded by beautiful indigenous trees and vegetation, creating an ideal habitat for various species of wild animals and rare birds.

    Location: Aberdares National Park, Kenya

  3. The beautiful Lugard Falls in Tsavo East National Area is a fascinating feature to explore on a Kenya Walking safari in the park. Lugard falls is a sequence of white water rapids developed in the Galana river as a result of boulders that stopped the flow of water from the Galana river, resulting in rapids and the water falls. Lugard Falls was named after Fredrick Lugard, a British explorer and colonial administrator who arrived in Mombasa in early 1888.

    Captain Lugard, Britain's first proconsul in East Africa, was the inspiration for the name Lugard Falls. The Lugard falls are produced when the swift Galana river plunges into a big pool below, making a loud sound as it retreats through a tight rocky valley, passing through clefts before ending up in the fall below in Tsavo East national park. This fall has been exceptionally brutal, especially during the wet season.

    The multi-colored rocks with pink, light grey, and white stripes that attract the eye contribute to the site's particular charm. Visitors may park near the falls and either climb around the eroding rocks or go down the river for a better view of the rapids. The crocodile point, a home for large crocodiles and hippopotamus, lies less than a kilometer below the falls. The falls are available to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

    Location: Tsavo East National Area, Kenya||
  4. The falls, as the name implies, are 14 successive falls that are 27 meters deep and originate on the Athi River. The breathtaking panorama can be seen near Thika, some 65 kilometers north-east of Nairobi, on the Thika-Garissa Road, which leads to the Makutano junction. Boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, and bird watching are just a few of the activities available at this destination. During the wet season, these falls combine to generate a massive water torrent with an astounding roaring sound effect. The beautiful falls provide chances for boat trips, fishing, photography, and a healthy relationship with nature.

    This huge waterfall is breathtaking and is distinguished by boulders at the foot where one may take a walk along a designated area, all set against the tremendous sound of pouring water and fine spray from neighboring Fourteen Falls cascade. During the rainy season, a few of divers do outstanding acrobatics on the deepest portion of the water body at the farthest distance from the entrance. Even though it is unsafe, unlawful, and condemned by county officials, it is nonetheless a sight to behold. To see this and for the first time, you must take a boat excursion to the other side. Further down the falls, there is a team building field that is ideal for a day out with your staff.

    Location: Thika, Kenya
  5. The waterfalls of Chania in Kenya- Water falls are a natural phenomena that we experience in the outdoors, and you should learn about the greatest and most amazing water falls in the world, the Chania Falls in Kenya. The water falls are especially beautiful during the rainy season when there is a lot of water, providing tourists with breathtaking vistas and an endless sound. The majority of Kenya's water falls are located within mountain ranges, and our attention today is on the Chania falls.

    The Chania falls are not far from Nairobi, Kenya's capital, and the falls are one of the sites that give visitors breath-taking and spectacular views. Aside from being a fantastic birding location, the Chania fall also offers an excellent picnic location for family and friends, as well as a nice camping and retreat location. The location, which is truly a green beauty, will not disappoint nature and bird fans. The magnificent Chania Falls pours down a high, tree-lined cliff directly in front of the restaurant of the Blue Post Hotel. The view is stunning from the restaurant's terrace, with a hard drink in one hand and a book in the other. Chania Water Falls is an outstanding birding area where tourists may see a variety of birds such as Hadada ibis and hermerkops, among others.

    Location: Limuru, Central Kenya

  6. Adamson waterfalls are located in the southwest Meru National Park near Dover Tasmania, which is well known for the rough water region on the Tana River running. The falls were named after the famous game warder George Adamson and his wife Joy who were the first to settle in the park reputed for raising the famous Elsa from a cub to a full-grown lioness, the Adamsons waterfalls are essential on your safari visit in Meru National Park.

    Adamson waterfalls is a must-see on any safari to Meru National Park, where you can take in the panoramic views of the landscape while listening to the sound of the water coursing through the rocks. Adamson waterfalls can be accessed at various levels and are most appealing from the top, so tourists can still stand under the falls, which can be slippery but well worth seeing after heavy rain.

    The Adamsons waterfalls, a 50-meter high waterfall in the Hastings caves, are a popular Kenya safari attraction for tourists in Kenya. Because of their location, which makes them a great sighting spot, the waterfalls are situated in a good place where the trail is clearly marked and accessible to visitors. It typically takes between 2 and 3 hours to hike there, depending on the hikers' physical condition and potential. It's a great safari destination, especially for those who are well-observant to earn views of Tasmania's best waterfalls ever, so if a tourist has ever dreamed about or thought of the hidden gem, Adamson's waterfall is the best answer and the best dream for everyone to fulfill, Adamson falls in Kenya.

    Location: Meru National Park, Kenya
  7. Sheldrick Falls is one of the most impressive safari attractions found inside Shimba Hills National Park. The park is also well known for having a lot to offer for all nature and wildlife lovers, and it is especially admired for having the highest concentration of elephants in Kenya as well as rare species like sable antelopes. Kwale is the location of Sheldrick Falls. The Sheldrick waterfalls are a pretty safari attraction with an impressive 21-meter-high drop of fresh spring water and a striking natural plunge pool at the bottom. As you trek down to the pool, tourists have the opportunity to spot laces with the lianas and greenery that lace it, as well as fauna and the beautiful, rare butterflies; the free two-hour, two-kilometer walks are organized by the Kenya Wildlife Service. The Sheldrick Falls may be explored everyday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., with the presence of a ranger.

    The Sheldrick Falls are located within Shimba Hills National Park, so visitors can tour the falls as they explore the various attractions that are housed within the national park. Tourists can visit and view the stunning waterfalls while also having opportunities to visit Shimba Hills National Park on their Kenya safari to the Sheldrick Falls. The Sheldrick waterfalls are a lovely site to swim and relax, and they provide visitors with the most priceless activities, such as picnics nearby.

    Location: Shimba Hills National Park, Kenya

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