Disk Cleanup

Running a monthly Disk Cleanup can maintain your system's cleanliness by removing redundant files. Additionally, we suggest utilizing the system version of Disk Cleanup each time a Windows Update completes successfully.

During a Windows update, a pre-update system backup is retained in case you need to revert due to any issues. You have the option to manually eliminate these restore points, or you can rely on Windows Disk Cleanup for the task.

Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

Top 7 Best Ways to Save Disk Space in Windows

  1. top 1 Storage Sense
  2. top 2 Remove Windows Old Versions
  3. top 3 NTFS Compression
  4. top 4 Apps and Media on External Storage
  5. top 5 Cloud Storage
  6. top 6 Reserved Allocations
  7. top 7 Disk Cleanup

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