Lake Bogoria

Located just north of the equator, Lake Bogoria is a narrow, shallow alkaline lake that has been declared a Ramsar site due to its primary ecological importance. Located about 60 kilometers from the town of Nakuru, this saltwater lake is a mystery of all kinds. The steam geysers and hot springs of Lake Bogoria are its main attraction. The water is so hot that an egg can be boiled in minutes and can be eaten immediately. Located about 250 km from Nairobi, Lake Bogoria is a 4–5 hour walk from the capital, and many visitors combine a visit to Lake Bogoria with Lake Baringo. Bogoria's remote location means it attracts fewer visitors than nearby national parks.

Along with the other lakes of the Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is a nesting ground for flamingos, and more than 2 million flamingos have been known to nest on its shores. Visitors can expect to see flamingos in Lake Bogoria at any time of the year. In the Rift Valley, tourists can visit beautiful Lake Bogoria, a photogenic saltwater lake that is a protected national wetland reserve. The volcanic region has hot springs and geysers along the coast. Tourists can relax on the beach, watch the flamingos or watch the geysers erupt. They can also visit Lake Bogoria National Reserve, which is a sanctuary for kudus and a rare species of antelope. Thanks to its excellent conditions, Lake Bogoria deserves to be one of the best lakes to visit in Kenya as well as Kenya's best tourist attractions.

  • Location: Great Rift Valley, Kenya

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