Lake Naivasha

Another best lake to visit in Kenya is Lake Naivasha, one of two freshwater lakes in the Rift Valley. The land around the lake is fertile, with many flowers and trees, so tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the area. They can also spot wildlife like giraffes, zebras, and hippos. They can sail to Crescent Island, where they can find the rim of a part of the crater that has collapsed. This tourist spot is home to buffalo, conifers, giraffes, and birds such as ospreys, herons, and African fish eagles.

Located in Nakuru District, just outside the town of Naivasha, Lake Naivasha is a large freshwater lake easily accessible from Nairobi. Located at 1,884m, Lake Naivasha is the highest lake in the Great Rift Valley. The 98-kilometer journey from Nairobi takes around 2.5 hours, and its proximity to the lake's capital makes it a popular day trip or weekend getaway for city dwellers. Lake Naivasha is a great destination for wildlife viewing, and the surrounding area is home to 1,500 hippos. In addition, when visitors come to visit also expect to see an array of 400 species of lake birds, giraffes, zebras, galloping horses, and water horses along the shore. The lake is ideally located to relax at the beginning or end of your stay. It's also within easy reach of Hell's Gate National Park, which offers hiking in the breathtaking scenery.

  • Location: Nakuru District, Naivasha, Kenya

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