Lake Logipi

In the north of Kenya, Lake Logipi, one of the best lakes to visit in Kenya, is a gem of incredible beauty that looks like an oasis in the midst of lunar nothingness and magnificence, surrounded by incredible animals and colors. Small lake north of the Rift Valley, it lies at the northern end of the arid Suguta Valley, one of the hottest places on earth, nicknamed the "Valley of Death", where the rocks Giant granite perches atop volcanic ash heaps, deep gorges of multi-layered rock giving way to kilometers of sand dunes created by the relentless winds that blow through the valley.

Lake Logipi is saline and alkaline land that is green, streaked with pink by the plumage of the flamingos that live on its barren shores, browned by layers of soft alluvium. In the middle is a rocky island, Naperito Rock, about 370 meters high, known as Cathedral Rock, from which salty hot springs help maintain the presence of water even during periods of extreme drought. In recent years, an increasing number of lesser and larger flamingos have migrated from Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria to these remote waters because of the presence of cyanobacteria and the plankton they forage, especially in abundance. The water in the lake comes from the Suguta River during the rainy season, but can also be from the salty hot springs that flow on its northern shore.

  • Location: Great Rift Valley, Kenya

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