Lake Nakuru

Not only on the list of best lakes to visit in Kenya, but also one of the largest lakes of Kenya's Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru is famous for its flamingos, and the amazing Lake Nakuru National Park, where inhabited by breathtaking wildlife such as black and white rhinoceros, giraffes, giraffes, wild dogs, baboons, lions, cheetahs, zebras, galloping horses, African buffaloes, leopards apricot blossom, vervet and monkey colobus, and waterbucks. Lake Nakuru is one of several alkaline lakes found in the Great Rift Valley and has been a National Park since 1961. Bird watching is amazing, with the lake being home to starlings, weavers, eagle fish, storks, hammer birds, and yellow-billed pelicans. Alternatively, visitors can also walk to the spectacular Makalia Falls.

Famous for thousands of flamingos, Lake Nakuru is one of those places that any visitor would not want to miss. In particular, visitors come to Lake Nakuru mainly to witness first-hand what has been described as the greatest bird sight in the world. Surrounded by waterfalls, cliffs, and forests, Lake Nakuru is an important source of water for rhinos, zebras, buffalo, and Rothschild giraffes. For the best views of Lake Nakuru, visitors are advised to hike to the Out of Africa viewpoint along a short, steep trail. Hiking is another activity that takes place in Lake Nakuru national park and it takes place as tourists visit the viewpoints around the national park.

  • Location: Great Rift Valley, Kenya

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