Lake Challa

Lake Challa, an ancient crater lake, is located about 30km southeast of Kilimanjaro (52km from Moshi), and is 95m deep, making it deeper than Lake Victoria. It is believed to be the crater of the first volcanic eruption about 3/4 million years ago. Recent geological research assumes that a magma chamber under Lake Challa collapsed following an eruption of a nearby volcano and that the collapse created space for the crater lake. During the year, depending on the season, the watercolor of this beautiful lake changes from turquoise, and deep blue to green. It is said that the lake is supplied through underwater streams from Mount Kilimanjaro and drained back into neighboring Lake Jipe also through underground tunnels.

Lake Challa and the surrounding area are a definite must-visit, not only because Kilimanjaro can be seen on clear days but also because it thrives with life. Walking around visitors can spot more than 200 different species of birds. And small mammals like green monkeys, colobus monkeys, and baboons, jump from tree to tree. In addition, Lake Challa tilapia is found only in Lake Challa and is critically endangered. With the wonders that nature brings, Lake Challa deserves to be on the list of best lakes to visit in Kenya.

  • Location: Straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania

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