Lake Elementaita

Lake Elementaita or Lake Elmenteita is a freshwater lake in the Great Rift Valley region, right between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru in the silhouette of a sleeping warrior on a local hill. The lake is located in central Kenya, about 120 km northwest of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, just off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Lake Elementaita is home to over 400 species of birds including the famous flamingo, and for that reason, it is a reserve that helps preserve the lake's and lake's heritage-listed birds. Lake Elementaita is also a Ramsar site. Thanks to this special feature, Lake Elementaita has become one of the best lakes to visit in Kenya.

Located near the town of Gilgil, Lake Elementaita is the only known breeding ground for pelicans in East and Central Africa. Flamingos are also a sight to behold here, although in much fewer numbers than at Lake Nakuru. The lake can be seen from as far away as the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway running along the nearby cliffs. Lake Elementiata is part of the Soysambu reserve, the residence of the British Lord-Lord Delamere during the colonial period in Kenya. On the other side of Soysambu is the Kekopey Farm which was occupied by Hon Galbraith Lowry Egerton Cole Between 1881 and 1929. Currently, the Soysambu reserve covers about two-thirds of the shoreline of Lake Elementiata and is home to about 10,000 species of animals. Mammals include Rothschild giraffes, herons, leopards, jackals, Elands, antelopes, zebras, and others.

  • Location: Great Rift Valley, Kenya

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