Lake Victoria

Covering an area of 68,800 square kilometers, Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake, found in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, making it one of the best lakes to visit in Kenya. The second largest freshwater lake in the world, it is named after Queen Victoria! Tourists can spot mongooses, otters, reedbucks, shrews, water mantises, and hippos. The scenic area is surrounded by beautiful hills, a great view that tourists can enjoy from relaxing excursions. They can enjoy fresh seafood or join the locals in fishing for Nile perch. Nile perch fishing is Lake Victoria's biggest draw, and it's also a great place to relax on a safari. Other activities include trips to local villages, nearby islands, and great bird watching.

As well as being an attraction for adventurers, Lake Victoria is an integral part of the livelihoods of millions of East Africans. Lake Victoria contains more than 200 species of fish and haplochromine cichlids are the main endemic group. However, many species have become extinct in the last 50 years, and scientists estimate Lake Victoria's native fish species have declined by 80%. The Nile perch is Lake Victoria's most notorious invasive species. The Luo community, Kenya's fishing community, lives in the area around the lake.

  • Location: African Great Lakes - Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

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