Tyler, Texas is best known as the United States' rose cultivation epicenter. It's one of the best day trips from Fort Worth, or even Dallas. If you enjoy roses, you must go to Tyler during their blooming season. Tyler's blooming season typically occurs in October. However, if you intend to visit solely for that purpose, keep an eye out for the blooming schedule for the year. The weather, as with most blooming plants, has a significant impact on how and when they bloom.

If you're not interested in rose blooms, another great time to visit Tyler is during the town's annual Christmas celebration. Tyler is one of the most festive places in Texas to celebrate Christmas, and it makes for a magical getaway. The town transforms into Santa Land, with over 2 1/2 million lights twinkling throughout the large garden and forest. It's a fantastic Christmas activity for kids. You'll see popular cartoon characters, elves, and, of course, Santa himself. It's an excellent choice for winter day trips from Dallas or Fort Worth.

Google rating: 4.5/5.0

Phone: 903-593-6905

Address: 110 N. College Ave., Ste. 105 | Tyler, Texas 75702

Website: https://visittyler.com/


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