Top 10 Best Outdoor Restaurants In Chicago

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Chicagoans have always loved making the most of all too short summer by dining outside, but patios and beer gardens became more vital than ever during the last ... read more...

  1. The Dawson ranks first in the list of best outdoor restaurants in Chicago. The Dawson's original location was linked to a cluster of buildings owned by the Dawson brothers. At the turn of the century, William and Henry Dawson ran one of the most successful fireplace mantle businesses in the United States. Their intricate works were known for their strong construction as well as intricate artistic detail. The high level of craftsmanship and artistic elements found in these pieces continue to command high prices to this day.

    When you walk into the Dawson, there's a huge atrium behind the big wooden doors with a host stand where you can ask to sit upstairs or downstairs. Both floors have bars and tables, but the correct answer is downstairs: While the first floor is warmly lit by glowing orbs on the ceiling and bustling with activity behind the bar and flickering candles on the tables, the second floor is too dark and dim. The spaces feel so dissimilar that they appear to have separate concepts.

    The food is beautifully presented, but the kale salad with slices of poached pears and brussels sprouts was perfectly fine but boring. The pea shoots were bland, and the ham hock collard greens had an odd aftertaste. The pickled onion rings are greasy and dense. The tacos come in a cute taco holder, but the crisp shells are filled with a mushy mess of pork that is flavorful but texturally revolting.

    Google Rating: 4.7/5.0

    Address: 730 W Grand Ave Chicago 60654

    Contact: 312-243-8955


  2. Daisies ranks 2nd in the list of best outdoor restaurants in Chicago. Daisies strives to provide the best experience possible not only for their wonderful guests, but also for their hardworking employees. They put a lot of effort into serving food and beverages made from the best ingredients, making as much from scratch as possible and sourcing the rest from ethically responsible vendors. And they put their words into action. To ensure that their deserving employees receive equitable pay and benefits, all dine-in checks are subject to a 25% service charge.

    Insiders know that tucked behind this Logan Square restaurant is a tranquil patio with a picturesque backdrop for lazy summer evenings. Chef-owner Joe Frillman bases his menu on the seasons, creating thoughtful, produce-packed pasta dishes that change on a regular basis. Which dish will always be on the menu? The addicting onion dip served with homemade potato chips. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., stop by for a chicken parm or smoked whitefish sandwich, as well as farm-fresh produce and handmade pasta to cook at home.

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

    Address:2523 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago 60647

    Contact: 773-661-1671

  3. Frontier, a pub for the people behind Lottie's and Pony, combines elements of the North Woods motel into the neighborhood outreach framework, has a hipster-vintage-saloon aesthetic and a grizzly bear lounging around in a sports bar. Chef Brian Jupiter's food — charcoal-grilled oysters, sliders, and even bird's nests — adds to the mix, and the more time you spend eating impressive dishes like redfish breaded in wormwood, the faster it all starts to come together.

    As an extension of the main dining room, they have a heated/all-weather Beer Garden adjacent to the main bar. The retractable roof of the Beer Garden allows you to eat and drink outside on warm days. During the winter, the roof is closed and the stone fireplace in the beer garden is always stocked, creating a festive atmosphere for nighttime revelers. Frontier's signature whole animal dinners are ideal for the beer garden. Unless you have 75 or more guests, you will have to pay for a buyout. On the main floor, they will seat smaller groups at various tables. To reserve a table in this space, food and beverage minimums will be required, as well as pre ordered food from their extensive party menu.

    Their upstairs lounge on the second floor is ideal for special events and private gatherings. It has a full-service bar, private restrooms, and a plethora of flat-screen televisions. Floor-to-ceiling windows add light and create a sense of space, while exposed timber and natural brick accents create a warm, inviting atmosphere for special events. On cold nights, a stone fireplace keeps the room warm and adds to the rustic charm. Please keep in mind that there is no elevator to this space, which can be divided into two event spaces by a 20-foot bar in the middle of the room or reserved as a full buyout.

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

    Address: 1072 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago 60642

    Contact: 773-772-4322

  4. Parson's Chicken & Fish ranks 4th in the list of best outdoor restaurants in Chicago. Land and Sea Dept's latest project is Parson's, and the company knows how to design a space with personality. Everyone congregates in the yard, from tattooed couples holding cans of cheap beer to babies and their mothers and their mothers. People congregate in the large outdoor area, which is furnished with light wooden picnic tables, striped umbrellas, string lights, skinny trees, and ping pong tables. On Parson's Field, everyone is just a friend of a friend you haven't met yet.

    There's a reason Negroni is so popular: it's a delicious Negroni, frozen or not. Bartender Charlie Schott replaces the regular Campari with a Luxardo Bitter, which is less viscous and sweeter, making it even easier to create a balanced cocktail. For the margarita, Parson substitutes malic acid and sugar for salt, resulting in a cake that tastes exactly like Sour Patch Kids and adds tartness to the smoky mezcal. The fun ends when your phone rings and your table is ready, just like an outdoor party in the rain. The interior is extremely small, with only a few barstools and a complicated seating arrangement - communal U-shaped booths.

    Chef Hunter Moore's menu is divided into three sections: raw, fresh, and fried, with most dishes priced between $6 and $8. While chicken and fish appear to be the main attractions, they are not. It must be. Those will be pristine oysters served with a slice of lemon and citrus wine. Green bean salad is brought to life with grilled octopus tentacles, fresh pea shoots, and crispy peas. And deep-fried (salted cod) chips, which make an excellent savory bar dish.

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

    Address: 2952 W Armitage, Chicago 60647

    Contact: 773-384-3333

  5. Top 5


    In Tzuco's refreshing ceviche verde, for example, you can almost taste the pure, cold Pacific Ocean in pearlescent slivers of hamachi, which are paired with three variations of cactus, a plant that thrives in the harshest environments. The prickly flora is cured, iced, and juiced with mint, lime, and a smidgeon of serrano chile. The elements, when combined, sing of Mexico's diverse bounty.

    Carlos Gaytán was born in Huitzuco, a small town in Guerrero, Mexico in 1970. At the age of 20, he headed to Chicago, Illinois looking for a life change, unaware that his gastronomy and his mother’s special gusto would play a crucial role in his future.His career began at the Sheraton North Shore Hotel as a dishwasher. Through hard work and training, he scaled up, and worked in various restaurants until he opened Mexique, a French-Mexican restaurant.

    He went on to become the first Mexican Chef to receive a Michelin star in 2013 and 2014.Today, Chef Carlos Gaytán wants to present the best of Mexico through his own vision, as infused with the French haute cuisine techniques he acquired during his practice. Tzuco—from Huitzuco—is a new restaurant located in The Gold Coast of Chicago. Tzuco tells the story of Carlos Gaytán’s life throughout a myriad of culinary creations in a unique and poetic space.

    Google Rating: 4.5/5.0

    Address: 720 N State StChicago60654

    Contact: 312-374-8995

  6. The Duck Inn ranks 6th in the list of best outdoor restaurants in Chicago. The Duck Inn is a neighborhood gastro-tavern and dining room on the border of Chicago's thriving Pilsen and Bridgeport neighborhoods, located at Loomis Street and the Chicago River. It's housed in a pre-Prohibition era tavern with a homey retro design aesthetic.

    The fried cheese curds are like little clouds atop Bloody Mary ketchup laced with aquavit. The hamburger sandwich is a greasy but worthy update on a patty melt, served on rye bread with grilled onions and a thick slab of Brun-uusto cheese. And the duck fat dog is a magnificent specimen, a duck and beef link with a snappy casing and a garden of toppings. Brandon Phillips, the bartender, also knows what people want to drink. Cocktails range in price from $7 to $14 (most are $10), and they're pretty good—the Don is a Manhattan riff with walnut liqueur, while other drinks are more global, such as the lychee chuhai, a Japanese shochu and soda cocktail.

    Google Rating: 4.3/5.0

    Address: 2701 S Eleanor StChicago

    Contact: 312-943-7600

  7. Rose Mary ranks 6th in the list of best outdoor restaurants in Chicago. Rose Mary, located in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood's historic Fulton Market district, is Chef/Owner Joe Flamm's debut restaurant inspired by his Italian heritage and the bold, bright flavors of Croatian cuisine. The boisterous space, named after Flamm's grandmothers, Mary and Mary Rose, as well as the herb rosemary, which grows natively along the Italian and Croatian coastlines, serves a seasonal menu of rustic yet refined dishes that encapsulate what Flamm calls "Adriatic drinking food."

    Top Chef winner Joe Flamm's Rose Mary, named after both of his grandmothers and combining elements of Italian and Croatian cooking, brings seasonal dishes to a cozy Fulton Market space lined with hanging plants. Flamm describes the menu as "Adriatic drinking food," with dishes like Gnocchi with beef cheek paticada (a wine-soaking process) and pork ribs with a cabbage and yogurt relish. The wine list emphasizes organic, biodynamic, and sustainably farmed options, while the cocktail menu features cocktails made with Eastern European spirits that are underutilized (at least on this side of the Atlantic).

    Google Rating: 4.3/5.0

    Address: 932 W Fulton Market, Chicago 60607

    Contact: 872-260-3921

  8. There is nothing like New Orleans. The never-ending nightlife scene is rife with Big Gulp-sized cocktails. Live music that is exuberant and spontaneous. A kaleidoscope of cultural influences housed in a single, flavorful dish. Pioneer Tavern Group executive chef Brian Jupiter, a native of New Orleans, occasionally mentions Bayou flavors at his whole-beast staple Frontier. But at Jupiter's breezy younger sibling Ina Mae Tavern (named after Jupiter's great-grandmother), he dives headfirst into his childhood cooking. The results are joyful, indulgent, and refreshingly relaxed—attributes that will entice you to return to the Big Easy time and time again, and will undoubtedly make Ina Mae a regular dining option for you.

    The atmosphere in this light-filled, brick-and-wood-accented space is relaxed and welcoming to families, thanks in part to a vintage mechanical horse named Fanny. The checkered-tile floor of the bar and an old beer fridge in the dining room pay homage to the Beachwood Inn, a beloved Wicker Park dive. The back bar is adorned with dry goods and house hot sauce bottles, as well as a Sno Ball machine that churns out shaved ice, which is then doused in flavored syrup with the option of adding a shot of booze.

    Google Rating: 4.2/5.0

    Address: 1415 N Wood St, Chicago 60622

    Contact: 773-360-8320

  9. Truth Italian, located in Chicago's historic Bronzeville neighborhood, serves delectable, creative Italian cuisine. Whether you enjoy the fresh air on their patio, a glass of wine at the bar, or the ambience in their dining room, you'll appreciate owner Peytyn Willborn's warm hospitality and unique take on your favorite dishes.

    Don't be put off by the restaurant's bar layout—your server will come out with a white tablecloth and set your table for dinner. Begin with zucchini fritti, fried and crunchy with a spicy sauce. Choose the lamb chops, which are tender and well-seasoned and served with garlicky mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.

    From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (last seating at 4:30), their breakfast menu is available all day, and their omelets, French toast, mimosas, and other brunch specialties have made them a neighborhood favorite. From noon to 5:00 p.m., their lunch menu is available (last seating at 4:30). Their classic Italian dishes and soulful home cooking provide an experience unlike any other in the Chicago area!

    Google Rating: 4.1/5.0

    Address: 56 E Pershing Rd Chicago 60653

    Contact: 312-715-8796
  10. Mama Delia, a Michelin-starred restaurant, sherry bar, and ultramarino (neighborhood gourmet market) in Wicker Park, provides Chicago with a contemporary Spanish culinary experience. Spanish-born chefs showcase their favorite ingredients sourced from Spain's finest purveyors and producers, all while exploring new flavors and techniques from around the world and right here in Chicago.

    Mama Delia, created by Maison Bonhomme, is a modern take on what's going on in Spain right now, as a new generation of chefs and beverage professionals embrace global cultural diversity. Mama Delia showcases Bonhomme Group Chef/Partner Marcos Campos' favorite Spanish ingredients, his relationships with the country's finest purveyors, and his passion for discovering new flavors from around the world and right here at home.

    Mama Delia reflects Campos' journey as an adventurer and a chef, providing him with a playground to continue his culinary exploration. Campos also oversees the kitchens at sister restaurants Porto, Beatnik, Beatnik On The River, and GoodFunk. Mama Delia also reflects current trends in Spain, where restaurants are embracing and incorporating the country's growing cultural diversity into its cuisine.

    Google Rating: 4.0/5.0

    Address: 1721 W Division St Chicago 60622

    Contact: N/a


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