Top 5 Best Restaurants In The Gambia

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The Gambian restaurant scene will definitely tickle your taste buds, with their generous servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly grilled fish and ... read more...

  1. The Butchers Shop is situated nearby to Professional Taekwondo Gambia, and close to Tandoori. The restaurant opened on March 16, 1993. It started as its name implies, as a butchery and delicatessen providing fresh, local, organic and free-range meats together with dairy products and cured meats. Nowadays, it is a quality international restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and catering services, with a classic contemporary menu drawing flavors from all around the world

    This restaurant is well-known for its high quality homegrown fresh produce. Its Food Cafe serves delectable food and beverages in a relaxed and charming setting. Everything was made with the freshest ingredients, with a focus on organic and wholesome ingredients. Be sure to try everything from their chicken curry jambalaya, served with fruits, nuts, and root vegetables, to their steamed Thai captain fish wrapped in Butcher’s grown banana leaves with ginger, coriander, and chilli grilled tuna with wasabi butter sauce.

    • Location: Kairaba Ave, Serrekunda, Gambia
    • TripAdvisor: 4.5 /5.0
    • Phone: +220 449 5069
    • Website:
    • Timings: Monday to Sunday - 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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    Shiraz is a fantastic Lebanese restaurant in the Gambia that serves authentic, tasty dishes. It is close to AB Car Hire as well as Marouns supermarket. First, indulge in the dreamy interiors. The decor is florid and richly coloured in deep reds and browns with a welcoming, homey feel. , the staff is also very polite and friendly. This gorgeously dressed restaurant promises to be a feast for the senses.

    The food, too, is a stunning reinterpretation of traditional Lebanese cuisine, with recipes tweaked and tinkered so that everything tastes brand new. You can order a variety of dishes from their excellent menu, including seafood, vegetarian options, and tender lamb. After dinner, you might want to walk down to Kololi Beach, which is only a few minutes away down the same road.

    • Location: F73P+69X, Serrekunda, Gambia
    • TripAdvisor: 4.5 /5.0
    • Phone: +220 744 9090
    • Website:
    • Timings: Monday to Sunday - 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  3. Al Terrace is one of the coolest places to dine for those who like Gambian cuisine. It is located snugly in the Senegambia strip so dining here offers a view of the bustling street if you take your seats outside. The restaurant is also a perfect place to enjoy a serene dining experience either inside with warm decoration or comfortable sofas on the upper terrace with fresh air while appreciating the view and atmosphere of the vibrant Serrekunda. Al Terrace serves you some of the best Gambia food that's authentic, simple, and comforting with a dose of hospitality that's warm and welcoming.

    Popular with both beginners and repeaters due to its friendly atmosphere, fine cuisine and excellent service, Al Terrace offers everything from pizzas, pastas, burgers and steaks to Lebanese as well as traditional Gambian dishes. You can expect things.

    • Location: Senegambia | Next To Gamtell, Kololi, Serekunda, Gambia
    • TripAdvisor: 4.5 /5.0
    • Phone: +220 770 0770
    • Email:
    • Timings: Monday to Sunday - 09:00 to 00:30
  4. Top 4

    El Sol

    In the heart of Kololi, at a walking distance of many of the best hotels on the smiling coast, 50 meters away from Aquarius Night Club, you will find El Sol Restaurant. El Sol, one of best restaurants in the Gambia, serves a wide range of Tapas, Mexican delicacies, and excellent steaks, as well as a variety of classic international meals from around the world.

    The beautiful contemporary exterior and interior of the El Sol is the perfect place to enjoy the night. The begins with a refreshing cocktail such as apple mojito or caipirinha before eating in the Gambian way. Dinner at El Sol ends with one of the most delicious desserts and a great espresso coffee. Since its opening in November 2009, El Sol has received the annual Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

    • Location: Senegambia area Kololi, Gambia
    • TripAdvisor: 4.5 /5.0
    • Phone: +220 732 0000
    • Email:
    • Timings: from Tuesday to Sunday - 05:00 PM to 10:30 PM
    • Website:
  5. Last but not least, Calypso is one of the best restaurants in the Gambia. It is located on the eastern edge of Cape Point Beach and is accessible by a trail next to the Ocean Bay Hotel. It's one of the best places to eat and relax in the Gambia. Perfect for a romantic aperitif, a light lunch or dinner under the stars, Calypso is a hidden gem that is often overlooked in the Gambia.

    Calypso Restaurant specializes in fresh seafood dishes on the semi-outdoor beachfront. In the garden there is a huge tree house for dining between the branches. Another fascinating feature of the restaurant is the natural pool with a small crocodile that looks obedient, right in front of the restaurant. While there is indoor seating, most prefer to sit outside by the creek under the shade of thatched cabanas or up amongst the trees on a raised terrace. The dining areas outside in the garden face the ocean having sunshades to protect you from the mid-day sun.

    • Location: Bakau, Gambia
    • TripAdvisor: 4.5 /5.0
    • Phone: +220 992 0201
    • Timings: from Monday to Sunday - 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM
    • Website:

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