Top 8 Best Universities in Sierra Leone

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The university you choose to attend has a significant impact on your future success. In this article, Toplist has compiled the best universities in Sierra ... read more...

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    Njala University

    Njala University, a Sierra Leonean rural comprehensive public research university, is dedicated to achieving the greatest levels of excellence in higher education in Sierra Leone and beyond, promoting intellectual and personal development, and stimulating meaningful research and service to humanity. The University has two campuses: the main campus in Njala and the Bo campus in Bo. It provides sub-degree, degree, and postgraduate programs in the following areas: School of Agriculture and Food Science, School of Education, School of Environmental Sciences, School of Natural Resources Management, etc.

    Their objective is to provide high-quality training and generate graduates with desirable attitudes, skills, and knowledge, as well as to promote relevant research and human service. Njala University plans to accomplish this goal by partnering with the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to high-quality training, education, and research. They provide proper training resources as well as competent, professional, and dedicated experts.

    Phone: +232 7861 5158

    Fee: 667,406 SLL

    Address: Njala Campus, Bo, Sierra Leone


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    Statistics Sierra Leone

    Statistics Sierra Leone is the central authority in charge of collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating accurate, clear, timely, and high-quality statistical data on social, health, demographic, economic, and financial activities to meet the needs of users, including government and the general public. Statistics Sierra Leone's vision is to build a functional National Statistical System (NSS) with Statistics Sierra Leone at its heart to coordinate, produce, disseminate, and authenticate official statistics to support evidence-based decision-making at both policy and planning levels.

    Statistics Sierra Leone's mission is to coordinate, collect, compile, analyze, and communicate high-quality and best-practiced official statistics to aid informed decision-making and discussion within the government, business, and media, as well as the larger national and international society.

    They employ highly skilled and experienced staff and interact with other National Statistics Offices in Africa and internationally to create reliable statistics for national development. Their employees receive regular training to keep their knowledge and abilities up to date so that they may better serve their stakeholders.

    Phone: +232 2222 3287

    Address: A J Momoh Street, Tower Hill, PMB 595, Freetown, Sierra Leone

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    University of Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone's former unitary public university system was known as the University of Sierra Leone. It is Africa's oldest university, having been founded in February 1827.

    The University of Sierra Leone was restructured in May 2005, dividing Fourah Bay College and Njala University College into separate colleges. Its roots can be traced back to the Church Missionary Society's Fourah Bay College, which was founded as an Anglican missionary school with the help of Sierra Leone's governor, Charles MacCarthy. The first student to enroll in Fouray Bay was Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Krio and other Africans pursuing higher education in British West Africa were quickly drawn to Fourah Bay College. Nigerians, Ghanaians, Ivorians, and others were among them, particularly in the disciplines of religion and education. It was West Africa's first western-style university. As a homage to the college, Freetown was dubbed "the Athens of West Africa" during colonization.

    Phone: +232 7974 1202
    Address: A.J Momoh Street, Tower Hill
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    University of Makeni

    The University of Makeni, originally known as the Fatima Institute and commonly referred to as UNIMAK, is one of the best universities in Sierra Leone. It is Sierra Leone's first private Catholic university. On October 8, 2005, the Emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Makeni, led by Reverend George Biguzzi, established the Fatima Institute. It was granted university status and given its current name in August 2009. The institution is owned by the Diocese of Makeni, and the Bishop of Makeni serves as chancellor.

    UNIMAK joined the Sierra Leone Mental Health Coalition as a founding member in 2011, alongside the City of Rest and the Community Association for Psychosocial Services. The consortium of organizations, which specializes in mental health service provision, academia, and advocacy, has been at the forefront of calls for mental health sector reform in Sierra Leone.

    The institution is privately held by the Emeritus of the Catholic Diocese of Makeni and is the country's first Catholic Mission-owned university. Members of the Makeni University Governing Council also govern it. UNIMAK is now Sierra Leone's only university that offers special education teacher training. The lack of special needs instructors in Sierra Leone has become a concern for the Ministry of Education, which has promised the government that it is supporting policy in Parliament to expand these programs based on UNIMAK's curricula.

    Phone: +232 7667 0769
    Address: Lunsar-Makeni Highway, Makeni, Sierra Leone
  5. Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology does not have a long history, but its constituent institutions have, a robust past and purpose-built campuses to draw on, but there is a significant need for rehabilitation and upscaling. The previous women's college, which became the Portloko staffs college, was the only post-secondary institution for women that trained and certified authentic and devoted female teachers who have stood the test of time in the teaching profession.

    The current Makeni campus began as a Catholic institution, S.t Augustine's College, and eventually evolved into the Makeni Staff's, which changed into the Northern Polytechnic. For all of the college's alumni, morality was paramount. Staff from the college had a significant impact. The previous veterinary institute at Teko, which is part of the Makeni campus, served as the subregion's veterinary research headquarters. This is now unfortunately in ruins. The former Islamic college, which now serves as the secretariat, and the former government technical institute, also known as the trade center in Magburaka and now serving as the institute of technical and vocational education and training in the faculty of engineering, was once the pride of Islamic and technical education in the northern region. All of these institutions were founded to give a holistic education to the body, mind, and spirit.

    Phone: +232 7678 0302
    Address: VXC2+PG7, Makeni, Sierra Leone
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    University of Management and Technology (UNIMTECH)

    University of Management and Technology (UNIMTECH) is a private university in Freetown. For undergraduate students all around the country, UNIMTECH provides an excellent education. UNIMTECH's schools — which are made up of three schools: the school of public administration, the school of social science, and the school of technology — provide students a modernized and uniform approach of learning and interaction across the country. UNIMTECH has campuses in Freetown, Bo, Kono, Lunsar, and Kambia, and provides superior education to the country and humanity. Their tagline conveys a clear statement while also teaching a vital life philosophy. They are here to instill in students the principles and commitment to serve their country and humanity.

    They provide a diverse range of courses and are proud of their outstanding faculty of professionally trained, well-qualified, and experienced academicians who instruct them. They take pleasure in the quality of their service and the people who make it happen.

    They provide an environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking in order to prepare their alumni for careers in a variety of fields. The school of public administration is a well-rounded and collaborative public administrative program with excellent and marketable undergraduate degrees.

    Phone: +232 2225 0058
    Address: FQJX+4H9, Hospital Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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    Milton Margai College of Education and Technology

    Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) is a technical university in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was previously known as Milton Margai Teachers College. It was founded in 1963 and is named after Sir Milton Margai, Sierra Leone's first Prime Minister. The university has been upgraded to a degree-awarding status in selected subjects and has become associated with the University of Sierra Leone. Milton Margai Teachers College was established in 1963 and was originally located on Freetown's Tower Hill. MMTC's purpose was to prepare instructors at secondary school's lower levels.

    MMCET graduates were awarded either a Teacher's Certificate (TC) or a Teacher's Advanced Certificate (TAC) until 1967. (TAC). The TC and TAC were phased out and replaced with the Higher Teachers Certificate in 1967, when a new three-year program was launched, the curriculum was revised, and both the TC and TAC were phased out and replaced with the Higher Teachers Certificate (HTC). Education, Engineering (Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical), Science and Technology, and Business and Management, including Hotel and Tourism, are the four faculties at MMCET.

    Both the staff and student administrative groups were restructured as a result of the merger. Dr. Dennis Kargbo was named Principal of the MMCET within the staff unit.

    Phone: +232 7820 9919
    Address: CPF8+P3H, Unnamed Road,, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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    Eastern Technical University

    Eastern Technical University is one of the best universities in Sierra Leone. It is a university in Kenema, Sierra Leone's third largest city. Eastern Technical University was designed as a multi-campus college with a campus at Bunumbu in the Kailahun District (which was destroyed during the Sierra Leone Civil War) and another at Woama in the Kono District, in addition to the Kenema campus (this campus was planned after the war and two buildings were erected but the site has been abandoned). The Bunumbu Teachers College and the Government Technical Institute were merged to form the college, which was founded as a consequence of a merger of two significant government institutions. Both universities had a lengthy history of contributing to Sierra Leone's educational system. In October 2001, Eastern Technical University was granted legal status as a tertiary educational institution. Prior to that, it had implemented a variety of programs aimed at offering educational opportunities for teachers, tradesmen, technicians, and technologists.

    The university offers a variety of certificate, diploma, and degree programs in English studies, engineering, business management, accounting, nursing, criminology, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, among other subjects. On the Kenema campus, there are 1,500 students. More than 300 people work at the institution, with over half of them being trainers/lecturers and the remainder being administrative and other support employees.

    Phone: +232 7823 1363
    Address: VR73+7PM, Kenema, Leone, Sierra Leone

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