Top 3 Most Beautiful Islands In Ghana

  1. Top 1 Bobowasi Island
  2. Top 2 Seva Island
  3. Top 3 Dodi Island

Top 3 Most Beautiful Islands In Ghana

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A body of land surrounded by water is known as an island. Continents are likewise surrounded by water, however they are not considered islands due to their ... read more...

  1. Bobowasi Island is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean's Axim Bay and listed the first place in the top 3 most beautiful islands in Ghana. It is located 1.8 kilometers north of Axim Castle, east of Egwang Rock, and south of Mensell Hedwig Rock, and is north of Watts Rock, east of Egwang Rock, and south of Mensell Hedwig Rock. The term 'Bebo Arezi' comes from the Ghanaian Nzema language, which literally means 'they have beaten Arezi.' Over time, the name 'Bebo Arezi' has evolved into 'Bobo Arezi,' which is today known as Bobowasi Island.

    According to legend, the Bobowasi Island was once covered in a dense forest. Because of the presence of dwarfs, people were not permitted to visit the island. However, visitors nowadays can come and admire the beauty of the island as well as the lighthouse which is considered as part of the Western Region of Ghana, 238 km west of the capital, Accra.

    Location: Axim Bay

    Photo:  World of Lighthouses
    Photo: World of Lighthouses
    Photo:  Hatlas Travel
    Photo: Hatlas Travel

  2. Seva Island, ranking the second place on the list of most beautiful islands in Ghana, is located in Keta District, on the Keta Lagoon. Seva is one of the islands that make up the Keta Lagoon archipelago. It is around 2.7 square miles in size. Because it is a stopover spot for many migratory birds, this island is important for bird viewing. The sandy beaches, general cleanliness, and native storytelling in Ewe are among the town's many attractions. Historians have been unable to pinpoint a date for the town's establishment. Seva's residents are known for their musical and dance abilities. They are proficient at xatsevu (African rattle music) and halo song singing (songs of abuse).

    The main clients traveled from Nigeria to the Keta and Agbozume marketplaces in the Volta Region, Ghana. Seva is one of the recognized destinations for the weaving industry among the Ewe people, which were frequented by Yoruba and Hausa traders. Fishing is another major occupation. In the Keta Lagoon, crabs, shrimp, and tilapia are caught. In the Keta area, this is a crucial area for salt production.

    Location: Keta District

    Photo: Tourism Watch Ghana
    Photo: Tourism Watch Ghana
    Photo: Tourism Watch Ghana
    Photo: Tourism Watch Ghana
  3. The last one on our list of most beautiful islands in Ghana is Dodi Island. The island is a Ghanaian island located 5 kilometers (3 miles; 3 kilometers) off the coast of Lake Volta. It is the home of the popular cruise liner, the Dodi Princess, and is one of the country's most prominent marine tourism centers. Dodi Island has a beautiful environment and a pleasant climate, which combine to provide for a fantastic boat experience. On the lovely banks of the Volta River in Akosombo, visitors can enjoy a unique bundle of adventure, entertainment, history, and education while enjoying a spectacular view of the lake, dam, and nearby mountain side. The dock is also an excellent spot to take in the scenery of the surrounding.

    The island definitely offers visitors and vacationers the opportunity to enjoy nature at its best. Visitors to the island are treated to spectacular views of the Volta Lake and the Volta River's lovely banks. With these sceneries, Dodi is regarded as one of the most majestic islands in Ghana.

    Location: Lake Volta

    Photo:  Andson Travel Consult
    Photo: Andson Travel Consult

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