Top 6 Most Beautiful Islands in Kazakhstan

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Because of its huge deposits of oil and most other precious minerals, the world's ninth-largest country is the most economically sophisticated of the'stans.' ... read more...

  1. Basaral Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Kazakhstan. It is an island in Lake Balkhash located in the southwestern portion of the lake. It is near the beach, separated by a 2.5-kilometer (1.6-mile) sound. The Basaral Island has a length of just over 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) and a maximum width of around 7 kilometers (4.3 mi). Ortaaral is a tiny island comparable to Basaral's southern end, located to the southeast. The island's shore is rocky, with a maximum height of 393 meters (1,289 ft). Salsola, Caragana, and Anabasis scrub make up the majority of the vegetation.

    During the early half of the twentieth century, Lake Balkhash's economic prominence had skyrocketed. The fishing and fish breeding that began in the 1930s was the most significant. A regular shipping service with a high volume of freight was also established. The development of the Balqash copper-refining facility, around which the huge city of Balqash was built on the north side of the lake, was also of significant economic significance to the region. On the Ile River, however, the Qapshaghay hydroelectric power project commenced operations in 1970. The diversion of water to fill the Qapshaghay reservoir and supply irrigation lowered the Ile River's flow by two-thirds, causing the lake's water level to drop.

    Location: Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan

  2. Barsa-Kelmes Island ranks 2nd on the list of the most beautiful islands in Kazakhstan. The former island of Barsa-Kelmes (literally "the place of no return") is the biggest in the Aral Sea. It was given this name due to the numerous reports of persons (or groups of people) returning years or even decades after visiting the island, despite the fact that those people claimed to have just spent two or three days there. It had a surface size of 133 km2 in the 1980s, but as the water got more shallow, it slowly increased until it ceased to be an island in the 1990s. Its highest point is 113 meters above sea level. The Barsa-Kelmes Nature Reserve is included. Visitors are advised to cover their eyes during dust storms and high winds due to the natural salt deposits.

    Geographer A. Maksheyev and topographer A. Akishev completed the first recorded survey of Barsa-Kelmes in August 1848, when they made a topographical survey of the island and characterized its scenery. There was a recurrent urban rumor concerning paranormal activities occurring on the island throughout the second part of the twentieth century. The tale peaked in the early 1990s, when the popular scientific magazine Tekhnika Molodyozhi published a lengthy story about the events, citing local medical student Sergey Lukyanenko as their main source. It includes letters and accounts from local fishermen concerning weird temporal fluctuations, missing expeditions, and other mysteries, as well as an entertaining story about the island's changing flow of time and suspected UFO presence.

    Location: The Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

  3. Korzhin Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Kazakhstan. Korzhin Island (also known as Kurzhin, Kurdzhyn, Korzhun, Kurzhon or Kurdzhun Island) is a long and flat island in Lake Balkhash. It is located in the central portion of the lake. It is a desert island having a length of 13.5 km (8.4 mi) and a maximum width of 0.8 km (0.50 mi).

    Take the island tour on a classic catamaran to gain the full perspective of how paradisiacal this place really is. Nothing like you’ve ever seen before, the islands here are comprised of jagged grey cliffs sporadically covered in lush green overgrowth next to bright white sand beaches and turquoise water. Genuinely breathtaking and awe-inspiring, your time spent in Korzhin Island will feel like you’re been transported onto an Avatar-like planet that you’ll never want to leave. The local motorbike tour guides here draw a blurred line between tour guide and friend. They will open up to you, welcome you, and go the extra mile to make your time unforgettable. Get ready for a homegrown experience full of natural adventures on this surprisingly underrated island.

    Location: Lake Balkhash, Kazahstan

  4. Durneva Island or Dūrnev Araldary (Russian: Ostrov Durnëva) is a coastal island near the entrance of the Dead Kultuk (former Komsomolets Bay) of the eastern Caspian Sea. It is located north of the Buzachi Peninsula and 41.6 km north of Turum. It ranks 4th on the list of the most beautiful islands in Kazakhstan. Administratively Durneva Island belongs to the Mangystau Region of Kazakhstan. Durneva is most likely the island known as Ile des Cygnes on early maps of the Caspian Sea (Swan Island). Fedor Ivanovich Soimonov was the first to correctly chart the island during the 1719 Caspian Expedition, which surveyed the Caspian Sea from 1719 to 1727.

    The Durneva Island has got all exotic wildlife, mangrove forest reserves, mesmerizing lagoons, and of course, perfect white sand beaches. But there is one more element that brings travelers to surf. There are great waves, swells, and shops that attract surfers who were lucky enough to find out about this gem! You’ve got a couple of options of where to stay when you visit. This lively little island town is filled with restaurants, resorts, shops, and people- yet still encapsulates that small beach town charm.

    Location: Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan

  5. Zhanbay Island ranks 5th on the list of the most beautiful islands in Kazakhstan. Zhanbay Aral, or Dzhambayskiy Island (Kazakh: Жанбай аралы, Janbai araly), is a low, flat island in the Caspian Sea. It is located east of the mouths of the Volga. A 1.2 km wide waterway separates Zhanbay Island from the Kazakh shore. It is 21.5 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide at its widest point.

    A short boat ride from the Caspian Sea to Zhanbay Island gets you to the most iconic and spectacular shot of Kazakhstan. Once you climb the stairs to the Volga lake viewpoint and catch your breath, you’ll see colossal limestone rocks jutting out of a turquoise green bay. After you’ve got the perfect photos, walk down the stairs in the opposite direction to the Volga lake, one of the clearest lakes in the world. Here you can swim and snorkel amongst the colorful fish and coral. This area gets extremely busy so ask your local tour operator or hotel staff what the best time to visit is. Come here and have a wonderful experience on this island.

    Location: The Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan

  6. Tasaral ranks 6th on the list of the most beautiful islands in Kazakhstan. It is located close to the shore, separated from it by a 1.7 km (1.1 mi) wide sound. It has a length of 8.2 km, a maximum width of roughly 4 km, and a maximum height that reaches 368 m. Named after the island, the small town of Tasaral, founded in 1928 and dedicated mainly to fisheries, is located on the shore opposite the point of Tasaral Island.

    You can get local by visiting family-owned watersport companies that will take you out parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boating. You can go on an island hopping tour to snorkel and even each raw sea urchin from the bottom of the ocean. Even if diving isn’t your bag, Tasaral Island offers everything you’d expect from a Kazakhstan island and a lot of local life, adding a real sense of character. The vibe is unlike any of the more developed, touristic islands. Hire a scooter and local guide in the late afternoon to catch the sunset from the cliff viewpoints.

    Location: Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan

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