Top 5 Most Beautiful Islands in Lebanon

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Lebanon is a compact country, which is excellent news. It's so little that you could spend your whole vacation in Beirut and take day trips all throughout the ... read more...

  1. Palms Island ranks 1st on the list of the most beautiful islands in Lebanon. The highest point of the island is 6 meters above sea level. Its rocky coast extends from the northwest to the south while its sandy beaches lie on the north and east faces.The middle of the island is earthen, it contains evidence of past periods of human occupation such as a freshwater well, an old salt evaporation pond, and the remains of a Crusader church. Palms Island underwent rehabilitation works which included restoration of the well, its water is used to irrigate the island's 570 palm trees. The authorities also constructed a boat dock and walking trails and demarcated the island's areas of recreation and research.

    The Palm Islands Nature Reserve is made up of three flat, rocky islands made of eroded limestone, as well as the surrounding sea region, located 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) northwest of Mina El Mina, Lebanon, and west of Tripoli, Lebanon. The reserve is 4.2 square kilometers (1.6 square miles) in size and has been declared as a Mediterranean Specially Protected Area under the Barcelona Convention of 1995. In 1980, the islands were designated as a Ramsar Wetland of Special International Importance, and BirdLife International designated them as an Important Bird Area. The islands are a shelter for endangered green turtles, rare monk seals, and migratory birds that use them as a resting and breeding site.

    Location: Mina, Lebanon, Tripoli District, North Governorate, Lebanon

    Area: 4.2 km2

  2. Ramkeen Island ranks 2nd on the list of the most beautiful islands in Lebanon. The Palm Islands Nature Reserve consists of three flat rocky islands. Ramkeen is part of the natural reserve (along with a couple of other surrounding islands). It is only open for a short while during summer starting in July, while the rest of the year it is a protected space for sea turtles and migratory birds. It is an underrated island that no one knows exists, but it is the most interesting of the islands, especially for anyone who likes some adventure. It is 11km off-shore, and 5 mins beyond Palms Island. It's mostly a rocky island and has an old abandoned lighthouse built around the 1950s.

    This island is the complete opposite of Palms Island, which is a big flat sandy beach. This island is mostly of rocks & cliffs. It is an exciting spot for anyone who loves adventure, cliff jumping, free diving, spearfishing, & snorkeling. You can grab a ferry ride that's about 30 minutes and enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure.

    Location: Tripoli District, North Governorate, Lebanon
    Area: 34,9 km2

  3. Sanani Island ranks 3rd on the list of the most beautiful islands in North Lebanon. It covers an area of 45,503 square meters (489,790 sq ft) southeast of Palm Island. It is mainly rocky with a partially sandy shore. The islands hosted an important settlement as attested by the presence of numerous ostraca dating to the late Roman and medieval periods as well as several rock-cut cisterns. The first excavation of Palm Island was undertaken in October 1973 and revealed the foundations of several buildings dating to the Crusades in which earlier architectural elements, such as column drums and fragments of capitals had been re-used.

    Sanani Island
    is the only island in Lebanon with the largest local population.Opening guesthouses on inhabited islands was prohibited earlier but was allowed as a step to encourage tourism. Over the years Sanani Island has become one of the top islands in Lebanon. Though it is often dismissed as a destination with few sightseeing options, it must not be missed. For it is here that you experience the true culture and it is the best island to stay in Lebanon for a honeymoon.

    Location: Southeast of Palm Island, Lebanon
    Area: 45,5 km2

  4. Bellane Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Lebanon. It is known in local as El Bellâne, Al Ballan, Al Ballān, Bellame, El Bellan, El Bellane, El Bellâne, El Bellān, Ile Bella, Jazirat Balla, Jazīrat Ballā, alblan, jzyrt blla. It is located in the state of Liban-Nord, Lebanon and the time zone in Beirut.

    On Bellane Island, the seawater is very clear and the sand on the sea is extremely white. Its crystal clear waters, sun-kissed beaches, aquamarine lagoons, and spa centers make it one of the best honeymoon islands in Lebanon. The Bellane Resort on the island offers exquisite stay options in the form of beach bungalows and overwaters properties, in addition to the wide array of watersports. The bioluminescence observed in the waters surrounding the island at night is no less than a mystical surprise for the visitors. Come here and enjoy your time on this island!

    Location: Liban-Nord, Lebanon

    Area: 1,9 ha
  5. Top 5


    Zireh Island is considered a haven for the people of Sidon during the summer, in light of the high temperatures and the high prices of entry to private swimming pools. It is 1.5 km from the coast of Sidon, and it is one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Lebanon. The island consists of several parts, the first of which is a natural landmark called the Great Rock, which is a huge rock that visitors come to take pictures of, and this rock is surrounded by dozens of picturesque beaches, and the second is the picturesque gardens area and many others.

    Zireh ranks 5th on the list of the most beautiful islands in Lebanon. It is the home of one of the top-rated and popular resorts where a couple can relax overlooking the mesmerizing views of the ocean. The resort has a private swimming pool that merges straight into the ocean. Have a romantic meal on the edge of the ocean while you enjoy the sun setting into the ocean. The aircraft ride over the island will make you drop your jay in amazement and admiration.

    Location: Sidon, Lebanon

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