Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Cameroon

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Cameroon is a country in the western part of Central Africa. This is a country with many beautiful landscapes, especially waterfalls. Let's discover the most beautiful waterfalls in Cameroon!

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Métché Falls

Métché Falls, located in the Mbouda district of Cameroon on the Penka-Michel border, on the Metchié-Choumi river, is one of Bafoussam's tourist attractions. The entry to the falls is marked by a sign on the road; once there, you must park your car in the area designated for this purpose and walk there.

According to local beliefs, the Metche Falls serves as a site of sacrifice to dispel the curse and mourn the deceased. Salt, money, palm oil, and even meals have been placed as offerings on the ground at the site's entrance.

This breathtaking waterfall is steeped in history. Right after the Dschang-Bafoussam intersection and across from the water treatment facility, on the road to Mbouda. During the dark years of Cameroon, this is where the French colonial force would toss Cameroonians who challenged their system into the waterfalls. A specific monument should be built to remember those who died while battling for the country's independence. These waterfalls are a place of pilgrimage for those who lost loved ones. Métché Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cameroon.

Location: Mbouda district of Cameroon
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Ekom Nkam Waterfall

Ekom Nkam Waterfall also referred to as Chutes d'Ekom Nkam, are hypnotic twin waterfalls that are situated in the heart of a rainforest forest in the Littoral Region, southwest of the Republic of Cameroon. They are found in the northern part of Moungo Department.

This daunting, yet mesmerizing natural marvel is something that should definitely be considered seeing in person. It rises around 80 meters (262 feet) above the surroundings. However, if one would like to visit this work of beauty created by nature, there are two trails that will give a magnificent look at these superb waterfalls. The name is derived from the community with the same name, which is nearby the waterfalls.

Both of them promise a great experience and a chance to learn as much as you can about the magnificent qualities of Cameroon. One is along the river, while the other is through the forest. As was previously mentioned, there are various ways that tourists can experience this magnificent treasure. They can choose to take in the distant view, get up close and personal, climb to the top, or simply sit by the side and unwind to the roaring sounds and lush green hues that will evoke their inner fantasies.

Location: Littoral Region, Cameroon

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Waterfall of Lobé

The Waterfalls of Lobé are around 300 kilometers southwest of Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital. The 1 kilometer-long series of cascades and spectacular cloud that surrounds the falls, the largest of which is 20 meters high before plunging into the Atlantic Ocean, are what give the falls their unique characteristics. The Batanga, Maabi, and Pygmee peoples who inhabit the area and link the falls to diverse traditional rites place a solid foundation of symbolic beliefs in the waterfalls of Lobé.

The importance of this cultural environment to these peoples' way of life suggests that they must be included in its care and in the creation of the nomination proposal for inscription. The Waterfalls of Lobé were listed on a revised tentative list that the Cameroonian government sent in April 2006. This location, which exhibits both cultural and ecological elements, will be nominated for inclusion on the World Heritage List in 2007. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cameroon.

Location: Cameroonian capital, Cameroon

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