Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Somalia

  1. Top 1 Baidoa Waterfall
  2. Top 2 Lamadaya Waterfalls
  3. Top 3 Iskushuban Waterfalls

Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Somalia

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Somalia is known to be a beautiful African country that has a unique culture, rich history, and most importantly, untouched wild nature. One of the things that ... read more...

  1. Many people tend to make the wrong assumption that African countries have one common thing, which is the lack of water shortages. However, the first waterfall in our list - Baidoa Waterfall - will prove them wrong, because this is a natural waterfall that flows all seasons. Therefore, aside from being a tourist attraction, the waterfall has been the main water shortage for the nearby cities and farms.

    Baidoa Waterfall is located in Baidoa city (or Iscia Baidoa), the capital of the Southwestern State of Somalia. This city is rated by tourists to be one of the most attractive places to visit in Somalia since it has a rich culture and magnificent nature, including Baidoa Waterfall and other beautiful waterfalls like Ufayn waterfall, etc. But Baidoa Waterfall is the city's most famous tourist attraction.

    Visiting Baidoa Waterfall, you'll have a chance to witness the beauty of untouched wild nature, and help yourself to swim in the refreshing water. The stunning view is a great photography material and the local people's friendliness is what will make you fall in love with this place. However, many people think that the site needs proper maintenance before its losses its beauty.

    Location: Baidoa city, Bay region, Somalia.

    Photo: Ilyas Ahmed
    Photo: Ilyas Ahmed
    Video: HafidTuber

  2. Lamadaya Waterfalls are Somalia's greatest waterfalls, cascading over the sheer-cut cliffs of the Cal Madow mountains. The name of the waterfalls could be translated to “not to be looked at” in English, owing to the waterfalls' steep incline atop a high hill. These waterfalls are the largest waterfalles in Somalia, and they are also exceptionally high, with the highest cascade is 100 meters (328 feet). Similar to Baidoa Waterfall, these waterfalls flow all seasons.

    Lamadaya Waterfalls have carved their way through the earth's ochre-hued rock, creating deep plunge pools at their bottom and creating strange mineral formations beneath their flow. Visiting this site, people would be fully awestruck by the breathtaking beauty of the natural waterfalls. The pools at the bottom of the waterfalls are good for a swim, but visitors should be careful when swimming in them in the summer, since around this time of the year the water flow becomes more vigorous.

    If you enjoy a little bit of adventure, you can try going on a trek to the top of Lamadaya Waterfalls. However, proper preparation is strictly required since many Hikers and climbers find the surfaces slippery and dangerous for non-experience people.

    Location: Calamadow Mountains, Lasqoray, Sanaag Region, Somalia.

    Photo: Alluring World
    Photo: Alluring World
  3. When it comes to Somalia's natural tourist attractions, Iskushuban lake will come to many tourists' minds, but the natural waterfalls next to it are also a wonder of Somalia that you don't want to miss while visiting this country. Iskushuban Waterfalls are the second largest waterfalls in the country after Lamadaya Waterfalls. However, these are seasonal waterfalls, which means the best time to visit them is the rainy season.

    Since Iskushuban Waterfalls are so close to Iskushuban lake, you should not miss this spot after visiting the famous lake. The view of beautiful nature and the variety of water activities you can do here might give you the best experience in Somalia! Furthermore, the Iskushuban village where the two beautiful sites are located has a long and rich history, so a village tour with a local is also highly recommended.

    Aside from taking pictures and swimming in the freshwater, there are a number of hikes to do in the area and specifically to access Iskushuban Waterfalls. If you don't know which is the best hike, don't hesitate to ask the locals for help. They will let you know, and sometimes accompany you along the way.

    Location: Iskushuban Town, Bari Region, Somalia.

    Video: Hanad
    The Iskushuban Lake near the Iskushuban Waterfall - Adam Adde
    The Iskushuban Lake near the Iskushuban Waterfall - Adam Adde

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