Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Rwanda

  1. Top 1 Rusumo falls
  2. Top 2 Kamiranzovu falls
  3. Top 3 Ruhondo waterfall

Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Rwanda

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Rwanda is the undulating and delicious "land of a thousand hills", and a country that demonstrates optimism and rebirth following its traumatic history. While ... read more...

  1. The Rusumo waterfall is located near the Tanzania-Rwanda border along the Kagera River. This waterfall is beside some of the most amazing ones, including Chutes Rusumo and Amazi Isumo. It is a prominent waterfall and has a fascinating history, particularly in relation to the 1994 Rwandan genocide. As the dead corpses were jammed beneath the bridge, most persons who were trying to flee passed under Rusumo Falls. Amazi Isumo is an incredible waterfall in and of itself since it is located in one of Rwanda's most beautiful regions. The lonely planet is another name for this amazing region.

    Despite its modest size, the waterfall has great strength on its own and stands alone, giving weekend travelers to Rwanda a romantic sense. The Rusumo waterfalls are around 15 meters long and 40 meters wide. These amazing waterfalls were created on Precambrian quartzophyllites and schists. They also served as the meeting point for the first Europeans who arrived in Rwanda in the early 1894s, when German count Gustav Adolf Von Gotzen first encountered people from Tanzania. He then traveled to Lake Kivu's shoreline and the Mwami's palace in Nyanza.

    Belgians also arrived in Rwanda via these waterfalls when they took over the nation during World War One. The grounds around the Rusumo Falls are carefully protected, and there are a number of lodges and hotels that provide the greatest lodging options for visitors on a safari in Rwanda. Visitors can participate in a variety of activities that provide life-changing experiences. The most impressive ones are hiking and mountain climbing, both of which provide breath-taking gorilla vistas. The surrounding surroundings are also the ideal location for camping excursions and a variety of camping services that fit the needs of visitors. In addition to their amazing activities, the waterfalls provide the most breathtaking vistas and the loud thunder that is unheard nowhere in Rwanda.

    Location: The Rusumo border with Tanzania, Rusumo, Rwanda


  2. The Kamiranzovu falls are located in Nyungwe Forest National Park in southwest Rwanda and are a product of the Kamiranzovu marshlands. For travelers on a Rwanda safari, it is one of the most ideal tourist destinations that you shouldn't overlook in your trip itinerary because it has some of the few most fantastic tourist attractions. While the chimpanzee trekking excursions at Nyungwe Forest National Park are the park's main claim to fame, seeing the Kamiranzovu waterfalls also provides visitors with life-changing experiences. The bottom half of these waterfalls sits on large rocks and makes for an incredible photo opportunity. The second segment is located in front of the water flowing.

    To reach Kamiranzovu Falls, you'll need to be physically fit, courageous, and persistent. The hikes take tourists into Nyungwe National Park's lush jungle. Although it is roughly 10 kilometers from the starting point, getting there will take some time due to the mountainous terrain's considerable distance and moderate difficulty. Compared to Rusumo and Thompson, Kamiranzovu falls are located in remote locations. Depending on the season, these waterfalls move at varying speeds. This is partly because the jungles have an abundance of water due to the significant quantity of rainfall that they receive throughout the year for more than nine months.

    Location: Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda
  3. In the Gishwati-Mukura National Park, the Ruhondo waterfall is situated close to the Gishwati lake. Before you reach the falls, you'll drive through a gorgeous limestone valley where swiftly moving water has chiseled away flawless rocks, leaving delightful little fissures and swirling whirlpools. Even though the water's extraordinary hue changes throughout the year, from milky white to azure blue, it is always mesmerizing.

    Similar to most protected areas, a briefing is always held before beginning the real hiking expeditions. Visitors follow several pathways in the forest that are led by an expert guide as the journey starts at the edge of the forest around the plantation. Visitors are encouraged to bring hiking boots, long sleeve shirts or t-shirts, pants, rain jackets, trekking sticks, and many other items because the weather in this region is unpredictable. Visitors that go through the waterfall are rewarded with breathtaking vistas of many animal and plant species. The region is home to 1068 different plant species and 38 reptile species, which together make up the Rwanda safari experience. Besides spectacular waterfalls, you will also have a chance to engage in chimpanzee trekking.

    Location: Gishwati-Mukura National Park, Rwanda

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