Top 9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Lebanon

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There are numerous stunning waterfalls in Lebanon, and each one is equally breathtaking. The waterfalls in Lebanon, blessed with lush greenery and fertile ... read more...

  1. The Guardian named Lebanon's Balou Balaa one of the World's Best Waterfalls in 2019! The Balaa gorge sinkhole (Baatara gorge waterfall) is a waterfall at Balaa in Tannourine, Lebanon. The waterfall cascades 255 meters (837 feet) into the Balaa Pothole, a Jurassic limestone cave on Lebanon Mountain Trail. The Cave of the Three Bridges is another name for this cave. Traveling from Laklouk to Tannourine, the Three Bridges Chasm (in French, Gouffre des Trois Ponts) is a five-minute trek into the valley below, where three natural bridges rise one over the other, overhanging a chasm dropping towards Mount Lebanon.

    French bio-speleologist Henri Coiffait introduced the waterfall and associated sinkhole to the western world in 1952. The waterfall and sinkhole were completely surveyed in the 1980s by the Spéléo club du Liban. The spring of Dalleh in Mgharet al-Ghaouaghir was where the water first emerged, according to a 1988 fluorescent dye test. The Balou Balaa waterfall, which is naturally built of limestone and has three bridges stacked on top of one another, draws tourists from all over the world. The attraction is worthwhile to visit all year round, but the best time to go is in the spring when a stream of water shoots 250 meters to the bottom of the cave and the area is lush with greenery.

    Location: Tannourine, Lebanon

  2. The Bqarzla waterfall is a well-kept secret in Lebanon and is found in the Akkar governorate. One of Lebanon's most alluring and exciting waterfalls is this one. The island's native flora abounds in the area around this stunning canyon. The Tamarind Fall is the greatest waterfall in Lebanon for adventurous activities because of its design. There are some difficult courses as well that need the aid of knowledgeable guides. It is simple to swim in the sizable pond at the base of the fall. Make your vacation to the north a day excursion so you may explore this delightful area while you're there. This is just one example of Akkar's magnificent natural beauty.

    This fall is notable for its unusual cliff formations, which over hundreds of years have been shaped into rectangular blocks by the force of water. When you arrive at this lovely location, you will be surrounded by the tranquil sounds of animals and the running stream. The area's lush forest, varied, luxuriant flora and fauna, and stunning landscapes make it an incredible place to get in touch with nature.

    Location: Akkar, Lebanon
  3. This stunning area, Wadi Qannoubine, better known as the Cedars of God, is located in the Bcharre district and is a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site. At a height of 1,500 meters, Mount Makmel's melting snow contributes to the formation of a magnificent waterfall that cascades into the valley below. To go to this remote location, where you may set foot and be astounded by the sight of the naturally occurring waterfall, you can hire a guide to assist you in traveling through a pristine mountain route. Visitors wanting to be rewarded with beautiful views after a challenging climb are mesmerized by the unmatched majesty of the waterfall.

    The beauty of this waterfall has captured the attention of travelers from throughout the country. Many tourists are staying at the foot of the mountain to enjoy the splendor of the moon's midnight fountain. Visitors who want to swim or wander at the foot of the mountain to experience the beauty of the waterfall on a moonlight night can take river cruises and feel the mist of the waterfall. Because of its beauty, you really like it. This area offers trekking, beauty, adventure, and thrill.

    Location: Bcharre, Lebanon

  4. Top 4


    The waterfalls of Afqa have served as, and will continue to serve as, a backdrop for Arab lyricists and artists. They are significant in terms of ancient Phoenicians, regional mythologies, and religious practices. They are therefore one of the most well-known waterfalls in Lebanon for this reason. Every winter, the water in the deep cave where soft, clear, transparent, and fresh water flowing freezes in the middle. Furthermore, the area is full of expansive landscapes where anybody may camp, relax, and have fun. There are sites that are favored for camping and Lebanese cuisines, such as "Afqa Reserve" and "al Rabeeh restaurant", that are highly suggested for visiting.

    A little further down, next to the cave, are the ruins of an Astarte temple that had a shrine. Finally, after leaving the ruins and continuing on the winding asphalt road, you will come to a wonderful location with lovely views of the spring and the two ancient stone arched bridges at the base of the waterfall. The white-water torrent is coming down from hills that are hundreds of feet high. When one turns their gaze from the rocky mountainside, it seems as though white sheets have been spread. The closer you are to the sound of the fountain, the more apparent the truth and beauty of the waterfalls will be. You will be mesmerized by the magnificent balance between the mountains and the river.

    Location: Afqa, Lebanon
  5. One of the most stunning waterfalls is Yahchouch, which is situated in the Kaza of Kesrouan, some 35 kilometers from Beirut's city. The valley is an offshoot of the valley of the Ibrahim River. Yahchouch, a Syrian term that meaning "the agony of God," alludes to the myth of Adonis, who endured pain as a result of his battle with the untamed animal. The region is a lovely spot to wander, and the walkways allow for exploration and reflection on the majesty of the place. The Bokrzla Waterfalls, one of Lebanon's most stunning natural attractions, situated in the Akkar Governorate, some 110 kilometers from Beirut. The beauty of the scenic landscape in the Akkar area is reflected in these waterfalls.

    Don't forget to take a walk-in nature and experience the area's beauty and charm in addition to visiting the waterfalls. The fall is pretty lovely after a shower. The only way to the waterfall is via the lake. Because of the waterfall, tall hills, and stunning scenery it offers, it is a well-known tourist destination. The water first descends in a step that is elevated above the topography of the area. Although it is difficult, you won't soon forget how stunning the surroundings are if you have the courage and confidence to ride the step.

    Location: Kaza of Kesrouan, Lebanon
  6. In the beautiful Bsetines Al-Ossi valley, to the north, lies a delightful region of Lebanon called Kfarhelda, where mother nature stretches forth in dazzling magnificence. Kfar Helda has a fantastical quality due to its lush vegetation, captivating waterfalls, fertile soil, and stunning vistas. There is, however, a secret paradise that was originally the site of a Roman temple, and relics from churches and monasteries may still be found there, whispering the medieval ages. Kfarhelda, also known as Kfar Helda, is most beautiful in the spring and summer because of the wide-open spaces it provides for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, bicycling, swimming in its river, or simply taking in a picnic or a delicious dinner at one of its restaurants.

    When you visit this waterfall, you'll feel as though you've entered a scene from a movie because it is surrounded by dense vegetation. The waterfall, which is one of Lebanon's strongest and is close to the red-roofed village of Douma, is an amazing sight to see. Tourists are drawn to unspoiled areas of nature where they may hear gushing water and breaking waves. The beauty of Kfarhelda regains its completeness during the rainy season.

    Location: Bsetines Al-Ossi, Lebanon
  7. One of the most notable sights and tourist destinations in the town of Jezzine, which is situated in the eastern portion of the South Governorate in the southern section of the Lebanese Republic, is the Jezzine Waterfall. The town of Jezzine is known as the "City of Waterfalls" due to the abundance of waterfalls and its spectacular height of around 74 meters (243 feet) above the valley. The Jezzine River, which has more water in the spring and is also said to be the ideal time to visit and experience this Lebanese wonder in person, feeds the waterfall's flow.

    Due to the dry months, against expectations, there is hardly any water falling from the top of the high rock in Jezzine, despite the fact that this is a powerful and fairly spectacular feature. Even nevertheless, the waterfall generates a tremendous sound when there is water that is nearly deafening and offers a fantastic opportunity to see the power it conceals during the dry season. In addition to its breathtaking appearance, Jezzine's Waterfall offers hikers the chance to experience its true height by showcasing it to them. Visitors can also see the Fakhr El-Din Grotto in person, which is about 500 meters (1,640 feet) away from the waterfall and only accessible by crawling. This waterfall offers breathtaking mountain views that produce picturesque vistas. This waterfall is only blessed by nature with cool water, majestic mountains, and lush vegetation.

    Location: Jezzine, Lebanon
  8. Up until the early 17th century, Baakline, a calm mountain sanctuary, served as the capital of Mount Lebanon. It is famous for its blue waterfalls. An excursion to the mesmerizing Al Hamadeh Palace or a classic Lebanese lunch at a restaurant with a view of a waterfall are just two of the many wonderful experiences that await you in the stunningly picturesque Baakline. This waterfall's vivid blue and green colors look like they were copied from a postcard. The fall, which is located in the Chouf area, is renowned for its gorgeous and tranquil surroundings. While you're there, be sure to check out the Baakline National Library and stroll the nearby trails.

    Because there are so many trees here, the air is quite fresh, making this a great area to stop after walking. The trickle of cool water makes you feel refreshed. You can reach many fantastic eateries, such as Challalat Al Zarka, Al Tahouna, and New Garbatella, that serve delectable Lebanese lunches along the Baakline River with just a 15-minute drive. In the village's center, there are a number of small eateries and snack shops.

    Location: Shmees, Choualiq Deir el Qamar, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon
  9. The district of Chouf is where Serjbeil (Sirjbal) is situated. From Beirut, it takes 30 minutes to get there. It is a pretty well-known location in the region, primarily because of the nearby waterfall. It may be found deep into the valley. The waterfall and river crossing are both breathtaking. Although it is quite difficult, it is possible to climb up and down the river stream, which gives some fantastic vistas. The water is deep enough for all types of jumps at the waterfall area, where there are multiple jumps ranging in height from 3 to 8 meters (though occasionally there are floating branches, so make sure the water is clear).

    The place is great for a relaxing day, and the water is really clean. However, on weekends, particularly Sundays, it may get a little packed. The light will shine through the water spray, creating a wonderful sight with gorgeous, sparkling sunshine. When the sun's rays strike the water spray in front of a high rock, a gorgeous rainbow will form above the stream. This is perfect for photographers or anybody who appreciates capturing pictures of the amazing natural world.

    Location: Chouf, Lebanon

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