Top 3 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Malta

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Malta, a tiny but stunning archipelago in the center of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and the coast of North Africa, is one of the tourist attractions in Europe with one of the fastest-rising visitor populations. For such a tiny region, it is remarkably diversified, with long, broad beaches, prehistoric temples, cliffs covered in fossils, hidden coves, brilliant turquoise waves, and even pockets of edginess that give it a particular ambiance unlike any other site in Europe. You should be aware that this location also includes several beautiful waterfalls. For additional details, continue reading.

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The Gössfälle is a magnificent waterfall in Austria's Kärnten region's Maltatal, close to Koschach. Over a number of phases, the river Gößbach empties into the river Malta. The Gossfalle is approximately 20 feet tall overall. It is actually a concatenation of multiple smaller waterfalls rather than one large waterfall. The road to the first Gößfall, which is about 150 meters from the parking lot Gößfälle, has been carefully designed to be barrier-free, so even individuals with walking and visual impairments may navigate it. The finest view of the roaring masses of water - and probably also on the adventurous canyoning athletes that plunge into the deep waters here - is from a platform that was created just in front of the first waterfall, which is the highlight of this trip for many canyoning athletes. There are picnic chairs that beckon you to stay sometime in this space, which is known as the water arena.

The water theme trail departs from the water arena and proceeds up a broad, washed-out route that is dotted with roots and stones to the upper End of the Gößschlucht. On strategically placed boards along the border of the route, you may find quotations from well-known people on the topic of water. These ideas pique the imagination and demonstrate how crucial a role water has always played in human history. There are rest and halting areas that, in addition to generally providing the greatest views of the turbulent water, also promote pausing, listening, and reflection. The hike's high point is a wooden suspension bridge that crosses a side valley and offers a comprehensive view of the massive gorge. Arrived over there there are then rock slabs smoothly lubricated by water, which run cascading along crystal-clear pools. Be careful, don't slip!

Location: Kärnten, Malta
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Fallbach Wasserfall

At an elevation of 2.200–2.300 meters, the Fallbach Wasserfall is a waterfall located near the Kölnbreinspeicher at the terminus of the Maltatal in Kärnten, Austria. Driving through the Maltatal and up to the dam/reservoir Kölnbreinspeicher will bring you to the Fallbachfall. Before you can view the waterfall, you still have to go 6 kilometers (along the lake) from here. The Fallbachfall, another waterfall with the same name in the Maltatal, is significantly more difficult to access.

It's not too difficult to visit the Fallbach Waterfall. Even the hike to the foot of this towering 200-meter cascade, which is virtually freefalling, is extremely simple to complete; it took me only about 30 minutes to take it all in. Even the portion of the route that leads to the foot of the waterfall at the Erlebnispark, which is close to it, has a playground. On fact, the youngsters could play in the playground while some of the parents were engaged with doing the more adventurous trips to the Fallbach. The playground is outfitted with a rope-pulling raft, big slides, one-way hang pulleys that resemble zip lines, and many other items that you'd find in most playgrounds.

Location: Kölnbreinspeicher, Malta

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One of the larger waterfalls in the Maltatal, which is located in the area of Kärnten. Just behind the toll booth at the start of Malta Hochalm Straße is where you'll find the waterfall. Before arriving at the Melnikfall, you must go 16 kilometers into the Maltatal from route A10. After the toll booth, the Melnikfall is almost immediately visible from the side of the road. The parking is a little bit concealed. After the first tight turn on the road, after driving past the Melnikfall, there is a sizable parking area.

The view is stunning from here, but it gets much better if you take a little detour back on the road to where you can cross the river and find a trail that goes to the base of the Melnikfall. This requires a 5-minute walk from the parking. With a height of around 300 meters, the Melnikfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Austria. The Melnikbach's source is located high in the highlands at two lakes named Melniksee, which are encircled by several peaks that rise over three thousand meters. The beginning of the summer is the best time to see the Melnikfall because the volume of the waterfall grows and melting snow feeds the Melnikbach river.

Location: Kärnten, Malta

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