Top 12 Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For An Intimate Night Out

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The choice of where to eat should be top on the list for date night considerations. Yes, you would like it to be one of Miami's most romantic restaurants, but ... read more...

  1. Food would undoubtedly impress your Hinge date if it can make the Greeks and Turks of old fall in love, right? Mandolin Aegean Bistro, which is housed in a vintage Buena Vista bungalow from the 1940s, is run by a Greek and Turkish couple who offer traditional dishes from their respective families in a courtyard decorated with Christmas lights. This is one of the Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For An Intimate Night Out. The large outdoor area's rustic blue and white decor aids in maintaining the illusion, and meals like the whole fried fish and the authentic Greek salad (without lettuce!) quickly trick your taste senses. As you chat over tirokafteri or hummus and eggplant, sharing the mezzes is only the start of a memorable evening. You'll have plenty of energy for the remainder of the evening if you continue with lighter stuff like Chicken Kebabs with Orzo or the refreshingly straightforward Lemon and Oregano Grilled Sea Bass.

    Mandolin Aegean Bistro
    's setting, a 1940s bungalow that has been rebuilt, offers a really authentic al fresco eating experience. It was inspired by the tavernas of the coastal villages of Greek Islands. If it's too hot outside, choose a seat inside by the window on nights when there are no shortage of gorgeous tables in the restaurant's courtyard. Sweating through a meal will ruin any date. Start the dinner with one of the various mezes available, such as the grilled halloumi or the eggplant dip, and then move on to the moussaka, whole sea bass, and lamb chops over orzo pilaf. Don’t forget to finish the meal with some baklava.

    Address: 4312 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137, United States
    Phone: +1 305-749-9140
    Rating: 4.6/5.0, 2410 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 12AM - 11PM

  2. In a Little Haiti commercial center, there is a hip modern American restaurant and wine bar called Boia De. With a meal that promotes sharing, chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer welcome guests in a delightful, unique setting. At Boia De, the phrase "locally-sourced" assumes a whole new meaning, with everything from freshly baked bread to personalized dishes gathered from neighbors and coworkers. Boia De is the result of the combined skills of two chefs who received their culinary education at establishments like Scarpetta, Carbone, Animal, Son of a Gun, Eleven Madison Park, and The Nomad. In the midst of a retail center, chefs Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer have produced a true joy.

    If watching these two work together in the kitchen doesn't have you swooning, nothing will. Sit next to one other at the counter and share mouthfuls of delicious, fresh pasta while sipping organic wines. Bonus: The carefully curated menu prevents argumentative couples from wallowing over meals they'll both enjoy. Some of the most distinctive meals in the city are served at this restaurant, including lamb ribs fra diavola with spicy pickles and potato skins topped with stracciatella, caviar, and crumbled hard-boiled egg. You may learn about small-production products from around the world while also getting to know one another thanks to the odd wine list.

    Address: 5205 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137, United States
    Phone: +1 305-967-8866
    Rating: 4.7/5.0, 292 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 5:30AM - 10PM
  3. On Espaola Way, Tropezón is a pub serving tapas and gin from Andalusia. It's also one of the best locations to dine and drink in South Beach, making it worth navigating the street's constant throng of tourists. Restaurants that take you to exotic locations are perfect for a dating night. This is one of The Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For An Intimate Night Out. Tropezón, a restaurant with Andalusian influences, boasts rustic appeal and mood-setting lighting in a tiny dining area that almost feels crowded. Sit next to your boyfriend while enjoying sherry and enjoying slices of jamón off the big cured pig leg that is hanging just behind the bar. For more privacy, choose a window seat where you may spend the evening gazing out at bustling Espaola Way as though you were actually on vacation.

    The setting is just right to get you in the mood for several rounds of cocktails and a strong desire to purchase a pair of cowboy boots. The restaurant has the impression of a saloon in a spaghetti western. With wooden walls covered in vintage movie posters, a long bar, and jamón legs suspended from the ceiling, the area is equally divided into a dining room and a bar. This is the kind of cozy pub that will make you wish Miami actually experienced winter so you could spend it here. Tropezón also offers one of South Beach's most intriguing cocktail menus, which includes a variety of flavored gin. Mango, sour cherries, nori, and shio kombu are all options. You can have them cold and neat or use them in one of Tropezón's excellent cocktails.

    Address: 512 Española Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
    Phone: +1 305-763-8523
    Rating: 4.5/5.0, 93 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 5PM - 1AM
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    This is one of The Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For An Intimate Night Out. The Ariete Experience is influenced by executive chef and owner Michael Beltran's French culinary expertise, Miami roots, and Cuban-American history. Ariete is a concept beyond borders, infusing its dishes with both unique and traditional flavors through a commitment to using only ingredients that are grown or produced nearby as well as creative food matching and preparation methods. Visitors return time and time again for the lively, warm, and family-friendly environment, as well as to find the blissful comfort of one of the menu staples or to be blown away once more by our most recent out-of-the-box pairing of a new dish. The menus are constantly changing to reflect the seasons as well as the inspirations of the moment.

    is an indoor/outdoor experience on a lush, tree-lined avenue in Coconut Grove, adding nourishment to Miami's edible landscape. Additionally, this restaurant has a cozy, lovely covered terrace that opens to Coconut Grove's opulent natural setting and the vibrant spirit of the city. Ariete delivers cutting-edge food in a new-American meets new-world setting. The menu offers sharing dishes and snacks centered on a wood burning barbecue and has a Sunday supper-style, family-friendly vibe.

    Address: 3540 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, FL 33133, United States
    Phone: +1 786-615-3747
    Rating: 4.4/5.0, 626 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 5:30AM - 9:30PM
  5. One of the most renowned Italian eateries in the past ten years is Carbone, which was founded by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi, and Jeff Zalaznick. This is also one of The Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For An Intimate Night Out. Carbone is currently the most difficult place to enter in Miami (and probably all of North America). Even for those who take pleasure in possessing a celebrity's cell number, securing a table at the South Beach location of the Manhattan-born Italian eatery has proven difficult since it first opened.

    Most likely the best way to put it is as described by The New York Times: "It is a fancy red-sauce joint as directed by Quentin Tarantino, bringing back the punch-in-the-guts thrills of a genre that everyone else sees as uncultured and a little embarrassing, while exposing the sophistication that was always lurking there. A lot of other restaurants appear like sincere, uninspired drones in comparison to the restaurant's technological prowess and sense for pure fun.

    Making the effort to make a reservation at Carbone will get you significant brownie points with your sweetie. Once seated, everything should go well because the excellent Italian cuisine and fun ambiance will take care of the rest. The legendary spicy rigatoni vodka and baked clams, both of which are natural aphrodisiacs and simply wonderful, are great ways to get things started. The kitchen will portion out the rigatoni vodka for you, which is an important consideration for couples who prefer not to share pasta. After that, savor the veal parmesan and the numerous salads. At Carbone, it's simple to overindulge, but no level of opulence should prevent you from getting that doggy bag.

    Address: 49 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
    Rating: 4.0/5.0, 488 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 5:30PM - 12 PM
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    The Italian cuisine and culture are brought to Coral Gables, "The City Beautiful," by Fiola Miami. This Coral Gables restaurant, which also has well-liked outlets in Washington, D.C., and Italy, has a charming love story behind it. Fabio and Maria Trabocchi, a husband and wife team who founded the restaurant, have made food their way of life ever since they first met in Washington, D.C., in the 1990s. The Miami location of this celebrated Michelin-starred restaurant is well-known for its first-rate service and generous portions of delectable, modern Italian specialties like lobster ravioli and bucatini with red prawns. Fiola Miami, one of South Florida's top fine-dining Italian establishments, is Fabio Trabocchi's first restaurant endeavor outside of Washington, D.C., and the second establishment for the Michelin-starred company.

    The menus at Fiola are built on genuine Italian traditions that have been imaginatively reimagined for the tastes of today. Each recipe combines a love for the current season and regional delicacies with hearty nostalgia and pleasant surprises.

    Luxury wines and rare collaborations with domestic and foreign wineries are highlighted in Fiola Miami's unrivaled wine range. Fiola serves dinner every night, as well as a prix fixe lunch ($42), happy hour specials, and Sunday brunch. Selected evening menu dishes are available at The Bar, along with craft drinks. Events at Fiola are frequently held in our private dining rooms, outside in our opulent tent, or as a full buyout.

    Address: 1500 San Ignacio Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146, United States
    Phone: +1 305-912-2639
    Rating: 4.6/5.0, 591 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 10:30AM - 12PM
  7. Lagniappe is the ideal Miami location for a Sunday or a Friday night. It might be the ideal setting on any other night of the week. It is situated in Miami, Florida's emerging Midtown district, just a short distance from Wynwood Art District. This is one of The Most Romantic Restaurants In Miami For An Intimate Night Out.

    Lagniappe serves as evidence that not all wine bars are alone, dimly lit spaces that evoke reading rooms. Both inside, where wonderful jazz is played on a regular basis and there is a lot of good wine in a rather confined space, and outside, where there is a back patio that all other back patios should aim to be, this restaurant becomes crowded and noisy. There are numerous tables and string lights that appear to have been assembled over many years from local garage sales. On weekends, when they are frequently occupied by large parties or app dates, it can be difficult to acquire one of those tables; thus, come early or just keep walking around until you spot an opening. The effort is well worthwhile when you spend the evening eating cheese and drinking wine.

    The quaint Lagniappe is the ideal place for a casual date because it is equal parts dilapidated backyard and historic tavern. You won't have to deal with the uncomfortable situation of dividing the bill because wine and meals are ordered at the counter and paid for in advance. Bistro lights and cafe tables outside set the romantic mood, but for private conversation and live jazz music, reserve a seat within on a sofa.

    Address: 3425 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137, United States

    Phone: +1 305-576-0108

    Rating: 4.7/5.0, 3,407 Google reviews

    Opening hours: 6PM - 2AM

  8. Two blocks east of Biscayne Boulevard, off 31st Street, is where Amara at Paraiso is located. It provides free public access to its entrance as well as valet and street parking. Amara at Paraiso, which draws inspiration from its picturesque bayside location, combines robust Latin American flavors, coastal ingredients, and South Florida's diverse food culture to produce the ultimate Miami waterfront restaurant, complete with surroundings, cuisine, and atmosphere.

    The Meyer Davis Studio's
    4,500 square foot indoor-outdoor area honors the natural beauty of its surrounds by embracing the tropical waterfront setting. With floor to ceiling windows providing breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, the restaurant's main dining area and bar seat 150 people. It also has 70 seats on a balcony that overlooks the water. With its white-washed paneling, bare wood, and striking concrete tiles, the entrance is warm and inviting. Discover the vibrant energy, fresh ingredients, and unspoiled beauty of Biscayne Bay, which sums up everything it means to live in Miami.

    Chef Michael Schwartz,
    a mainstay of the Miami culinary scene since the beginning, elevates boho-chic at this waterfront treasure with a menu of Latin-inspired dishes. Amara is in a great location for any occasion and features sweeping bay views ideal for taking in a spectacular Miami sunset. It is only a short distance from Wynwood, downtown, and the historic MiMo neighborhood. You neglected to make a reservation. During happy hour, go up to the rooftop terrace where you can typically get a last-minute table without sacrificing any of the atmosphere.

    Address: 3101 NE 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33137, United States
    Phone: +1 305-676-9495
    Rating: 4.3/5.0, 1,845 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 12AM - 11PM
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    La Mar

    The restaurant's modern design, with its ambiance overlooking Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline, is the ideal setting for La Mar's distinctive ceviches, freshly grilled anticuchos, and specialty drinks. La Mar is one of the rare locations in Miami where the vistas don't come at the expense of the cuisine; the Peruvian cuisines of chef Diego Oka are equally exceptional.

    La Mar by Gastón Acurio, which serves the renowned cuisine of chef Gastón Acurio, gives guests the chance to experience the genuine and varied flavors of Peruvian cuisine. You should order one of chef Oka's delicate ceviches and the arroz chaufa (Peruvian fried rice), which is served tableside, whether you're in for a breezy waterfront breakfast or romantic supper with a clear vista of Brickell's glittering skyline. There are many different cocktail options, but the traditional pisco sour is a necessity whether this is your first time at La Mar or sampling Peruvian food in general.

    With three vibrant bars that offer diverse culinary experiences and a close-up view at the preparation of signature cebiches, freshly grilled anticuchos, and speciality drinks, a contemporary design offers a mix of indoor and outdoor seating. La Mar now offers a two-hour Sunday brunch with a delectable buffet inspired by Peru, cool drinks, and rich desserts served at the water's edge. Prior to or following dinner at La Mar, enjoy a Peruvian punch cocktail outside at YAKU by La Mar, open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., every Thursday through Saturday.

    Address: 500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131, United States

    Phone: +1 305-913-8358

    Rating: 4.3/5.0, 1,636 Google reviews

    Opening hours: 7AM - 11AM, 6PM - 11PM

  10. Top 10


    At the brand-new Rubell Museum, which debuted in December 2019, LEKU delivers the culinary delights of Spain's lovely Côte Basque area to 1100 NW 23rd Street in Miami's Allappatah neighborhood. The new museum is built in six historic industrial structures that Selldorf Architects linked and renovated. The new Museum is less than a mile from its previous location in Wynwood, which was made accessible to the public in 1993, and is closer to downtown Miami. LEKU, which is open for lunch and dinner, will serve inventive food without forgetting its Basque heritage. It will uphold the same tenet of sticking to fresh, regional products and straightforward cooking methods based on tried-and-true ways.

    An amazing multinational team of seasoned restaurant and hospitality specialists who are aware of the caliber of perfection required to run a prosperous fine-dining institution runs LEKU. The management team includes Terry Zarikian of the New York and South Beach Wine & Food Festivals, Alejandro Muguerza of Le Basque Catering in Miami, Andreas Schreiner of Schreiner Hospitality, and 30-year-old Executive Chef Mikel Goikolea, formerly of Azurmendi Prêt à Porter.

    The partners and Sous Chef Esteban Martinez Lamas created LEKU's all-day lunch and dinner menus, which will delight guests with full-flavored, fresh, seasonal offerings served in a magical indoor and outdoor setting. An impressive Basque outdoor wood-fired Josper grill, the outdoor area's focal point, has the transformative power to give Leku's seafood and meat dishes flavors of embers and flames. Alejandro Muguerza's concept for LEKU's design approach was painstakingly selected to evoke the atmosphere of a gallery restaurant that is an outgrowth of the Rubell Museum.

    Address: 1100 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127, United States
    Phone: +1 786-464-0615
    Rating: 4.7/5.0, 277 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 12AM - 3PM, 6PM - 10PM
  11. The staff at Sherwoods Bistro & Bar restaurant in Miami's rapidly developing Little River neighborhood treats you like family. When you first sit down, a server offers you a huge wheel of Grana Padano and invites you to sample some of it. Sherwoods, a charming residence in the hip Little River area, exudes the kind of charm that can only be attained by paying meticulous attention to every last detail. Vintage accents and retro style aren't just for show; the building itself is ancient and bathroom fixtures were recovered from Belgian homes and Portuguese French embassy tiles.

    With its selection of burgers (meat, veggie, and other) and shared platters with an international flair, the menu of Sherwoods Bistro & Bar is approachable yet sophisticated. Nearby, a large stack of freshly cooked cookies is present. Before you try them, a team of hipster-clad servers will attend to all of your needs and expertly direct you toward the menu's greatest options. They're perfect for dessert. Dedicated meat eater? Decide on bone marrow. Vegan? Try the chief's bowl of lentils, brown rice, sweet potato, and coconut curry. The rabbit potpie, on the other hand, is the star dish at Sherwood's. It has a buttery, flaky, crisp pastry crown and a thick sauce that will instantly take even the busiest office worker to a state of bliss.

    Address: 8281 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138, United States
    Phone: +1 786-359-4030
    Rating: 4.4/5.0, 505 Google reviews
    Opening hours: 9AM - 10 PM
  12. Cecconi's Miami Beach is a contemporary classic Italian restaurant that is currently open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week on the Ground Floor Courtyard of Soho Beach House. On Saturdays and Sundays, a brunch feast is offered. Cecconi's, a restaurant chain with origins in Venice and locations in London, West Hollywood, Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Brooklyn, has gained a reputation for serving simply prepared food with a Venetian influence. For a classy and laid-back dining experience where you may sample the food of renowned executive chef Sergio Sigala, visit Cecconi's.

    The only part of the club that is accessible to non-members is Cecconi's restaurant, where you can get both terrific cuisine and a good time. The menu features house-made pastas, and there is also an outdoor dining area. Reserve a spot at the center of the table close to a tree with bistro lights: When you drink too many Picantes, the club's delicious spicy margaritas, you risk accidently knocking anything over. The soft yellow glow is seductive and subtle and will prevent you from doing so.

    Priority reservations and a 20% discount on all food and drink are available to Soho House Members and Soho Friends from Sunday at 4 p.m. until Wednesday at closing. Members are also encouraged to join us every Tuesday for a special aperitivo and receive discounted prices for Saturday and Sunday Feast.

    Address: 4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States

    Phone: +1 786-507-7902

    Rating: 4.3/5.0, 1,084 Google reviews

    Opening hours: 7AM - 11PM


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