Top 5 Best Restaurants In Rwanda

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Rwanda, a country not known for its culinary prowess, is rapidly expanding its offers. As chefs and restaurants make their mark, delicious traditional and ... read more...

  1. Repub Lounge serves sophisticated Rwandan cuisine, including brochettes (grilled meat, veggies, or fish on a stick), misuzu (sweet plantains), and other grilled meat options. One of their signature dishes is the exquisite Liboke chicken or fish, a banana-leaf grilled feast. Republic Garden & Lounge is the ideal location for your next special event or private party. Their covered outside patio is suitable for all seasons, with overhead heaters for the cooler months and a covered bar area in the event of rain. With four televisions, a full sound system, and a DJ booth, their indoor lounge provides for an excellent gathering location. Their spaces are available at all hours of the day and night, and make for a fantastic Brunch Event!

    For receptions, rehearsal dinners, and bachelor/bachelorette parties, the venues may accommodate as little as 30 people and as many as 300. Birthdays, anniversaries, company celebrations, and charity events are just a few examples. Their rental costs and minimums vary depending on the day, time, and season; for additional information, please inquire below.

    Location: 16 KG 674 St, Kigali, Rwanda

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    Rwanda, despite being a landlocked country, now has a superb sushi restaurant to add to its list. Kiseki, in Kigali's Kimihurura area, serves fresh nigiri, inventive rolls, and, at lunchtime, sushi burritos to the city's sushi fans. Since its debut in 2010, Kiseki has received a resounding response from the public, and it has quickly grown in popularity to become a global favorite buffet destination for people of all ages.

    The outside eating area at Kiseki gives a breathtaking sky view of the Orchard environment. It offers an unending supply of exquisite Japanese food, including Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Robatayaki (Japanese grill), Yakitori (skewers), Nabemono (hot pot items), Agemono (deep-fried things), Mushimono (steamed items), Japanese Western (pasta and pizza), and much more, all for one low price!

    Only guests who comply with the Safe Management Measures and MOH recommendation will be admitted to Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant. If the diners do not match the dine-in conditions, the restaurant has the power to refuse them access. Please be aware that proof of vaccination status will be required prior to admittance.

    Location: 181 Orchard Rd, #08 - 01 / 02 / 03, Singapore 238896
  3. Poivre Noir elevates gourmet dining in Kigali by serving an unusual mix of Belgian and French cuisine inspired by indigenous Rwandan ingredients. Don't miss their decadent desserts or smart wine selection, which are known for their inventive burgers, steaks, and appetizers. On the Place de la Gare in Braine L'Alleud, there is a particularly upscale establishment. This is a delectable and unique dish that will delight you. In the summer, a beautiful patio at the back will allow you to relax and unwind in privacy.

    With over 30 years in the industry, chef Jean-Louis Marchal will introduce you to his crazy love of fresh produce, from homemade shrimp sandwiches to various prepared dishes. One of his favorites, "pan-fried scallops and grilled shrimp" and "raw beef fillet à l'Epoisses," has delighted a number of customers. And, as in an always-on two-person pair, you'll be greeted by your charming wife, Christelle, who has a desire for perfection and will make you feel happy and relaxed.

    Location: KG 670 St, Kigali, Rwanda
  4. Saffron - an exotic spice recognized for its excellent aroma, color, and flavor – is called in India as 'Zaaffran.' Saffron has been used exclusively for the royal family of ancient India by expert cooks for generations in their cuisine. Zaaffran captures the essence of traditional Indian cuisine while presenting it with a modern twist. As a result, the menu is both genuine and innovative. The elegant and one-of-a-kind Zaaffran Indian Restaurant opened in 1998 with one simple goal in mind: "to serve authentic, homestyle Indian cooking, just like Indian mothers would." They serve healthful cuisine at Zaaffran, and they make sure the flavors are well-balanced and the presentation is modern. They believe that food should appeal to the eyes as well as the mouth.

    Zaaffran's goal is to show that Indian food can be as delicate and well-balanced as any of the world's best. They chose the name Zaaffran (which means "saffron") since saffron is the most valuable spice on the planet. Their menu, which changes frequently, includes some classic favorites, but the focus is on one-of-a-kind, unusual, and treasured recipes gathered from Indian households rather than commercial Indian cooks.

    Location: 345 Harbourside Shopping Centre10 Darling Drive
  5. Chef Salvatore Barcellona and restaurant manager Gianluca Pezzolla, along with their devoted and professional crew, lead Filini Italian Bar & Restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel, Yas Island, a contemporary restaurant. Consider simple, freshly prepared Italian cuisine made with carefully selected components. The ambiance is sleek and contemporary, and the service is kind, fast-paced, and unpretentious. Filini's seasonal menu is one-of-a-kind and innovative, with a focus on simple cooking and classic presentation. The restaurant's atmosphere is clean, elegant, contemporary, and uncluttered, with a wonderful view of the Yas Links golf course and the sea. Filini is a truly Italian experience thanks to the bar, the bustle, the music, the details, and the people!

    The brunch menu rotates weekly and always include antipasti, pizza, pasta, main meals, and sweets from the heart of Italy. Every Saturday at 6 p.m., the Filini Aperitivo, an Italian custom in which gratis snacks and drinks are offered to encourage guests to eat small bits, drink, socialize, and unwind at the end of the day before dinner, is also available.

    Location: Radisson Blu Hotel & Convention Centre, Kigali

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