The waterfalls of Afqa have served as, and will continue to serve as, a backdrop for Arab lyricists and artists. They are significant in terms of ancient Phoenicians, regional mythologies, and religious practices. They are therefore one of the most well-known waterfalls in Lebanon for this reason. Every winter, the water in the deep cave where soft, clear, transparent, and fresh water flowing freezes in the middle. Furthermore, the area is full of expansive landscapes where anybody may camp, relax, and have fun. There are sites that are favored for camping and Lebanese cuisines, such as "Afqa Reserve" and "al Rabeeh restaurant", that are highly suggested for visiting.

A little further down, next to the cave, are the ruins of an Astarte temple that had a shrine. Finally, after leaving the ruins and continuing on the winding asphalt road, you will come to a wonderful location with lovely views of the spring and the two ancient stone arched bridges at the base of the waterfall. The white-water torrent is coming down from hills that are hundreds of feet high. When one turns their gaze from the rocky mountainside, it seems as though white sheets have been spread. The closer you are to the sound of the fountain, the more apparent the truth and beauty of the waterfalls will be. You will be mesmerized by the magnificent balance between the mountains and the river.

Location: Afqa, Lebanon

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