One of the most notable sights and tourist destinations in the town of Jezzine, which is situated in the eastern portion of the South Governorate in the southern section of the Lebanese Republic, is the Jezzine Waterfall. The town of Jezzine is known as the "City of Waterfalls" due to the abundance of waterfalls and its spectacular height of around 74 meters (243 feet) above the valley. The Jezzine River, which has more water in the spring and is also said to be the ideal time to visit and experience this Lebanese wonder in person, feeds the waterfall's flow.

Due to the dry months, against expectations, there is hardly any water falling from the top of the high rock in Jezzine, despite the fact that this is a powerful and fairly spectacular feature. Even nevertheless, the waterfall generates a tremendous sound when there is water that is nearly deafening and offers a fantastic opportunity to see the power it conceals during the dry season. In addition to its breathtaking appearance, Jezzine's Waterfall offers hikers the chance to experience its true height by showcasing it to them. Visitors can also see the Fakhr El-Din Grotto in person, which is about 500 meters (1,640 feet) away from the waterfall and only accessible by crawling. This waterfall offers breathtaking mountain views that produce picturesque vistas. This waterfall is only blessed by nature with cool water, majestic mountains, and lush vegetation.

Location: Jezzine, Lebanon

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