One of the most stunning waterfalls is Yahchouch, which is situated in the Kaza of Kesrouan, some 35 kilometers from Beirut's city. The valley is an offshoot of the valley of the Ibrahim River. Yahchouch, a Syrian term that meaning "the agony of God," alludes to the myth of Adonis, who endured pain as a result of his battle with the untamed animal. The region is a lovely spot to wander, and the walkways allow for exploration and reflection on the majesty of the place. The Bokrzla Waterfalls, one of Lebanon's most stunning natural attractions, situated in the Akkar Governorate, some 110 kilometers from Beirut. The beauty of the scenic landscape in the Akkar area is reflected in these waterfalls.

Don't forget to take a walk-in nature and experience the area's beauty and charm in addition to visiting the waterfalls. The fall is pretty lovely after a shower. The only way to the waterfall is via the lake. Because of the waterfall, tall hills, and stunning scenery it offers, it is a well-known tourist destination. The water first descends in a step that is elevated above the topography of the area. Although it is difficult, you won't soon forget how stunning the surroundings are if you have the courage and confidence to ride the step.

Location: Kaza of Kesrouan, Lebanon


Top 9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Lebanon

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  5. top 5 Yahchouch
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  7. top 7 Jezzine
  8. top 8 Baakline
  9. top 9 Sirjbal

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