The Bqarzla waterfall is a well-kept secret in Lebanon and is found in the Akkar governorate. One of Lebanon's most alluring and exciting waterfalls is this one. The island's native flora abounds in the area around this stunning canyon. The Tamarind Fall is the greatest waterfall in Lebanon for adventurous activities because of its design. There are some difficult courses as well that need the aid of knowledgeable guides. It is simple to swim in the sizable pond at the base of the fall. Make your vacation to the north a day excursion so you may explore this delightful area while you're there. This is just one example of Akkar's magnificent natural beauty.

This fall is notable for its unusual cliff formations, which over hundreds of years have been shaped into rectangular blocks by the force of water. When you arrive at this lovely location, you will be surrounded by the tranquil sounds of animals and the running stream. The area's lush forest, varied, luxuriant flora and fauna, and stunning landscapes make it an incredible place to get in touch with nature.

Location: Akkar, Lebanon

Top 9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Lebanon

  1. top 1 Balou Balaa Waterfall
  2. top 2 Bqarzla
  3. top 3 Wadi Qannoubine
  4. top 4 Afqa
  5. top 5 Yahchouch
  6. top 6 Kfarhelda
  7. top 7 Jezzine
  8. top 8 Baakline
  9. top 9 Sirjbal

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