Up until the early 17th century, Baakline, a calm mountain sanctuary, served as the capital of Mount Lebanon. It is famous for its blue waterfalls. An excursion to the mesmerizing Al Hamadeh Palace or a classic Lebanese lunch at a restaurant with a view of a waterfall are just two of the many wonderful experiences that await you in the stunningly picturesque Baakline. This waterfall's vivid blue and green colors look like they were copied from a postcard. The fall, which is located in the Chouf area, is renowned for its gorgeous and tranquil surroundings. While you're there, be sure to check out the Baakline National Library and stroll the nearby trails.

Because there are so many trees here, the air is quite fresh, making this a great area to stop after walking. The trickle of cool water makes you feel refreshed. You can reach many fantastic eateries, such as Challalat Al Zarka, Al Tahouna, and New Garbatella, that serve delectable Lebanese lunches along the Baakline River with just a 15-minute drive. In the village's center, there are a number of small eateries and snack shops.

Location: Shmees, Choualiq Deir el Qamar, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon

Top 9 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Lebanon

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  8. top 8 Baakline
  9. top 9 Sirjbal

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